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My Picks - The Top 100 Films of the 90s
by Erik the Movieman

Well, the 90ís are over, and although individual years may not have been the greatest, the decade sure produced some terrific films that will be viewed, studied and handed down from father to son with the best of Ďem. Therefore, narrowing it down to only 100 of the best was rather difficult. As always, I attempt to put my feelings aside for the strictly favorites of mine and concentrated on films that had great impact on me or transcended their genres or film itself. Occasionally though, there was just some damn fine entertainment that either made me laugh or had me excited to no end that broke through the barriers of films that might have seemed great to some, but never quite met my expectations. Through a careful elimination process, examining films year by year and genre by genre, Iím fairly confident that Iíve made a list worthy of being called The Top 100 Films of the 90s. Iíve also made some mini-lists to go along with the main one naming some more films that deserved attention (or not). So, hereís the list.

100. - Scream 2
99. - The Spanish Prisoner
98. - Falling Down
97. - Babe
96. - Mother
95. - White Men Canít Jump
94. - Clerks
93. - Aladdin
92. - Other Peopleís Money
91. - In the Line of Fire
90. - Cape Fear
89. - While You Were Sleeping
88. - Tarzan
87. - Grand Canyon
86. - Home Alone
85. - Executive Decision
84. - The Full Monty
83. - True Lies
82. - Speed
81. - Reversal of Fortune
80. - Scent of a Woman
79. - The Fugitive
78. - Antz
77. - Beauty and the Beast
76. - Reservoir Dogs
75. - The Green Mile
74. - Chasing Amy
73. - True Romance
72. - Defending Your Life
71. - The Usual Suspects
70. - Hoop Dreams
69. - Awakenings
68. - As Good As It Gets
67. - Flirting with Disaster
66. - The People vs. Larry Flynt
65. - Nixon
64. - Leaving Las Vegas
63. - L.A. Story
62. - Eyes Wide Shut
61. - Life is Beautiful
60. - One False Move
59. - Bound
58. - Sneakers
57. - The Hunt for Red October
56. - Millerís Crossing
55. - Heat
54. - Jurassic Park
53. - The Grifters
52. - A Simple Plan
51. - Contact
50. - The Devilís Advocate
49. - A Perfect World
48. - Natural Born Killers
47. - Quiz Show
46. - City Slickers
45. - Groundhog Day
44. - Lone Star
43. - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
42. - Die Hard 2
41. - Magnolia
40. - Wag the Dog
39. - A Few Good Men
38. - Glengarry Glen Ross
37. - Fight Club
36. - Jerry Maguire
35. - Casino
34. - Good Will Hunting
33. - Pleasantville
32. - Dead Again
31. - Thereís Something About Mary
30. - The Truman Show
29. - Donnie Brasco
28. - Boogie Nights
27. - Shakespeare in Love
26. - Primary Colors
25. - Seven
24. - Toy Story 2
23. - The Shawshank Redemption
22. - American Beauty
21. - Searching for Bobby Fischer
20. - Fargo
19. - Dances with Wolves
18. - Beautiful Girls
17. - Ed Wood
16. - Titanic
15. - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
14. - Unforgiven
13. - Whatís Eating Gilbert Grape?
12. - The American President
11. - The Player
10. - Toy Story
9. - Apollo 13
8. - Braveheart
7. - L.A. Confidential
6. - Pulp Fiction
5. - Forrest Gump
4. - Goodfellas
3. - Saving Private Ryan
2. - Schindlerís List
1. - J.F.K.

21 Films That Deserve Honorable Mention: Big Night, Deconstructing Harry, Doc Hollywood, The Fisher King, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Godfather Part III, The Ice Storm, Interview with the Vampire, The Last Seduction, Little Women, Looking for Richard, Matinee, My Best Friendís Wedding, My Cousin Vinny, My Girl, Nobodyís Fool, The Prince of Egypt, Scream, Strange Days, Swingers, What Dreams May Come

15 Favorites of Mine That Didnít Make the List: Arachnophobia, Backdraft, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Crimson Tide, Demolition Man, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Dumb and Dumber, From Dusk Till Dawn, Hook, The Last Boy Scout, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Rudy, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Threesome

10 Films That Might Have Made the List (If I Had Seen Them): Avalon, Breaking the Waves, The Colors Trilogy (Blue, White, Red), Crumb, Howardís End, The Joy Luck Club, Like Water for Chocolate, Mrs. Brown, The Remains of the Day, Shadowlands

10 Way-Overrated Films (Which I Liked) That Didnít Make the List: Affliction, Being John Malkovich, Boyz N the Hood, The Crying Game, Ghost, Il Postino (The Postman), Menace II Society, Secrets and Lies, Short Cuts, The Silence of the Lambs

10 Way-Overrated Films (Which I Didnít Like) That Didnít Make the List: The Apostle, Elizabeth, The English Patient, In the Name of the Father, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, My Own Private Idaho, The Piano, Sense and Sensibility, Shine, The Thin Red Line

10 Way-Underrated Films That Didnít Make the List: Batman Returns, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Darkman, Grosse Pointe Blank, Joe vs. the Volcano, Junior, Last Action Hero, Meet Joe Black, Mr. Saturday Night, My Life

20 Way-Overlooked Films That Didnít Make the List: The Arrival, Babe: Pig in the City, Bad Company, Dark City, Deep Cover, Diggstown, Fear of a Black Hat, Fly Away Home, Gattaca, Hamlet (1990-Mel Gibson), Little Big League, Mad Dog and Glory, Picture Perfect, Quick Change, The Ref, Rounders, The Sandlot, Stuart Saves His Family, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Zero Effect

10 Films Way-Overloved At the Box Office: Armageddon, The Bodyguard, Double Jeopardy, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Independence Day, Primal Fear, Romeo and Juliet (DiCaprio/Danes), Sister Act, The Sixth Sense, The Waterboy

10 Better Versions of (Similar Films) Released in the 90s: Copycat (The Bone Collector), Danteís Peak (Volcano), Deep Impact (Armageddon), Election (Rushmore), Mars Attacks (Independence Day), The Mighty (Simon Birch), Pretty Woman (Runaway Bride), Run Lola Run (Nick of Time), Stir of Echoes (The Sixth Sense), Very Bad Things (Stag)

10 Guilty Pleasures That Didnít Make the List: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, BASEketball, Basic Instinct, Brain Donors, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hot Shots, Hot Shots Part Deux, Ricochet, Toys, Unlawful Entry

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originally posted: 02/19/00 05:35:15
last updated: 02/19/00 15:05:09
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