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The Sunday News Recap (Monday Edition)! 8.21.06

The Sunday News Recap: What is it, boy? Fire? Earthquake? Hippies?
by Ryan Arthur

Hidily ho, neighborinos, and welcome to the late edition of the Sunday News Recap! Yes, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming this week after some shenanigans derailed us last week (and made us late this week). Stuff's happening, y'all. That's all I can say. At any rate, we've got the last seven days worth of reviews and features at HBS/eFC, as well as box office numbers for the weekend, and a preview of films, DVDs and features for the week ahead. I'm Ryan, and I love my power glove. It's so bad. Let's get started.

But First...

Best of luck, Tash. We're thinking of you.

What I'm Watching
The Simpsons, Season Eight, Discs 1 & 2

"Skull cracked...brains leaking out...Can't wait to see the new Chevy Chase movie..."

Reviews from our staff over the last week:

Peter Sobczynski
Pulse (2006)
The Illusionist
Trust The Man
Snakes On A Plane

Doug Bentin
Superman Returns
John Tucker Must Die
Lady In The Water
Monster House
Step Up
Pulse (2006)

Rob Gonsalves
World Trade Center
Snakes On A Plane

William Goss
Evil Aliens
Snakes On A Plane

dionwr (welcome back!)
The Prisoner Of Zenda

Jay Seaver
(Screened at the 2006 FantAsia Film Festival)
À Double Tour
The Break-Up

Eric D. Snider
Pulse (2006)
Snakes On A Plane

David Cornelius
Cape Of Good Hope
Snakes On A Train
Little Miss Sunshine
Snakes On A Plane

World Trade Center
Snakes On A Plane

Matt Mulcahey

Scott Weinberg

Collin Souter
Snakes On A Plane

Brian Orndorf
The Illusionist
The Accepted
Snakes On A Plane
Material Girls

Abhishek Bandekar
Ahista Ahista

Erik Childress
Snakes On A Plane

Dawn Taylor
Snakes On A Plane

Todd LaPlace
Dirty Deeds (2005)
Snakes On A Plane

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We've got new features from our writers as well:

Erik Childress
The Box Office Buster (Aug. 18-20)
(More Box Office Reports)

Michael Collins
Sonic Death Monkey Soundtrack Reviews - The Illusionist
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Peter Sobczynski
DVD Reviews For 8/18: "The Horror..." (No, Not "RV")
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Ryan Arthur
The Sunday News Recap! 8.13.06
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"Your job is to rate movies on a scale from 'good' to 'excellent.'" - The Criticwatch Update

This week's quoteage:

"A magical experience unlike anything you have ever seen. Wildly entertaining! It's a fresh, hip and an imaginative extravaganza that will dazzle and thrill audiences from beginning to end. OutKast are musical and visual geniuses that entertain with their creative brilliance and sheer showmanship. Idlewild is the rebirth of the cool OutKast style!" - Shawn Edwards

The Quiet
"Scintillating sexual dynamite! Camille Belle and Elisha Cuthbert give two of the year's best performances. It's a knock-out!" - Bill Bregoli

Also, Maxim's Pete Hammond gets his 40th quote of the year for 2006. Like he says for Invincible - "stand up and cheer..." for whoredom!

Visit Criticwatch. You know you wanna.

"They took the idols and smashed them, the Fairbankses, the Gilberts, the Valentinos! And who've we got now? Some nobodies!"


* Christopher Plummer, Lynn Redgrave and Isabella Rossellini have joined the voice cast of My Dog Tulip, which begins production this month. The story is based on J.R. Ackerley's 1956 novel, and follows the 14-year friendship between Ackerley and his German Shepherd, Tulip, after the writer rescued the dog. Brian Murray, Paul Hecht, Peter Gerety and Euan Morton are already on board. (source: Variety)

* Kate Walsh is out and May McCormack is in as part of the cast of 1408, based on the Stephen King story. Walsh left the project due to scheduling conflicts with her role on Grey's Anatomy. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson star in the project, which deals with a debunker of paranormal occurrences who encounters real terror when he checks into the notorious room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. Mikael Håfström is directing. (source: Variety)

* Simon Pegg will star as Toby Young in How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, based on Young's book, in which he revealed details of his disastrous stint as an editor at Vanity Fair in New York. Young was described as "merciless about his own hapless attempts to ingratiate himself with celebrities and impress supermodels. But he is equally scathing about the ego and grandeur of his boss, editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, and the self-importance of the entire Vanity Fair machine." Names and locations - Carter becomes Clayton Harding, Vanity Fair becomes Sharps - have been changed for the film. Robert Weide is directing. (source: Variety)

* Bradley Cooper is joining Renee Zellweger and Ian McShane in Case 39, directed by Christian Alvart. Zellweger plays a social worker who saves an abused girl from her parents, but who later discovers that things are not what they seem to be. Cooper plays a detective who is also Zellweger's love interest. Filming starts September 5. (source: Variety)

* Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz are in talks to in the romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe. Adam Brooks wrote the script and is directing, with the plot dealing with a soon-to-be-divorced political consultant (Ryan Reynolds) who has to answer some hard questions from his 11-year-old daughter as he explains his promiscuous past. Banks will play Reynolds' college sweetheart who dumps him for his brother, but the two reunite years later. Weisz will play a woman Reynolds dates after Banks. Derek Luke and Isla Fisher are already on board, as well. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Richard Chamberlain (!) will star in Strength And Honor, a drama set in the contemporary world of box in Cork, Ireland. Madsen plays Sean Kelleher, a boxer who promises his dying wife he will never box again after accidentally killing his friend in the ring. He is forced to break his oath in order to raise funds to save his young son, who has been diagnosed with the same life threatening condition that took his wife. Jones plays Kelleher's arch rival and opponent, while Chamberlain plays Kelleher's boxing coach. Filming starts next month. (source: Production Weekly)

* Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo are set to star in Reservation Road, the adaptation of Jonathan Burnham Schwartz's novel, directed by Terry George. Phoenix and Ruffalo will play "fathers on opposite sides of a hit-and-run: The Ruffalo character kills Phoenix's son and flees. As the grieving father seeks revenge, the tragedy wears on both men in unexpected ways." (source: Variety)

* Eli Roth's Hostel 2 is starting to shape up: Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips are in talks to star in the film, with Jay Hernandez expected to return as Paxton from the first film. German would play a wealthy girl trying to figure out her next step in life, Phillips would be her best friend and Matarazzo will be a tag-along. Filming starts in September. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Add Josh Brolin to the cast of the currently-filming American Gangster, which stars Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Washington plays Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas, who smuggled heroin in the body bags of U.S. soldiers slain in Vietnam. Brolin is playing Detective Trupo, a crooked NYPD cop who piggybacks on the Lucas investigation conducted by Detective Ritchie Roberts (Crowe). Ridley Scott is directing. (source: Variety)

* Looks like it'll be Christopher Walken - and not Jim Broadbent, as previously reported - playing Wilbur Turnblad in Hairspray. John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfieffer, James Marsden, Zac Efron and newcomer Nikki Blonsky area already on board. Adam Shankman is directing. Filming starts in September for a Summer 2007 release. (source: Variety)

* Four more are joining Jack Black in Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind: Mos Def, Melonie Diaz, Mia Farrow and Danny Glover are all on board the project, which starts filming September 5. Black plays "a goofball who becomes magnetized trying to sabotage a power plant and then erases all the tapes in the videostore while visiting a pal (played by Mos Def) who works there and his co-worker (Diaz). The friends then re-create and refilm every movie that the store's only loyal customer decides to rent." (source: Variety)

* Susan Sarandon and Helena Bonham Carter will take the title roles in Eleanor & Collette, a drama directed by Rolf Schuebel from Marc Bruce Rosin's script. Sarandon is Eleanor, a patient at a psychiatric institute, who retains Colette (Bonham Carter), an attorney, to represent her complaint against the hospital, which has been prescribing her psychopharmacological drugs. During the lengthy process, the two women bond and form a special friendship. Filming starts next spring. (source: Production Weekly)

* Daniel Craig will reunite with his costar in The Visiting, Nicole Kidman, and his costar in Casino Royale, Eva Green, in His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, the first part of a planned trilogy based on the Philip Pullman series of books. Craig will play Lord Asriel, a ruthless adventurer with a mysterious past. Chris Weitz adapted the material(s) and is directing, with filming starting next month. (source: Variety)

* James McAvoy (The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) will star in Wanted, based on the Mark Millar and J.G. Jones comic book from Top Cow. The story follows a put-upon young man who discovers that his long-lost father is an assassin. After his dad is murdered, the son is recruited into a covert organization of killers and trained to follow in his father's footsteps. Night Watch writer/director Timur Bekmambetov is making his English-language debut as director of the sci-fi action movie. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

"I was just thinking what an interesting concept it is to eliminate the writer from the artistic process. If we could just get rid of these actors and directors, maybe we've got something here."

Some script, production and direction notes:

* Strangers With Candy's Paul Dinello will direct Mr. Burnout for Nala Films. Eric Gravning wrote the script, a comedy about a small-town English teacher who spirals into bitterness and depression after a decade on the job. On a bet from an attractive new colleague, he works to get three of his most problematic students into a top college. (source: Variety)

* Todd Kessler has been hired by Paramount to adapt Shannon Burke's novel Black Flies, which will be produced and directed by Darren Aronofsky. The novel's storyline follows a young man who becomes an emergency medical technician in Harlem as a temporary stop before he enters medical school. While there, he experiences a range of crises and stressful misadventures while under the eye of a mentor who has been numbed to the point that he makes a wrong decision in a life-or-death situation. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Fox Atomic has picked up the rights to Fishing On The Edge: The Mike Iaconelli Story, the autobiography of Iaconelli, a star on the competitive bass fishing circuit. Iaconelli wrote the book with Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, and the story follows his beginnings as a child in New Jersey to his prominence in the world of pro fishing. (source: Variety)

* Morgan Creek has hired Jeff Sank and Justin and Jason Heimberg to write a third Ace Ventura. The new project will reportedly follow the eccentric pet detective's son, who takes over the family business. Because a Carrey-less Mask movie was such a grand idea. So this couldn't possibly fail! (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Craig Zahler's script The Brigands Of Rattleborge has been picked up by Warner Bros. and Vertigo Pictures. The film is a dark Western that revolves around three ruthless men who rob, rape and maim the town's wealthiest residents during a torrential rainstorm, causing the local sheriff and a vengeful doctor seek retribution. (source: Variety)

* Slackers writer David H. Steinberg has been hired to rewrite the script for Sprung. The film is a comedy that revolves around identical twin brothers -- one a straight-laced family man whose wife and kids walk all over him, the other a hardened criminal in prison for armed robbery -- who switch places during visiting hours. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Wilmer Valderrama has PartyBuddys, a film about a real-life New York nightclub guide service, set up at Universal Pictures. The PartyBuddys company "ferries clients - primarily out-of-town businessmen willing to pay hefty fees - around Manhattan hotspots and helps them get past velvet ropes and into VIP rooms." Mike Samonek is writing the script. Valderrama is producing and may star in the film. (source: Variety)

* Rogue Pictures will remake Wes Craven's first film, Last House On The Left. Craven, who wrote and directed the original, will produce the remake with longtime producing partner Marianne Maddalena. There's no director for the new film, which will stick closely to the plot of the earlier version, which tracked the fate of a group of murderers as vengeful parents of the victims mete out punishment to fit the crimes. (source: Variety)

* Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel's spec script Himelfarb has been picked up by Warner Bros. The film is a comedy about an emotionally needy young man who misinterprets the signals on a first date. He follows her to Nebraska and ingratiates himself into every aspect of her life. And that man's name is Ryan Arthur. (source: Variety)

* Warner Bros.-based Alcon Entertainment has hired Matthew Aldrich to adapt Counterfeit Son, based on the Elaine Marie Alphin novel, for the big screen. The story is a thriller about a young man who tries to con a family out of their deceased son's trust fund. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

* Ann Peacock (one of the writers on The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) has been hired by Walden Media to write the screenplay to American Girl, based on the popular line of historically-accurate dolls and books for girls. The film will focus on Kit Kittredge, who grows up in the early years of the Great Depression. Goldsmith-Thomas Productions and Julia Roberts' Red Om Films are producing. (source: Hollywood Reporter)

"Great movie, huh? So refreshing to see something like this after all these...cop movies and, you know, things we do. Maybe we'll do a remake of this!"

Here is the preliminary top ten for the weekend. Estimates are taken from Box Office and are rounded up, where applicable.

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby $14.1 million ($114.7 million total)
2. Snakes On A Plane $13.85 million ($15.25 million total)
3. World Trade Center $10.8 million ($45.0 million total)
4. Accepted $10.1 million
5. Step Up $9.8 million ($39.4 million total)
6. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals $7.4 million ($45.9 million total)
7. Little Miss Sunshine $5.67 million ($12.75 million total)
8. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $5.0 million ($401.05 million total)
9. Material Girls $4.6 million
10. Pulse $3.5 million ($14.7 million total)

Opening August 23 (limited release):

Opening August 25 (wide release):
How To Eat Fried Worms

Opening August 25 (limited release):
The Quiet
Surviving Eden

"Can we agree that from now on, films have to be made by FILMMAKERS?!"

Previewing the week ahead...

On DVD This Tuesday (theatrical/DTV):
The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

The Breed (2006)
Double Indemnity
H6: Diary Of A Serial Killer
Just My Luck (widescreen and fullscreen)
Karate Dog
Kisses & Caroms
Neil's Party
Phat Girlz (widescreen and fullscreen)
Poseidon (widescreen, fullscreen and 2-disc Special Edition widescreen)
Radioland Murders
Saving Shiloh
Silent Hill (widescreen and fullscreen)
Sketches Of Frank Gehry
State Of The Union
This Island Earth
When Do We Eat?
The Wizard

Want more DVD recommendations? We've got 'em in our Upcoming DVD Release Schedule, updated regularly.

Who is in with a new edition of Sonic Death Monkey Soundtrack Reviews on Wednesday? Dave Cornelius? MADNESS.

You can get more DVD Reviews this Friday from Peter Sobczynski.

Erik Childress gives you regular updates and additions in Criticwatch on Friday, too.

You can also visit our Contest page for your chance to win DVDs and other assorted movie-related swag from HBS/eFC.

We'll also have some additional features and editorials throughout the week, and I'll have your Recap on Sunday.

Well, that should do it for this late edition of the Sunday News Recap. We're back next weekend, so while you're waiting, make sure you listen to Hollywood Bitchslap Radio, take a look at our previous Recaps and join and visit our forums, too. It's fun, and educational. But not too much. Thanks for reading, and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

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