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eFilmCritic's Ultimate DVD Release Schedule (BLU-RAY) (UPDATED 4/14/14)
by Erik Childress

Welcome to eFilmCritic's BRAND NEW BLU-RAY Release Schedule. UPDATED EVERY WEEK - you won't find
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April 15 (2014)
Alice [Blu-ray] (First Run Pictures)
Anger Management (Volume 3) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Angry Birds Toons (Season 1, Vol. 2) (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Better Living Through Chemistry (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Black Nativity (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Bletchley Circle, The (Season 2) (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Breaking the Waves (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Confession of Murder (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Copperhead (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Cowgirls ’N Angels 2: Dakota’s Summer (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Date And Switch (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Double Indemnity: 70th Anniversary Limited Edition (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Farscape: Season 4 (15th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray) (New Video)
From the New World (Collection #1) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Great Expectations (2013) (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Heaven's Lost Property (Season 1) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Making of a Lady, The (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Mallrats (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Master of the House (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Men In War (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Möbius (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Murder on the Home Front (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Nut Job, The (Blu-ray 3-D) (Universal)
Nut Job, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Philomena (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)
Reality Bites (20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray) (Universal)
Ride Along (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Riot in Cell Block 11 (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Ripper Street (Season Two) (Blu-ray) (BBC)
Rock Star (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (2013) (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Sleep My Love (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Spice and Wolf (The Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings (Blu-ray) (Cinedigm)
Switch (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Touch of Evil: Limited Edition (Blu-ray) (Universal)

April 22 (2014)
Bettie Page Reveals All (Blu-ray) (Music Box)
Big Bad Wolves (Blu-ray) (Magnolia)
Chances Are (25th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] (Image)
Conspiracy Theory (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Eureka Seven (Part One) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Eureka Seven (Part Two) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Eureka Seven: The Movie (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Exit Wounds (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Get Carter (1971) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Get Carter (2000) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Hidamari Sketch X 365 (Blu-ray) (Section23)
House on Sorority Row, The [Blu-ray] (Scorpion)
Inspector Lavardin Collection (Blu-ray) (Cohen Media Group)
Little Busters! (Collection 2) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Pawnbroker, The (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Seven Warriors (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Sorcerer (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Spectacular Spider-Man, The (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Spider-Man 2 (4K Blu-ray) (Sony)
Stranger on the Prowl (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Suspect, The (Blu-ray) (Image)
Torque (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)

April 29 (2014)
8-Film Action Collection [Blu-ray] (Echo Bridge)
Approved for Adoption (Blu-ray) (New Video)
Bad Country (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Betty Boop: The Essential Collection (Vol. 3) (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Cuticle Detective Inaba (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Dead Shadows (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Devil's Due (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Gamera (Ultimate Collection Vol. 1) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Gamera (Ultimate Collection Vol. 2) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Gimme Shelter (2014) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Hallucination Strip [Blu-ray] (RaroVideo)
Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Il Sorpasso (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Jess Franco's The Demons [Blu-ray] (Kino)
Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Labor Day (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Legend of Hercules, The (Blu-ray 3-D) (Lions Gate)
Mr. Selfridge (The Complete Second Season) (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Notes on a Scandal (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection, The [Blu-ray] (Fox) (Exclusively at Amazon)
Sophie's Choice (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Space Battleship Yamato: The Movie (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Star Trek: Enterprise (The Complete Fourth Season) [Blu-ray] (Paramount)
Super Skyscrapers (Blu-ray) (PBS)
Toto (35th Anniversary Tour Live from Poland) (Blu-ray) (Eagle Rock)
Up the Junction (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)

May 6 (2014)
4-Film Favorites (Guy Comedies) [Blu-ray] (New Line)
Ace in the Hole [Blu-ray] (Criterion)
After the Dark (Blu-ray) (Phase 4)
Amistad (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Andy Griffith Show, The (Season One) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Art of the Steal, The (2014) (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)
Bachelor Party (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Big Lebowski, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Big Red One, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Blazing Saddles (40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Blues Brothers, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Bourne Identity, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Bourne Supremacy, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Bourne Ultimatum, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Bridges of Madison County, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Burn [Blu-ray] (Passion River)
Chronicles of Riddick, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Countess Dracula (Blu-ray) (Synapse)
Crocodile Dundee/Crocodile Dundee II (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
DC Universe: Son of Batman (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Death Occurred Last Night [Blu-ray] (RaroVideo)
Deep End, The (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Family Plot (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Fast and the Furious, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Frenzy (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Generation War (Blu-ray) (Music Box)
Godzilla Vs Destoroyah / Godzilla Vs Megaguirus [Blu-ray] (Sony)
Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah / Godzilla Vs Mothra [Blu-ray] (Sony)
Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II / Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla [Blu-ray] (Sony)
Godzilla vs. Gigan (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Godzilla vs. Hedorah (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Godzilla vs. the Seas Monster (aka Ebriah! Horror of the Deep) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Godzilla: Final Wars / Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Honeymooners, The (Classic 39 Episodes) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
I Love Lucy (Ultimate Season 1) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Incredible Hulk, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Johnny Come Lately (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Jurassic Park (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
King Kong (2005) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Little House on the Prairie (Season Two) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Love Happy (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Marnie (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Memphis Belle (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Mr. Jones (2013) (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)
Pitch Black (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Poirot (Series 12) (Blu-ray) (Acorn Media)
(*) Ragamuffin (Blu-ray) (Millennium) (Exclusively at Wal-Mart)
Revenge of the Nerds (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Scarface (1983) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Serenity (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Shaun of the Dead (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Speed / Speed 2: Cruise Control (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Speed 2: Cruise Control (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Still Mine (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Terminal, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Topaz (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Torn Curtain (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Veronica Mars (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Wanted (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Universal)
Weekend at Bernie’s (Blu-ray) (Fox)
White Zombie: The Cary Roan Special Signature Edition (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Women, The (1935) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)

May 13 (2014)
Book of Bantorra (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Dio: Live in London (Hammersmith Apollo 199) (Blu-ray) (Eagle Rock)
Eastbound & Down (The Complete Fourth Season) (Blu-ray) (HBO)
Easy Money: Life Deluxe (Blu-ray) (New Video)
Evilspeak (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Fast & Furious (6-Movie Collection) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
(*) Fate is the Hunter (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Final Exam (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Flying Tigers (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
Godfather Part III, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Haganai Next (Season 2) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Her (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Home of the Brave (Blu-ray) (Olive Films)
I, Frankenstein (Blu-ray 3-D) (Lions Gate)
Like Someone in Love (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Magic City: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)
McClintock! (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Orange Is the New Black (Season One) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Overlord [Blu-ray] (Criterion)
Rollerball (1975) (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Special ID (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Stalingrad [Blu-ray] (Sony)
Stranger By The Lake (Blu-ray) (Strand)
That Awkward Moment (Blu-ray) (Sony)
(*) Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird 6 (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Two Rode Together (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Ultimate Gangsters Collection: Contemporary (Volume 2) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Wrestlemania XXX (Blu-ray) (WWE)

May 20 (2014)
1939: Battle of Westerplatte [Blu-ray] (eOne)
About Last Night (2014) (Blu-ray) (Sony)
American Made Movie (Blu-ray) (Virgil Films)
Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust (The Bridge to Russia Concert) (Blu-ray) (Sony Legacy)
Call the Midwife (Season 3) (Blu-ray) (BBC)
Django Unchained (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Evil Dead, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Fairy Tail (Part 10) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Gang War in Milan [Blu-ray] (RaroVideo)
Grand Piano [Blu-ray] (Magnolia)
Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (Season 1) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Killing Them Softly (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Law Abiding Citizen (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Lawless (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The [Blu-ray] (Criterion)
Lords of Salem, The (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Anchor Bay)
Monuments Men, The (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Nikita (The Complete Fourth and Final Season) (Warner Bros.)
Nosferatu the Vampyre (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Pompeii (Blu-ray 3-D) (Sony)
Pompeii (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Right Kind of Wrong, The (Blu-ray) (Magnolia)
Serial Experiments Lain (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Steve Austin 4-Pack Steelbook [Blu-ray] (Anchor Bay)
Vampire Academy (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)
Way of the Wicked (Blu-ray) (Image)

May 27 (2014)
Aquarion (Season 2, Part 2) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Color of Lies [Blu-ray] (Cohen Media Group)
Could This Be Love (eOne)
Dan Curtis’ Dracula (Blu-ray) (MPI)
Death Spa (Blu-ray) (MPI)
Eastern Bandits (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Eden and After (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Endless Love (2014) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Inaccurate Memoir, An [Blu-ray] (Well Go USA)
Jack Irish (Set 2) (Blu-ray) (Acorn Media)
Journey to the West [Blu-ray] (Magnolia)
Let Me Out (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Man Who Lies, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Series 2) (Blu-ray) (Acorn Media)
Motto to Love Ru: Season 2 [Blu-ray] (Section23)
Our Vinyl Weights a Ton (Blu-ray) (Stone’s Throw Entertainment)
Red River [Blu-ray] (Criterion)
Sleepaway Camp (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Universe, The (Season 7: Ancient Mysteries Solved) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)

June 3 (2014)
Alexander: The Ultimate Cut (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Amnesia (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Attack on Titan (Part 1) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Birdcage, The (Blu-ray) (MGM)
Birds, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
(*) Breaking Bad (The Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Break-Up, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (10th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Cousin Jules (Blu-ray) (Cinema Guild)
Escape from New York (Blu-ray) (MGM)
Falling Skies (The Complete Third Season) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) Goodbye World (Blu-ray) (Phase 4)
Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Joy Ride 3: Road Kill (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Kissing Jessica Stein (Blu-ray) (Fox)
Lone Survivor (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Nutty Professor, The (50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Outsiders, The (Complete Novel Edition) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Psycho (1960) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Ravenous (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Ray Donovan (Season One) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Rear Window (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Ringer, The (Blu-ray) (Fox)
True Blood (The Complete Sixth Season) (Blu-ray) (HBO)
Vertigo (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Workaholics (Season 4) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
You, Me and Dupree (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Zoolander [Blu-ray] (Warner Bros.)

June 10 (2014)
Alan Partridge [Blu-ray] (Magnolia)
All That Heaven Allows (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Brazil with Michael Palin (Blu-ray) (BBC)
Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (Blu-ray) (Fox)
(*) Curse of the Dragon Slayer (Blu-ray) (Phase 4)
Date a Live (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Devil's Knot (Blu-ray) (Image)
Ernest & Celestine (Blu-ray) (New Video)
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
I Vinti (Vanquished) (Blu-ray) (RaroVideo)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Karneval (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
L'Eclisse (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Leviathan: The Last Defense (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Man from Laramie, The (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Mechanic, The (1972) (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Missing Picture, The (Blu-ray) (Strand)
(*) Patrick: Evil Awakens (Blu-ray) (Phase 4)
Spike Lee Joint Collection, The (Vol. 1 - 25th Hour & He Got Game) (Blu-ray) (Walt Disney)
Spike Lee Joint Collection, The (Vol. 2 - Summer of Sam & Miracle at St. Anna) (Blu-ray) (Walt Disney)
Tightrope (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Train, The (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
True Detective (Season One) (Blu-ray) (HBO)

June 17 (2014)
Angel of the Skies [Blu-ray] (eOne)
B.B. King (Life Of Riley) (Blu-ray) (MVD)
Beneath Hill 60 [Blu-ray] (eOne)
(*) Black Beauty [Blu-ray] (Warner Bros.)
Hearts and Minds (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Home Before Midnight (Blu-ray) (Kino)
House of Mortal Sin (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Judex (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Monkey's Paw, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Tosh.0 (Volume 4: Collas Plus Exposed Arms) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
(*) We're in the Movies: Palace of Silents & Itinerant Filmmaking (Blu-ray) (Flicker Alley)

June 24 (2014)
(*) Blood Ties (2014) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Chef, the Actor and the Scoundrel, The (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Codebreaker (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Dog Soldiers: Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Dragonball Z (Season 5) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Duck Dynasty (Season 5) (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Fracknation (Blu-ray) (Magnolia)
Hard Day's Night, A (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Lost Girl (Season Four) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Nude For Satan: Remastered Edition [Blu-ray] (Kino)
(*) Orphan Black (Season 2) (Blu-ray) (BBC)
Samurai Bride (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Chain of Command) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 6) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Wolf Creek 2 (Blu-ray) (Image)

July 1 (2014)
(*) Final Terror, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Legend of Korra (Book Two - Spirits) (Blu-ray) (Nickelodeon)

July 8 (2014)
(*) Born Yesterday (1950) (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Brannigan (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Death Kiss, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Flowers of Evil (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
(*) Lake Placid (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Point Blank (1967) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) Radio Days (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Save Your Legs! (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Time Machine, The (1960) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) Violent Saturday (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)

July 15 (2014)
(*) Black Dynamite (Season One) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) Deadly Eyes (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Escaped from Devil’s Island / The Final Option (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Majestic Prince (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
To Love Run Darkness (Blu-ray) (Section23)

July 22 (2014)
(*) Ginger Snaps (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
GMO OMG (Blu-ray) (MPI)
Severing Crime Edge, The (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Sunset Strip [Blu-ray] (Video Services Corp)
(*) Suspect, The (2014) (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)

July 29 (2014)
Gatchaman Crowds (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)
Problem Children (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Section23)

August 5 (2014)
Full Monty, The (Blu-ray) (Fox)
(*) Man Who Knew Too Little, The (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
(*) Ninja Apocalypse (Blu-ray) (Millennium)
Phantom of the Paradise (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Ping Pong Summer (Blu-ray) (Millennium)
War Around Us, The (Blu-ray) (MPI)

August 12 (2014)
(*) Buddy Holly Story, The (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Follow That Dream (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Riff Raff / Raining Stones (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
(*) Secret of Santa Vittoria, The (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)

August 19 (2014)
(*) Fading Gigolo (Blu-ray) (Millennium)

August 26 (2014)
(*) Pee-wee's Playhouse (The Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Walking Dead, The (Complete Fourth Season) (Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay)

September 16 (2014)
(*) Ken Burns' The Roosevelts (Blu-ray) (PBS)

October 14 (2014)
Blob, The (1988) (Blu-ray) (Twilight Time)
Vanilla Sky (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)

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