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SONIC DEATH MONKEY Soundtrack Reviews - Shine A Light

You make a grown monkey cry
by Michael Collins

Jagger and his lips have never done much for me, but on October 29 and November 1, 2006, The Rolling Stones took the stage of New Yorkís Beacon Theatre. They filmed it with Martin Scorsese at the lens. Letís have a look how it sounded.

Iíve never been much of a fan of the Rolling Stones. The occasional song I enjoyed, but really I was more of a The Who man myself. Why do they insist on keeping on keeping on? Can you even name a song the Stones have released in the past twenty years?

But their live reputation is unsurpassed. Along with the late great Number 1 Soul Brother James Brown, the Stones were at the top of everybodyís list of favourite live acts.

Yet I am a fan of the Martin Scorsese. I liked his contribution to the excellent, The Blues, series (which I was lucky enough to see in a cinema) and he even managed to direct Michael Jackson. I also in particular liked his concert film he did for The Bandís last performance. The Band werenít someone that I thought much of as well, yet Scorsese drew me in and allowed me to genuinely enjoy the documentary of this bandís swan song.

So with the Stones live reputation, and Scorseseís ability to putting music on film I was willing to give the Stonesí Shine a Light a fair listen.

She Was Hot, is the first song to grab me. That's probably because itís not familiar to me. Not exactly one of their bigger hits I guess. Though I only base that on my personal lack of knowledge of the track. But it rocks. Itís an up-tempo rollicking number with a simple chorus that people can sing along to even if they havenít heard it before. All Down the Line continues the high energy and I continued to be impressed.

The first of the concertís guests turn up for the first slowy (in the beginning anyway) with The White Stripesí Jack White helping out with, Loving Cup. Man, at first I had trouble picking out which was Jagger and White singing. I got it eventually, but I had to stop everything and listen at first.

When, As Tears Go By, kicks in I was wondering if I would be able to sit through this album. Jagger starts to try and sing properly rather than just shout out at us all, and heís not really at his best when he does that. Just My Imagination, lifts the mood again, but Iím thinking more how Jagger is struggling to hit notes.

Iím not usually a hater of country music, but when Jagger talks his way through, Faraway Eyes, the Stonesí shameless stealing of southern US music is at its most blatant.

The Stones also shamelessly stole from the blues and they sound great as they do Champagne and Reefer. Thatís all down to Buddy Guy who hollers down Jagger like a hurricane hitting town. It seems a shame Buddy was only there for one song. Iíd love to hear some more of his blues. Instead we get Keith Richardsí version of the blues with You Got the Silver with itís wonderful slide guitar. After Connection, Richards kindly blesses us all. Weíre all better for that.

I surprisingly like this energetic and tight performance. Spanning across its marathon 24 tracks my attention did wane at times. Nevertheless, I would love to see this band in a small venue. Itís the type of music that definitely suits a small venue.

While not necessarily a fan of her music or image, I am a fan of Christina Aguileraís voice. Itís incredibly strong. Yet she fails to impress on, Live with Me. It wasnít the right voice for me Ė or perhaps not the right song. I would have preferred her sing with Buddy Guy. Now that would have been great. Aguilera was trying a little too hard to impress in the small pace she was given in this track.

Start Me Up, one of my favourite of the tracks that I do like of the band is not quite up to the spacious shuffle and great guitar sound of the original. It sums up my feeling of the whole album though. The album sort of impresses me, but Iím not quite there. Iíll go and see Scorseseís film and maybe that will take me to that place that the soundtrack doesnít quite.

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originally posted: 04/03/08 14:42:15
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