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Escaflowne: Escaflowne

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2002 4:22 pm    Post subject: Escaflowne Reply with quote

There's been a lot of anime i've liked, and by far more i've despised. . . Repeated plot cliches and terrible acting found in most low cut anime you see late at night on the Action Channel has perhaps jaded me just a little. . . Most likely my problem has been a desire to see variety, while Japanese animators seem to have an incredible amount of imagination, it seems all their stories are molded from the previous anime they just saw. Making reoccuring elements in almost every story, movie or series.

Most of these cliches can be easily spotted, usually they involve one or more of the following things:
Japanese schoolgirls with extroardinary power
A giant abominable monster with tentacles and teeth coming out everywhere that ends up raping the aformentioned schoolgirl
A pale villain/wizard with white hair and a face that looks like a horse after plastic surgery.
A virus or mutation that turns people into either demons or alien zombies.
A cheesy catgirl.
Mech robots that do battle with each other.
"Neo Tokyo"

The cliche list could probably go on and on and on. And yeah, I watch this kinda stuff. While a lot of Anime seems to be x-rated there's also oodles of kiddy fair which surprisingly i've found to be more entertaining.

Basically, i've learned you're not going to find much variety. Though sometimes a really original story comes along like Princess Mononoke, or the Lodoss War series, if you plan on watching anime you just have to make due. And despite common cliches an anime can still be made very, very well, and every common theme can seem new and original.

Such is the case with Escaflowne, by far the best Japanese animated movie I've ever seen. Made with a big budget and a familiar story, Escaflowne still manages to not only seem original but also surpasses all the rest. Not to mention it has the best animation you'll ever see.

The story is certainly cliched, but there is an underyling theme of faith, commitment and hope, and you grow to really feel for all the characters. And you fall in love with the world, making this movie a truely fantastic - though short experience.

All in all, Escaflowne gets: * * * * * (Five stars) I'd reccomend it to anyone with an open mind.
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