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GENEON ANIME GIVEAWAY - Signature Series: Wave 6 (4-Pack)

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Erik The Movieman
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HBS Monkey

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 5:26 pm    Post subject: GENEON ANIME GIVEAWAY - Signature Series: Wave 6 (4-Pack) Reply with quote



Sailor Moon Super S Pegasus Collection 1 - BUY THIS DVD!
This program contains episodes 128-166 of the SAILOR MOON TV series, known as SAILOR MOON SUPER S, which focuses on Chibi Usa and Usagi and introduces the character of Pegasus. In these episodes, Chibi Usa is introduced to Pegasus through a mysterious dream while a foreboding eclipse threatens to ruin Sailor Moon and company's latest victory celebration. Later, the Dean Moon Circus comes to town and the Amazon Trio quickly establish themselves as the Sailor Scouts' newest enemy.

Soultaker Vol. 2: Flickering Faith - BUY THIS DVD!
Kyosuke has had to deal with more hardship than the typical young person; not yet out of his teens, Kyosuke's own mother has already tried to murder him. After recovering, he delves into the mystery behind his mother's actions and discovers his past was not what he had thought. In these episodes, Kyosuke's quest to find his sister Runa leads him only into more danger in the form of Kirihara traps. However, the deeper Kyosuke delves into the mystery, the more he becomes convinced that Runa holds some answers for him. Unfortunately, Runa herself is being pursued forcing her to hide from everyone, including her brother.

Tenchi in Tokyo - Vol. 4: A New Enemy - BUY THIS DVD!
In this edition of the action-filled anime, Yugi works to split up Tenchi's friends. As the first part of her plan begins to work, Ryo-Ohki gets seduced by a cabbit and taken to an entire colony of cabbits--on the moon! Later, a double for Tenchi's father kidnaps Sakuya in an effort to draw Tenchi closer to her, and then Yugi stages an attack on Ryoko and sends bodyguards to lure into trusting him. This program contains episodes 11, 12, and 13: "Moon Mission," "Stupid Cupid," and "The Eye of the Destroyer."

Trigun Vol. 7 - Puppet Masters - BUY THIS DVD!
A man with a sixty billion dollar bounty on his head is a man that few would care to tangle with. Vash the Stampede, the most dangerous gunslinger alive, joins forces with Wolfwood in these episodes, and the two search out the spaceship that failed to crash together. Unfortunately, the two encounter the Gung-ho Guns, who are bent on destroying paradise and torturing Vash.

HOW TO WIN? SIMPLE. SEND IN YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO contests@efilmcritic.com. Put "GENEON SIGNATURE SERIES #6" in the subject line and cross your fingers. There will be 5 lucky winners. We will draw names and one of the DVDs from Geneon will be yours. Only 1 entry per household.
Erik Childress
Online Film Critics Society / Chicago Film Critics Association
Nick Digilio - WGN Radio Chicago
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