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INCEPTION (SPOILER WARNING!!!) Questions and Commentary

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:13 pm    Post subject: INCEPTION (SPOILER WARNING!!!) Questions and Commentary Reply with quote


It didn't grab me really.

Nolan “wanted to create a film that would allow the audience to experience the limitless realities that only in dreams can we realize.”

What, car chases and gun battles? I could have walked into any other dozen or so movies playing at the theater I was at and saw pretty much the same thing. Level 1: Car chase and gun battle, Level 2: Hotel and gun and melee combat, Level 3: Arctic base assault. It's more video game than anything.

The visual effects are occasionally excellent: "The best section has Page's character relishing her new dream power as she wraps streets full of traffic onto themselves." That's basically it except for the crumbling city at the end.

There aren't any real characters outside of DiCaprio - and while he has a goal he never displays any idiosyncrasies that make you think he's a real person and not something a writer came up with one night.

Why did they remake Shutter Island? Dicaprio's character suffers guilt dealing with a a wife and kids, reality not being real, and an ambiguous ending. But I'll tell you the ending...I think I have it figured.

It's a dream or it makes no sense at all.

The other characters have no personality at all because they aren't persons.
Why is Yusuf (Dileep Rao), the master chemist, in the dream?
Cobb needs an experienced Architect? Why recruit a kid that's never done it before? Did a preview test badly with females and old people so Juno and Michael Caine were added to the script?
How did Cobb kill his wife in a way anyone else would know about?
How would having a rich guy making a phone call make a murder charge go away?
Why wouldn't Cobb's wife leave Limbo? Juno got out of it pretty easily.

The dream technology is interesting though - vastly moreso than shootouts in variable gravity.

Where to begin?
The time compression alone is worth thinking about. Drop three dream levels with a few friends and you have 50 years to write stories, design things, and fabricate any number of intellectual creations. Shakespeare could go dreaming on a Tuesday and write a dozen plays by Wednesday.

Heck, what about virtual life extension? You have two weeks to live - dude, that's like 1000 years in dream time.

Can we have a sequel without any of these crappy characters called Incarceration? It could be a story about 1000 criminals in a shared dream and the an architect they call the Warden. What would rehab be like? Johnnie can't read? Heck, take an hour and teach him to be literate in a dozen languages. What would punishment be like? How about an escape attempt?

I went to Inception and heard such great things and what did I get? Gun fights. Gee, thanks.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Every body has its own choice and taste. It is really fine if you did not like the movie but i recon it the best movie of 2010..
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