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Hackneyed Hostage Scenes

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:40 pm    Post subject: Hackneyed Hostage Scenes Reply with quote

[size=18]The Hackneyed Hostage Halting Hero[/size]

Is there some federal statute that demands all drama/action TV or movie productions MUST have at least one hostage scene included in the plot? I used to believe this was true of chase scenes, (usually car) and a chase scene is still almost guaranteed to be included. Many shows are just one big hostage drama.
( There is even a recent show just called 'Hostage'. How original ! )

Two of my favorite puzzles when I watch a new show is 'Spot the Landmark' when something is filmed in a familiar place; the other is 'Spot the Hostage' usually a lover or relative of our "hero" (daughters are good).
I rarely guess wrong.about the hostage. I KNOW it will happen.and I'm getting so sick of it !

Americans are fixated on hostage situations, especially since the the Ayatola took the US embassy in Iran.
A person can be dying of malnutrition on the streets of New York and people will just step over them, but if that same person is taken hostage, no resource,sacrifice or concesion will be spared to save them.
"Oh, the humanity !" It's so tediously predictable. Screenwriters have seemingly been ordered to focus on this, and it's now become part of our mentality.

In the shows, once the value of our hostage bait victim is described and our "Hero" comes close to winning, it's hostage time. The "hero" always complies with all demands, dropping his gun even if it's right up against the 'bad guy's' head. We HAVE to help the hostage, no "Go ahead - shoot 'em" or "Frankly (bad guy), I don't give a damn !" Better to throw away your advantage and become a hostage too. Real smart !
< of course, they always win in the end, but we knew that too.>

The 'bad guys' are ALWAYS made into hostage takers, regardless of their role in the show, even samurai warriors if you please
- it's the law !

How can we get this law repealed ?
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