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GENEON ANIME DVD GIVEAWAY - Geneon Signature Series (5-Pack)

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Erik The Movieman
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HBS Monkey

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 4:14 pm    Post subject: GENEON ANIME DVD GIVEAWAY - Geneon Signature Series (5-Pack) Reply with quote



Gate Keepers #4 - The New Threat - BUY THIS DVD!
In these episodes, the AEGIS team find themselves stranded on a tropical island, courtesy of of the Baron Akuma, where their dreams come true. Later, Shun and his family are aboard the bullet train when they learn it has been hijacked and turned into a missile headed for Tokyo by the Kaiser Kikai. Finally, Shun and Ruriko encounter a new form of flying invaders, only to be saved by a mysterious girl.

Sailor Moon S #6 - BUY THIS DVD!
The Sailor Scouts, exhausted after a lengthy battle, settle down to study for their high school entrance exams as this series begins. Unbeknownst to them, new enemies are already plotting against them, readying the world for domination by harnessing the power of pure hearts. The Scouts have their work cut out out for them, and find that not only do they get some help from a mysterious source but that Sailor Moon has acquired a new power that comes in handy against powerful foes. In these episodes, Uranus and Pluto try desperately to prevent the awakening of the Messiah of Silence. Unfortunately, the Death Busters kidnap Chibi-Usa and use her crystals to revive the Messiah of Silence, leading to a battle with Sailor Moon for the Holy Grail. Contains six episodes (same as SAILOR MOON S - TV SERIES VOLS. 9 & 10).

Tenchi Muyo OVA #4 - BUY THIS DVD!
This special release of the original TENCHI MUYO series on DVD that begins when Tenchi ventures into a cave's shrine, unwittingly releasing a demon, Ryoko, whom Tenchi's father trapped there centuries before who promptly turns Tenchi's life into a endless string of space adventures, battles, and encounters with beautiful but often clingy aliens, all of which has taken precedence over his going to school. In these episodes, Dr. Clay brings Washu before Tokimi, one of the universe's most powerful beings, a meeting that will surely change Ryoko and Washu's relationship. Later, Ayeka's father comes into town and even he, the King of Jurai, is unprepared for the chaos of Tenchi's life.

Tenchi Universe Collection IV - Time Travel and Space Adventures - BUY THIS DVD!
Washu's latest invention is the Dimensional Cause & Effect Controller. This outrageous device can completely change the world into whatever people want it to be. Of course, everyone jumps at the chance to change the world so that it suits them, causing the invention to malfunction. Now Tenchi and company are at the mercy of the Controller as they wander from one parallel world to another. Princess Ayeka, in her parallel world, orders Mihoshi and Kiyone to eliminate Ryoko, the demon of Rashomon. Ryoke, in her world, seeks a new life in a northern region where a group of kind and warmhearted people wait to help her. Mihoshi, in her world, is a housewife leading a carefree life as Tenchi's wife. Royce, in another parallel world, has Tenchi as her gangster partner so she can live the action-filled dangerous life she's always desired. Eventually all of these worlds are mixed together, and Washu is the only one who can possibly straighten things out.

Trigun Vol. 6 - Project Seeds - BUY THIS DVD!
A man with a sixty billion dollar bounty on his head is a man that few would care to tangle with. Vash the Stampede understands this because whole towns evacuate at the rumor of his arrival. Still, when people actually meet Vash, they have a hard time believing who he is because he's more noble than the price on his head would suggest because he acts like a complete nimrod. In these three episodes (17-19), Vash continues to search for the simple life that has eluded him, but finds that his past is too eager to catch up with him to allow for any relaxation.

HOW TO WIN? SIMPLE. SEND IN YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO contests@efilmcritic.com. Put "GENEON SIGNATURE SERIES PACK" in the subject line and cross your fingers. There will be 5 lucky winners. We will draw names and one of the DVDs from Geneon will be yours. Only 1 entry per household.
Erik Childress
Online Film Critics Society / Chicago Film Critics Association
Nick Digilio - WGN Radio Chicago
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