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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
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by Marc Kandel

"Unnecessary and trite, but strangely entertaining against all expectations"
2 stars

And I mean ALL expectations. "BJ- Edge of Reason" is a comfortable shoe with some genuine laughs, strained plotting, two good performances, and two truly eye-gouging scenes that threaten to lower intelligence quotients across the nation. But I did not hate it as a whole, and actually had a nice time. I must have a blood clot in my brain or something.

Nuts still throbbing from the steel-toed, acid-dipped pointed boot to the groin that was “Van Helsing,” quite possibly one of the worst movies ever to be seared into my retinas, I trundled off to the theatre with my lady and another lady friend to upkeep my “Best Boyfriend of the Year” award by seeing “Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason.” A chick flick if there ever was a chick flick- and a sequel to boot. To say I was not enthused is the very best definition of understatement.

One of my companions told me that if I did not like it, I could always have fun writing a review for the site- I told her- “That is true. But as much fun as riddling a crap film with intellectual darts and more than a smattering of profanity can be, I will always, ALWAYS prefer seeing a really good film made with craft that doesn’t inspire dark hatred in my heart for the filmmakers, producers, actors, my fellow audience members, and myself for voluntarily paying to waste my waking hours.” She stared at me and shook her head. That’s fine. Even I thought I had overdone it a bit.

As my party went to find seats in a surprisingly packed theatre, I waited at the concession stand as the workers behind the counter corrected all the mistakes made to my order- I didn’t mind. I really didn’t. I felt the screwball zaniness occurring behind the glass booth of boxed candy and stale popcorn was going to be the height of comedic entertainment in an evening filled with gritted teeth, wincing, and constant shifting to find that perfect position where the movie theatre seat doesn’t bug the hell out of you. Because when you aren’t interested or are annoyed with what’s on the screen, that’s what you focus on.

Imagine my surprise when I had a good time. And so did everyone else I could observe in the theatre. There was even a smattering of applause at the end. For weeks I had been reading scathing, really nasty reviews, and having been pretty uninspired from the first movie which was cute, but not half as funny as everyone seemed to be spouting it was, I was doing this for relationship points only. But I had a good time. Yeah, must be a blood clot.

As we need conflict for a film, and since the last one left Bridget actually happy with both her professional and romantic state of being, the first task of the movie is to do away with all of that so we can see Bridget climb back up from the abyss in her inimitable proud-to-be-a-moron style. This takes a bit of doing, however, because the film also spends its first minutes illustrating the bliss the character is enjoying- and it’s funny. Bridget in pain is a good laugh. The surprise here is watching Bridget in joy, and still getting a good laugh- that’s rare for any character. But this is where we get an early indication that there is some (not a bunch mind you, but some) cleverness injected into what would otherwise be a redundant story in a bid to grab cash by further consuming a beloved character’s initial success. Now let’s be frank- that’s exactly what is happening here, but at least someone has made it marginally watch-able.

We are treated to the usual swill of misunderstandings between her and her boyfriend Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is scribbled into the proceedings –the real enemy in the film is Bridget’s own horrific insecurity, but the tangible expression of this comes in the form of a romantic rival to Mark’s affections, Bridget’s constant bumbling in front of Mark’s professional peers, and finally a reshuffling at Bridget’s job forcing her to work with her manipulative, seedy ex Daniel Cleaver (a CGI Hugh Grant, not quite slumming, but never becoming anything more than the caricatured obstacle he is supposed to be).

So all of these issues which can be found in any standard Three’s Company episode, including Bridget’s various face-first pratfalls, force a break between Bridget and Mark, where Bridget tells him that he never puts up a fight for her, which is a pretty stupid argument considering fighting for her was his climactic moment of the first film and one of its funniest moments- so funny in fact that the fight is duplicated later on in this film. After the breakup, Bridget flees to Thailand to bury herself in her new assignment of being a befuddled Kelly Ripa to Hugh Grant’s pimp-like Regis on a tourist-guide to Thailand. Banality ensues, as well as a healthy dose of contempt for Thailand, as it seems all the right elements of the underbelly of Thai society make their appearances for laughs- drugs, hookers, she-males, prison, you get the picture. Funny, right?

The Thailand segment of the film is the lowest point, with two unforgivable scenes that lost my sympathy for any work put into the character and totally removed me from the good time I was surprised to be having- one is Bridget almost falling for Daniel again- something she spent most of the first film triumphing over, which is why I found it so terrifically unbelievable and forced here, particularly as we don’t need a Whoreus Ex Machina to tell us that Daniel has not changed his ways, but are given one anyway. The other is Bridget’s time in a Thai prison after being clandestinely turned into a drug mule- Hey, good thing her ex-boyfriend is an International Human Rights Lawyer! HEY! I bet he’ll come rescue her. You’d win your bet. Unfortunately, you already paid ten dollars and two hours out of your life to see this, so YOU LOSE.

The “Like A Virgin” segment where she teaches the abused, neglected, Thai women prisoners the Madonna number, punctuated by Bridget’s gifts of chocolate bars and designer bras to make up for the wholesale subjugation of a gender in a third world country almost made me devolve into an earlier, simian form for the purposes of flinging my feces at the screen at this point- my girlfriend quickly had me sip from her Cherry Icee with did have a soothing narcotic effect.

The film saves itself from slipping into wholly offensive revisionist crap because Renee Zellweger sells this character, if not the situations she is forced to endure for the sake of getting another two hours out of the original idea. Bridget Jones is the everywoman champion- not happy with herself or with what Cosmo or Victoria’s Secret tells her she is supposed to be. This doesn’t need to be in England- it can be anywhere. She’s not all that smart- but she is an innocent, and a decent human being for all her superficial flaws. Zellweger works hard and makes this resonate with the audience. She is so invested in this character, that even when the script cuts her off at the knees, the viewer can hardly hate her for it, because she turns in a charming, honest performance in the midst of a dishonest plot. Colin Firth also puts in a really dashing effort as an unlikely romantic hero- stodgy and tight-assed, but caring and compassionate far beyond one’s expectations- he does it well and I will give credit.

The best moments of this film are in watching how a truly well-intentioned loving idiot and a closet-romantic misanthrope really, really do go well together. This should have been a film focused on how these two work together, not artificially tearing them down to make them find each other again. But that would have been a different movie, and we can’t have that- profit through repetition, you know.

Men: Take a date, see it, get laid. It will not number among your worse evenings. Women- I will watch you laugh and empathize with the character as you are supposed to, but if you are not also 30 steps ahead of what is transpiring on the screen, don’t count on me to respect you in the morning. Ta ta.

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originally posted: 12/07/04 05:57:28
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User Comments

8/18/12 edutra even worse than original 1 stars
4/06/12 SEAN DUTRA even worse and more pointless than original 1 stars
4/02/12 Carole Landis Please God no more Bridget Jones movies. 1 stars
3/06/11 Rita Ray Lizzy Bennet/hip, charming. Bridget Jones/vulgar slob. 'nuf said? 1 stars
2/22/10 carol miles CF doesn't want to be remembered as Mr. Darcy but makes B. Jones movies. Pompous Ass. 1 stars
7/12/09 the dork knight Forgettable sequel. Might as well rent "Arthur 2" while you're at it. 1 stars
1/10/09 Anonymous. i thought it was really good and renee zellweger is still as adorable as ever! :P 4 stars
8/28/07 johnnyfog Worthless. 1 stars
8/20/06 e.c. i didnt like it better than the first but it was good.the fight scenes were funny. 4 stars
8/19/06 Beau wtf r u guyz sayin I LOVED IT betta than 1st. I laughed heaps 5 stars
7/08/06 CTT Not as good as the first, but not a disaster, either 4 stars
8/09/05 jada very disappointing, cheesy & predictable 2 stars
6/12/05 Daveman Doesn't so much move along as it progresses from second rate one comic set piece to another 2 stars
4/20/05 Taylor Fladgate Renee acts like she's pissed that she has to make this movie...and she should be 2 stars
3/26/05 Elizabeth S Bridget & Co. have lost their charm. 2 stars
3/10/05 Fake Name Here It ain't brain surgery folks. Must all movies be chock full o sturm und drang? 4 stars
1/16/05 Jitjit Skephzucks Starts better than original; then gets way too hokey with BROKEDOWN PALACE ripoff sequence. 3 stars
1/12/05 Hilary Adamson So sad that love is doomed even between those who know where each others' assholes are! 3 stars
12/22/04 Doc Hollywood Absolutely stinking shit with a cherry on top 1 stars
12/19/04 ELI well...i thought it was kinda funny... :) 4 stars
12/18/04 Lisa Totally crappy 1 stars
12/14/04 tony stupid movie.Only idioits will like it 1 stars
12/13/04 Bridget Hi my names also Bridget, I really enjoyed this movie film. It was funny, I love BRidget! 5 stars
12/13/04 UMER an OK movie in its own right but nothing compared to the first one 4 stars
12/09/04 peter møller jeg er til små drenge 5 stars
12/08/04 frosty Well, I enjoyed the first one... 2 stars
12/07/04 Dominic Liked the first, second was below par 2 stars
12/06/04 Kristina Williams A stupid retread of the first movie 1 stars
12/04/04 Denise why make another 2 stars
11/27/04 Destiny Pifer Wasn't bad though not as good as the first 3 stars
11/24/04 Jizzit Bones Arsery Number two is meant to be a poo so what did you expect? 1 stars
11/22/04 djacosta Enjoyable 4 stars
11/17/04 paks1 paks1 3 stars
11/16/04 Fungo Nowhere near as good as the first. 2 stars
11/06/04 Ray Nice 4 stars
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  12-Nov-2004 (R)
  DVD: 22-Mar-2005



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