Reviewed By Scott Weinberg
Posted 10/14/99 09:07:56

"A completely filled litter-box, minus the kitty-litter"
1 stars (Total Crap)

Stay away from this filth. You know how humans are naturally attracted to car accidents and other physical tragedies? Well, say you caught a glimpse and actually saw something that traumatized you, and continued to haunt you with sad, horrible, disgusting visions. This is what Ringmaster is. Please do not ever see this movie. You'll get stupider if you do, or very angry. It's lose-lose.

Vile. Reprehensible. Disgusting. Unfunny. Depressing. Tedious. Awful. Believe it or not, there are some people who don't see this movie as the pathetic shit-bath it is. Well, to each his own, but I can't understand it. This movie has no plot, no laughs, the worst acting and editing I've seen in years, and the tacked-on, phony moralizing Jerry puts on is a travesty. If he at least had the guts to say something like "Hey. I make trash for people to watch, and they seem to enjoy it, so sue me," at least I could respect his honesty, if not his scabby, ugly televison show. Instead, this guy tries to put on airs as the voice of the average American! Speaking on behalf of the average American, thanks for NOTHING, Jerry, you idiot. Not just poor, amateurish filmmaking, but an absolute insult.

Ringmaster is the worst and most nightmarish kind of media-produced "entertainment" imaginable. It's a vanity project for a man who has nothing to be vain about. Jerry, your singing voice is worse than listening to a kitten in a blender, your acting makes one yearn for the talents of Pia Zadora, and the fact that you put a sex scene in this movie should have gotten you arrested for prostitution. (At least Hugh Grant did it away from a camera.)

Jerry Springer basically sells out his own species the way he leers and ridicules and sermonizes. This movie will stand as how low American culture sank in the last year of the millenium, and it's a vile affront to humanity.

Our society is NOT Jerry Springer's whorehouse, and to the percentage that realizes what this sleaze represents, I would like to ask your forgiveness if I withdraw from the human race until he's long gone. I pray our first extra-terrestrial visitors never get a look at this, or it's all over.

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