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Grandma's Boy
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by EricDSnider

"A story-less movie that makes you laugh occasionally. Meh."
3 stars

One thing almost all movies have is a plot. Good movies, bad movies, average movies, most of them have stories of some kind. They may be bad stories, or illogical ones, or boring ones, but they are stories. Why, a story is such a basic element of filmmaking that one would almost consider it a prerequisite.

Yet here is "Grandma's Boy," a movie that does not have a story. Oh, things happen in the movie, sure. Most of the scenes serve to advance one of several threads -- the ongoing rivalry between this character and that one, this guy's unusual living situation, that guy's weird fondness for jungle animals, and so forth. But none of these can really be called a plot, let alone THE plot of the movie. It's just random stuff happening.

Written and directed by Adam Sandler's buddies and starring a few more of them, the film is about a 35-year-old video-game tester named Alex (Allen Covert, one of the writers) who gets evicted from his house and moves in with his grandmother (Doris Roberts) and her two housemates, senile Bea (Shirley Knight) and randy Grace (Shirley Jones). He tells his buddies at the office that he's staying with three hot chicks, and implies he's having sex with them, when the real reason he's tired every day is that Grandma wakes him up at 6 a.m. to do chores.

A young-ish pot-smoking bachelor who has to live with his nana? I've seen good movies with worse premises than that one. Yet for some reason, it's ignored. The movie isn't "about" Alex's uncomfortable living arrangement. In fact, apart from having to do chores, it's only occasionally an annoyance.

So what IS the movie's conflict? I mean, all movies need a conflict, some obstacle that's preventing the protagonist from achieving what he wants. But that would require the protagonist to want something, and "Grandma's Boy" is above that. Alex doesn't want anything, and thus there are no conflicts. I'd call this defiance of basic movie conventions "experimental" if I didn't know it was actually due to sheer incompetence.

Alex has a friend and co-worker named Jeff (Nick Swardson, another co-writer) who lives with his parents (whom he calls his "roommates") and wears footy pajamas when he sleeps in his racecar-shaped bed. Alex and Jeff have a pot dealer named Dante (Peter Dante) who is really tan and walks around naked sometimes. Alex and Jeff get a new supervisor at work, Samantha (Linda Cardellini), who has flown in to make sure the new video game gets done on time. The game creator, J.P. (Joel David Moore), is a Matrix-dressed nerd who sometimes talks like a robot. The vice president of the company (Kevin Nealon) does yoga and talks about the "energy" in the room.

All of these are perfectly reasonable elements to add to your quirky stoner comedy. But you don't want them to be the focus. No, no, sweetie, you want them to be interesting flavors to complement the overall taste of your story. But what's that? There IS no story? You've put all these ingredients into the stew pot but neglected to add a broth to keep them together? Well, then you've wasted everyone's time. I hope you're proud of yourself.

There's a bit of obligatory gross-out humor near the beginning, but then the movie settles into a fairly affable routine of slacker jokes and juvenile put-downs. Since there is no central storyline to progress, I assume each scene is in the movie simply because someone thought it was funny -- which is puzzling, because most of them aren't. There are funny moments, yes, and I laughed several times over the course of the film. But as I look back, I can't think of any entire SCENES that are funny, only individual lines or events in them. It's a movie of supporting paragraphs but no thesis.

(Warning: This film contains Rob Schneider and David Spade.)

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originally posted: 01/06/06 19:31:29
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User Comments

4/24/17 David H. Not even good to watch if you're high. 1 stars
1/05/14 Deez Nuts Your review is infinitely more poorly written than this movie. As in, I enjoyed the latter 5 stars
5/25/11 Eddie I can watch this movie ALL DAY LONG it is FUCKING HILARIOUS PERIOD 5 stars
6/03/10 User Name The occasional chuckle does not sustain the whole film. 2 stars
2/28/10 KVM117 Funny.. Though the poor acting is more apparent while stoned.. 5 stars
2/11/10 HM If you don't love it you are boring. Hilarious. If you want a plot, go watch The Holiday 5 stars
12/15/09 DAGGER DENNIS CHRISTIAN! Grandmas boys was fucking magic, your a terrible biased critic, and that will haunt you 5 stars
9/06/09 stoner have we really been reduced to calling this comedy? i may be a stoner but im not an idiot. 1 stars
2/24/09 matt a very funny movie, criminally underrated 5 stars
1/22/09 Passersby It's increasingly amusing how many people here rave over this film. Witless and stale. 1 stars
7/30/08 K went in not expecting much, but found it hilarious 4 stars
7/21/08 Samantha Pruitt this is pretty funny, good stoner movie, hehe 4 stars
2/14/08 zac best movie ever 5 stars
2/14/08 Grandma If you don't like this movie you need to pull the stick out of your ass! 5 stars
1/01/08 Total Crap Don't listen to the neg. reviews, they are dead wrong. I REPEAT DO NOT LISTEN!!! 5 stars
11/15/07 t(^^t) This movie is a great one with a PLOT. 5 stars
10/27/07 Scott Cutter All the negative comments on here were obviously PLANTED. This movie was Awesome! 5 stars
8/07/07 Chad Hossack David Cornholeius has a dick up his ass and hates anyone who pokes fun at his fag friends. 5 stars
8/02/07 slang I'm gonna get a cb radio for xmas so I can talk to other car beds. Great comedy! 5 stars
6/30/07 Michelle what I want to know is what scott weinberg is smoking...this movie is hilarious. 5 stars
6/09/07 M.S. Hilarious!!!!! 5 stars
5/23/07 Hannah Dude I'm way too baked to drive to the devil's house... DRIVE MONKEY DRIVE!!!! 5 stars
5/23/07 Brian Mckay If you like weed and video games, you'll find it's funnier than it has any right to be. 3 stars
5/18/07 j what is the deal? it was HILARIOUS 5 stars
5/17/07 Yamis I'm still mad--waste of my fucking time 1 stars
5/06/07 fools♫gold An attitude that surpasses 2001 Maniacs, and much funnier than Idle Hands + BASEketball. 3 stars
5/06/07 brian hilarious stoner movie - way underrated 5 stars
4/22/07 ashly my FAV movie ever.. fucking hilarious. 5 stars
4/21/07 Dude unfuny 1 stars
4/14/07 Nusic Funny movie, pure entertainment. Not a chick flick. Pseudo-intellectuals...don't rate it 4 stars
4/06/07 scratchdisk Super Funny ... loved it. 5 stars
3/19/07 Lawrence It doesn't suck, it FUCKING SUCKS! 1 stars
2/09/07 The chode Completely blew ass. 1 stars
1/31/07 Come On!!! Recommended for anyone that has had a lobotomy 1 stars
12/31/06 Hugh Jeballs This is movie is for stoners. AMAZING 5 stars
12/07/06 John Amazing. Really really funny. JP is a riot, Dante is amazing. 5 stars
12/04/06 Emily this movie was insanely crap-tacular 1 stars
12/04/06 Tommy Great fucking movie, not for people who are uptight and don't like to have fun. 5 stars
12/01/06 Scott This movie isn't for pussy faggets like David Cornelius. 5 stars
11/10/06 biron i want to beat the shit out of all of you, this movie is an emberrassment to film makers. 1 stars
11/03/06 MF HANNNA this movie changed my life. ADIOS TERD NUGGETS 5 stars
10/30/06 stacey campbell i thought it was hilarious and those that don't like it is fucken stupid 5 stars
10/15/06 Lauren Im not even into stupid humor movies and I absolutely LOVE this movie! 5 stars
10/09/06 noooicedude this movie was insanely good 5 stars
10/07/06 Andrew Ridiculously Good 5 stars
9/30/06 Tamara D. Leonard Terrilbly embarrasing...I took my father with me to see it. Big mistake! 1 stars
9/30/06 Nacho My fovorite movie for sure! Treu!! 5 stars
9/14/06 Josh P this movie is crazy funny!! you gotta see it 5 stars
9/09/06 Ashley It Was Fuckin Woderful 5 stars
8/30/06 jj i liked this movie, everything doesn't have to be masterpiece theater 4 stars
7/20/06 Mjsgrass This movie was funny, are you guys really movie critics? Take the movie for what its is, l 4 stars
7/14/06 Alex this is one of the best movies I have seen in an extremely long time. its a have to see mov 5 stars
6/28/06 Tiffany Faye Hawthorne Danged if I can imagine what about this justifies an unrated version. Bet it's lame too! 2 stars
5/28/06 Jeff Anderson Surprisingly funny. The sexy Cardellini's drunk kareoke jam is a screamingly funny delight! 5 stars
5/22/06 Brandon Norman it was ok, but that robot guy annoyed me 4 stars
5/22/06 Ryan_A Staggeringly unfunny. Covert's fine, but the rest of the cast is beyond awful. 1 stars
5/19/06 your worst goddamn nightmare As a stupid kinda comedy, this flick was sooo fuckin' funny! Chix won't dig it... 5 stars
1/14/06 Ron Dahlem Fricken hilarious 5 stars
1/13/06 Marjorie Cressy Absolutely horrendous movie 1 stars
1/11/06 Tamara D.Leonard Rude, crude and stupid! 1 stars
1/08/06 Evil Wolfie Soo goddam funny 5 stars
1/07/06 Abbath Felt like 3 hours long. 3 painful, unfunny hours. 1 stars
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  06-Jan-2006 (R)
  DVD: 09-May-2006



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