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Awesome: 7.22%
Worth A Look: 8.25%
Average: 14.43%
Pretty Bad43.3%
Total Crap: 26.8%

9 reviews, 43 user ratings

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by Scott Weinberg

"Flips from stupid to sappy with the click of a button."
2 stars

On the one hand you could probably call "Click" better than most of Adam Sandler's movies -- because it has a mildly nifty sci-fi concept. On the other (more accurate) hand you could probably call "Click" worse than most of Sandler's flicks -- because it takes such a potentially clever sci-fi concept and does nothing with it that doesn't involve fart jokes, hump-happy canines, and really limp slapstick.

Digging through the pile of screenplays that Jim Carrey passed on, Adam Sandler came across Click and figured it was just clever enough to be ruined with the addition of the comedian's patented brand of low-brow dimbulb humor. (Seriously, count how many times the movie re-uses a joke about dogs humping things. It's freakin' embarrassing.) In the hands of a filmmaker with even the slightest iota of talent (as opposed to, say, Frank Coraci), Click could have been a perfectly entertaining little sci-fi comedy. But since Coraci is on Sandler's list of "go-to directors" (a roster that includes names like Dennis Dugan, Steven Brill, and Peter Segal, for some ungodly reason), the Click we've been presented with feels like a fairly clever sci-fi comedy that's been overtaken by children obsessed with farts, boobs, and horny dogs.

Sandler plays vanilla architect Michael Newman, a typically harried and stressed-out professional who never misses an opportunity to disappoint his adoring wife and button-cute kids. But after a goofy visit to the "beyond" section of Bed, Bath & Beyond (yes, they're jamming alleged jokes into the product placement nowadays) Michael becomes the owner of a super-magical remote control. The device allows Mike to skip through life's boring parts, rewind back through memory lane, and pause when he feels compelled to fart in his boss' face. Truly, the first two-thirds of Click is a ceaseless carousel of fart jokes, carnally aroused dogs, and more product placement than you'll find in five random movies.

Yeah, that's the kind of humor level we're dealing with here -- which normally would be par for the Sandler course. The guy's never met a one-note concept he couldn't beat into submission through sheer force of flatulence. So after about 85 minutes of gimmicky special-effects gags, limp humor, and painfully push-button "character moments," we're expecting the flick to start wrapping itself up with just a few more urine jokes and crotch-kicks -- but instead of the end credits popping up and allowing us to silently scold ourselves for having dropped another 12 bucks on an Adam Sandler movie, Click (without warning) turns into one of the most shamelessly maudlin and unconvincingly "heartfelt" Capra ripoffs ever made.

So the equation is this: Spend 85 minutes mildly chuckling as limp schtick is paraded across the screen -- and then spend 30 minutes getting all weepy-eyed as Sandler and Coraci try to turn an extended SNL skit into something in possession of an actual heart and soul. It's borderline insulting to think that we're meant to find any of this "wistfulness" even remotely sincere or effective, but there it is all the same. The movie doesn't even have the sense or courage to simply stick to the low-rent vaudeville material; that the filmmakers feel they've earned any sense of emotional poignancy is an absolute farce.

The very pretty Kate Beckinsale wanders through Sandler's wake, careful to never take the spotlight away from the camera-hogging superstar, while the immortal Christopher Walken is given distressingly little to do. And if there's one universal rule of comedy it's this: When you get Christopher Walken in your movie, you better give the guy some funny material to work with. Against all odds, Click somehow manages to make even Christopher Walken seem tiresome, and for that I dislike the flick even more.

The special effects are pretty cool, so there's something nice I can say. Walken does earn a few stray giggles, the kiddies are cute, and Beckinsale's a doll. Other than that, "Click" pretty much stinks across the board. When it's not being hopelessly unfunny, it's being shamelessly sappy. It's a movie that shoots lazily for Capraesque and settles happily for Crapesque.

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originally posted: 06/23/06 15:45:57
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell pretty good nothing more 3 stars
2/19/13 the truth oh, look! kate beckinsale in a GOOD movie- oh, wait. Nevermind 2 stars
8/23/10 Anonymus The minute I saw Sean Astin wearing a speedo, I knew this was going to be a desperate film. 2 stars
9/05/09 Stevie Not as bad as the reviews say 3 stars
7/14/09 aliceinwonderland To me it is not a comedy but a relationship movie 3 stars
1/14/09 Anonymous. i feel pathetic but i almost cried :] 4 stars
9/13/08 David I just watched the movie- for a hundred times. It always made me cry. 5 stars
8/11/08 Jon G a beautiful message 5 stars
3/29/08 Bill O Really Lamos muchous dorkus gagus 1 stars
8/15/07 Ashley Well I LOVE this movie & it was a great change for him and IT MADE ME CRY!! but great story 5 stars
7/07/07 maribel reyes i think that it was good b/c it gives a good message that family comes first . 4 stars
7/07/07 AnnieG Was I supposed to even care? Stopped watching about half way through. 2 stars
5/18/07 Smiler only worth watching for Kate Beckingsale. she is hot! 3 stars
5/14/07 fools♫gold If only there was more original music playing during the credits. 9/10 4 stars
2/18/07 kid kool What the fuck are you on about josh? "It was a good film," The movie was lame and so are yo 1 stars
1/06/07 Valerie Cameron meredith, do you mean "not too great", "not to grate"...or what? 2 stars
11/29/06 Stanley Thai One of the best films. Not your normal Adam Sandler movie. 4 stars
11/11/06 Zod Lame and predictable 2 stars
11/11/06 Tesch I love this movie but i didnt really get the ending very much 5 stars
11/11/06 Mariah I love this movie! 5 stars
11/11/06 Kristina Cooney If you just like simple family movies it will satisfy your appetite 4 stars
10/23/06 meredith Click was funny at times and then turned around and tried to be all deep, not to great 3 stars
10/17/06 Tiffany funny at times, wouldnt watch agian 2 stars
10/14/06 michael sounded like a good idea till I watch the movie 3 stars
10/13/06 Lucy Lymonhurst If she can't break better new ground than this, call her Kate BeckinSTALE! 1 stars
10/09/06 Caiphn First movie to be so bad that it made me angry. 1 stars
9/30/06 Regina Haniger Well,well -- I'd just as soon see Kate Beckinsale making more vampire flicks after all. 2 stars
9/18/06 Carmen Mistletoe Fart& dog-humpin joke haters, lighten up! That has nothing to do with why this is a failure 2 stars
9/17/06 Captain Craig Be honest now: haven't we all had quite enough of Adam Sandler? 1 stars
9/16/06 Sheila Evans I needed a much better reason for living to see "the Fonz" play a grandfather. 2 stars
9/16/06 Stephanie Throckmorton Tries to be comedy but is too morose; tries to be morality play but is too preposterous. 2 stars
8/17/06 Pn. The problem isn't Sandler, it's the Sandler handlers. 4 stars
7/25/06 Amy Obviously, the film wasn't trying to shoot for Capra. It was a great Sandler movie 4 stars
7/16/06 KingNeutron A bit heavy-handed, but Walken and Winkler were great. (And Beckinsale is hot!) 3 stars
7/12/06 AlanV Sentimental & obvious twist, some interesting ideas but infantile humour lets it down 2 stars
7/08/06 Anthony Feor goes from funny to hilarious with justa click 4 stars
7/05/06 Mr. Sandler Sucks I'm sick of sandler movies. a few good jokes and funny parts but movie sucked. 3 stars
7/03/06 MikeT no nonsense Meat & potatoes comedy Sandler style. big boobs r funny if handled correctly! 5 stars
7/02/06 greg It was a waste of my time to watch this hyped up film.!!!! 1 stars
7/01/06 Obi Wan Someone stop Sandler please!! 1 stars
6/29/06 josh it was a good film 5 stars
6/26/06 Jack I hated my date but my date loved it! 2 stars
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  23-Jun-2006 (PG-13)
  DVD: 10-Oct-2006



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