Fight Club (1999)

Reviewed By Man On The Street
Posted 11/19/99 17:31:01

"I guess it's time to join the club"
5 stars (Awesome)

So many people want to have their say on this film, I think that is enough reason to see it. If a film can provoke this much comment, both positive and negative, then "It Works" Fight Club works on may other levels too.

Recently (in May) I saw an English Film Mag that was having a Knockout competition of actors this decade. Many greats were being knocked out, Pacino, De Niro et al. Ed Norton survived until the Semi Finals and I didn't know who he was!!!
Now I do. This man can act. OK so many people have not seen the point of this film, Even if you disagree with the points being made by the writers and Director you must agree that it was well acted. He gives a real sense of depression with his material life that he has built around himself. When you see him enjoying some of the pain of a punch to the face it is something of wonder. To convincingly carry a role like takes real talent.
Brad Pitt makes a welcome return to acting after just 'appearing in' films. This is a return to his performances in films like Se7en and 12 Monkeys. The explaination of why such a "Pretty Boy" is involved in a dirty film like this comes in the dialogue, but I think it was for his ability to add to the film with an outstanding performance.
The search for answers to the feelings of depression amongst young men is something that our society must face up to. The male suicide rate outstrips the female alarmingly. I don't know that Fight Club has an answer but it does help to deal with one option. I am a non-violent type mainly due to losing too many fights in the past, so it gives guys like me a safe seat in a dangerous world.
When the twist comes it got me totally and I marvelled at the thoughfulness of this film. I will remember this film for a long time to come.

Thanks to the makers, even if it is not a beautiful film it is thought provoking and extremely well made. Something many other films could learn from.

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