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Lion in Winter, The
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by Roo

"'I'm villifying you, for God's sake--now PAY ATTENTION!'--Henry"
5 stars

One of the best films ever made. THE LION IN WINTER should be on your top 100 list, if you have one.

Katherine Hepburn. Peter O'Toole. Anthony Hopkins. Timothy Dalton. Does a cast get much better than this?

THE LION IN WINTER follows King Henry II, his wife, Eleanor of Acquitaine, and their three sons, Richard, Geoffrey, and John, during one christmas in 1183. The sons all want their father's throne, and their mother wants to help topple him. The king wants to see his kindgom last forever, and is willing to marry his mistress and have more sons, if it means he can have another chance to train a successful heir. Watch this twisted family feint and dodge, attack and parry, riposte and counterattack as the holiday season rolls on around them.

Peter O'Toole is absolutely phenomenal as King Henry II, one of the first kings of England ever to unite the entire country, and grab a big chunk of France in the bargain. King Henry was the reason that English monarchs got crowned "King (or queen) of England, Scotland, Wales, and France" or some such (go see the coronation scene in ELIZABETH for the exact wording). He was, in the words of the screenwriter, a master bastard, and O'Toole plays the role to the hilt. Only one player in this fine ensemble cast outshines him, and that's Katherine Hepburn.

Eleanor of Acquitaine was one of the most powerful women in the history of the western world, and Katherine Hepburn projects that power on the screen, along with love, bitterness, deceit, honor, and a million other emotions, all in a voice that makes her sound like she's been to hell and back, and has fond memories of the trip.

A very young Anthony Hopkins appears as Prince Richard I (most people know him as Good King Richard (tm) from the Robin Hood stories, or as Richard the Lionheart, leader of the crusades) in one of his first screen roles. Hopkins is delightful as an egomaniacal, homicidal, slightly bent king-to-be. He's got all of Henry's agression, and none of his brains.

John Castle plays Geoffrey, the scheming second son; he knows that he has no chance at the throne, so he's willing to stand behind whoever lands on it. Nigel Terry (you might have seen him as King Arthur in EXCALIBUR) plays young John, a whining little sot that you're dying to strangle before the movie is over.

Timothy Dalton makes his own debut as Prince Phillip of France, who has managed to weave himself quite nicely into the family web. He's as cunning as Geoffrey and as ruthless as Richard, but is he a match for their mother?

Guess you'll have to rent it and see.....

One of the best scripts you'll ever see played out on a screen, large or small.

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originally posted: 03/24/99 05:26:45
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User Comments

4/25/10 Habeous Corpus Not your average historical Drama. Makes learning the Plantagenet saga much more palatable 5 stars
3/03/10 Diana Fantastic cast, esp. Hepburn and O'Toole. Great script too! 5 stars
12/05/09 Todd My favorite film ever. Dialogue and acting of this callibre are rarely seen... 5 stars
9/18/09 Danielle Comptois Your mom likes chode. :] 1 stars
5/02/09 cass it was ok 3 stars
3/31/09 king joe fantasitc performances, not much of a plot 4 stars
1/06/09 Bob One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! The acting is Superb! 5 stars
6/09/08 Grant Fantastic!! - Think of it as a Medieval "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" 5 stars
5/27/08 david amazing acting, music, scenery and writing 5 stars
4/25/08 Andres Good movie, but I suggest reading A Proud Taste For Scarlet and Miniver instead. 4 stars
4/14/08 Anne Fantastic! But why do you have the wrong film in the ad? 5 stars
2/17/08 Lori Brilliant dialogue, intense acting, great historical story 5 stars
1/04/08 dgjkdfgkl WORST MOVIE.....SOOO BORING 1 stars
12/14/07 Em wow, im not sure if I've ever disliked a movie so much. 1 stars
9/04/07 Cee Elans Loved It! Excellent 5 stars
8/24/07 John G One of the best movies ever made, the acting is top notch 5 stars
8/09/07 BG One of the best movies ever made! Fantastic again and again. 5 stars
6/06/07 Maurice One of the two best movies ever made 5 stars
4/15/07 Bart the bear This is a seriously overrated film. The acting is exaggerated. the movie is over the top hi 2 stars
12/10/06 Brenda A reason i dislike this movie is because i have to watch it for school instead of for fun. 4 stars
10/03/06 Judith gReat, i Love it 5 stars
6/22/06 TB The Best drama film they made 5 stars
8/20/05 Sara B. Top-notch actors, Top-notch play... they don't make them this way anymore, folks! 5 stars
8/06/05 Fred K Superb acting, set, camera work. Everything makes this worth watching. See it!! 5 stars
7/20/05 Jeanne "There'll be pork in the treetops come morning!" Peter and Kate take no prisoners! 5 stars
5/23/05 Ben Fabrizi Forget acting school, just watch this movie! 5 stars
5/22/05 Katrina one of the best movies ever made 5 stars
4/19/05 dbx amazing. I was speechless after watching it for the first time. 5 stars
12/15/04 Lindsey I disagree, for any student needing help understanding the dispute its a perfect visual. 5 stars
11/18/04 Erin One of the finest pieces of acting you'll find in any movie. Letter perfect performances!! 5 stars
10/26/04 Katherine Kettering Awsome 5 stars
10/12/04 David Downey Stunning! 5 stars
9/20/04 Tove Hansen unforgettable 5 stars
9/18/04 Jim Riviting, Hepburn and O'Toole's performance is unbelievable 5 stars
8/23/04 Rissi Brilliant! But not for the slow-minded. 4 stars
8/01/04 Becky Keesey good acting 5 stars
6/19/04 SF My favourite film. Absolute perfection. Awesome direction, performances, script and score. 5 stars
6/18/04 DM Really one of my all-time favorites ("I could hang you by the nipple.......") 5 stars
6/10/04 Ubiratan Definetly not for the college-comedy audience :) 5 stars
6/02/04 Linda My all time favorite film 5 stars
5/24/04 Bruce Excellent, and with stunning music!! 5 stars
4/07/04 SunBear In my personal top 10 of all time. I can't even imagine a finer performance than O'Toole's 5 stars
4/01/04 Diane Hepburn is fabulous! 5 stars
3/30/04 Jessie I fell asleep 3 times. I had to watch it for a school paper. 1 stars
3/21/04 jena this movie sux. dont watch it!! 1 stars
3/16/04 david gish only one word-awesome 5 stars
3/08/04 Debby a gem, incredible script & characters 5 stars
2/10/04 bruce A WONDERFUL FILM, and with great title music (pedal harpsichord), too! :-) 5 stars
2/07/04 Joy Incredible movie. Great acting, great script. Love it. 5 stars
1/30/04 Avery superb acting 5 stars
1/30/04 Virginia D. Falcone One of the Best Movies Ever Made 5 stars
1/20/04 Bob Great Script - Great Acting - Great Story 5 stars
12/14/03 suzy lovitt this movie sucked a big one!!! 1 stars
12/02/03 Danielle You dont ever want to stop watching for fear of missing any good lines or events. 5 stars
10/01/03 dee it sucked so hard 1 stars
9/12/03 Nancy Intriguing 4 stars
9/11/03 kee78 This film was absolutely delightful and very educational. 5 stars
8/06/03 Me Sweet 5 stars
8/04/03 j laird on of the best medeivel historical dramas 5 stars
7/21/03 Gali Perfect in every detail 5 stars
7/11/03 Claire Dalton A quality movie 4 stars
7/11/03 Salvatore Buttaci Lion of Winter was one of the greatest movies ever filmed! 5 stars
7/01/03 Graham Osgood My favourite film of all time! Hepburn mesmerising. 5 stars
7/01/03 A. G. First rate. A factual representation of an amazing family. 5 stars
6/30/03 Robb One of my favorite movies ever! 5 stars
6/14/03 Jamie Taerea One of my top five! 5 stars
4/30/03 beepers one of the greatest 5 stars
4/25/03 Elizabeth favorite movie since age 10, can't be beat 5 stars
4/12/03 T.Romano Excellent..One of the best movies you will ever see..The script is second to none 5 stars
4/06/03 Abner Excellent, A++ 5 stars
4/05/03 Kathleen Anez I loved it back in 1969 and still do! 5 stars
4/03/03 Andy Luterman LIW is beyond "Awesome"! It's trans-awesome! The dialogue is sharp & witty & the acting n 5 stars
3/31/03 C. Allman couldn't put it down,,,,,even after 3rd viewing 5 stars
3/30/03 Tori Gallucci A brilliant film. Full of wit and irony. Stellar performances. Always in my top ten list 5 stars
3/22/03 Jeff Greenwell Excellent movie, full of political intrigue and excellent acting 4 stars
3/17/03 john Eleanor is hot as hell 5 stars
3/16/03 Susan Johnson Theatrical, brilliant; needs concentration but worth the effort 5 stars
3/10/03 Shadaan Felfeli A cauldron that simmers with outstanding performances, direction, score and dialogue. 5 stars
3/04/03 Mark Scheele Best Peter O'toole 5 stars
3/03/03 reina there was no point to the film, some of the ideas get slurred in to many words 1 stars
3/01/03 Art Nasta Stunning 5 stars
2/26/03 John Jacob kinda gets dragged out, but its ok i guess 4 stars
2/26/03 rj its boring and its crap 1 stars
2/25/03 Sky A truly magnificent film... by far better than anything at theatres today. 5 stars
2/16/03 michael lewkin brilliant portrayal of a family, articulate and witty 5 stars
2/16/03 Sandi Lomand O'Toole and Hupburn give the performances of their lives, and THAT"S saying something. 5 stars
2/16/03 michel virard perfect English, perfect plot, perfect actors 5 stars
2/15/03 Brian Kowalchuk Shakespeare on steroids 5 stars
1/25/03 David Jenkinson perhaps the most finely acted movie I've ever seen 5 stars
1/17/03 Todd Williams One of the best period movies period! One of the first films I purchased 5 stars
1/11/03 Meghann My absolute favorite film of all time 5 stars
1/11/03 Nick intriguing trail of alliances, but the dialogue tends to run on. 4 stars
1/09/03 Rab If you like great acting,superb script and lack of high tech then this is a must see. 5 stars
1/09/03 matt great movie 5 stars
1/01/03 Sabine It is both historically accurate and entertaining, a rare couple 5 stars
12/22/02 Jane Lavender My all time favorite movie, it has it all 5 stars
12/20/02 Bean does not have a point 1 stars
12/03/02 Pamela I never thought that such debotchery and dysfunction took place in such a Christian time 5 stars
10/16/02 Morgan Incredibly well done, very enjoyable 5 stars
9/29/02 Geertruijt nifty 5 stars
9/24/02 Barbara Brown I use this to teach British history - we find it amusing to see "John" later as Arthur in ' 5 stars
9/21/02 jj outstanding! One of my all time favorites 5 stars
9/15/02 Jess Great! 5 stars
8/16/02 I Can't Swim They might be the most dysfunctional family I ever saw on film 5 stars
6/25/02 Charles Tatum Incredible, O'Toole was a god 5 stars
4/30/02 Holli C. Katherine is awesome 5 stars
4/23/02 Tenven Seron boring as a class assignment 2 stars
4/18/02 Phil Weldon Peter O'Toole should have won an Oscar. It CERTAILY should have won the Best Picture Oscar 5 stars
4/14/02 Richard Smith Great Movie with witty characters and outstanding dialogue. 5 stars
4/11/02 J. A. Tauriainen This is a Spellbinder with excellent actors and of course Katherine Hepburn. 5 stars
4/03/02 Dave MacDougall a solid old flick 4 stars
3/20/02 lamppost Great film but worth watching for Hepburn and O'Toole alone. 5 stars
3/20/02 Barbara A film of MANY surprise twists and turns:) 5 stars
3/20/02 David Maurer Some of the best character interplay ever 5 stars
3/19/02 Well Bloody Kell Only Too Long for the simple minded 5 stars
3/19/02 Judith Vickers Fantastic film. Am going to purchase it. 5 stars
3/16/02 Cinnamon Mason One of the most brilliant films ever made! 5 stars
3/15/02 cARa waaaaay too long! 1 stars
2/20/02 Xaver Love me, little lamb, or leave me. 5 stars
2/15/02 D Maranan Mind-blowing 5 stars
2/11/02 Pauline Years Awsome + 5 stars
2/02/02 King David So refreshing to see a film that actually stimulates the mind, and indeed so well as this! 5 stars
2/01/02 Donovan Dialogue and acting doesn't get any better than this.A Cinematic Masterpiece! 5 stars
2/01/02 Andrew Carden Long, but Very Amusing Little Movie. 4 stars
1/11/02 Evan Samaritano My favorite film of all time! 5 stars
12/21/01 sheila my favorite christmas film 5 stars
12/14/01 Joker Can I get a scorecard? 5 stars
12/03/01 Ronis The most atmospheric medieval film-yet! First class. 5 stars
11/30/01 Alisha Tucker The best of the best! 5 stars
11/28/01 Amanda its is absolutely amazing 5 stars
11/28/01 James Golden I can not find a single flaw anywhere 5 stars
11/27/01 ahhaha superb writing and acting by all dramatis personae 5 stars
11/09/01 Basilio Good 4 stars
11/03/01 William Fantastic writing and acting, some of the greatest lines ever put on paper or screen. 5 stars
11/02/01 obi fantastic drama, acrid riveting dialogue, breathtaking performances from O'Toole and Hepbur 5 stars
10/31/01 James Paul Bereterbide One of the best films ever. In my top ten and ever since its release at that. 5 stars
10/18/01 GrLangford Human depravity played out perfectly... (why mankind desperately needs a Saviour - JESUS. 5 stars
10/06/01 adam I absolutely love this film. It is so good on every level. But most notably script, acting 5 stars
9/24/01 Garth Anderson The finest costume drama ever made, with magnificent performances from the whole cast. 5 stars
9/23/01 Bear The dialouge is simply delicious. This movie gets better the more times that you watch it. 5 stars
9/17/01 C. Wineser great script, great cast, great movie 5 stars
9/16/01 Kyle Fascinating, Hepburn is riveting! 5 stars
9/16/01 freakboy this is a fantastic film! 5 stars
9/03/01 Jacque This was a great movie. I enjoyed all especially John Castle 4 stars
8/29/01 Peacham Greatest Film ever made. Sterling cast, emotional performances and expert dialouge. 5 stars
8/26/01 ChillyAK Great Political Intrigue 5 stars
8/13/01 MacPat Dialogue and plot are superlative; this type of craftmanship is nonexistent these days 5 stars
7/27/01 Elvisfan Hepburn vs. O'Toole...bring it on 5 stars
7/16/01 Richard Not your ususal Christmas special. A very well crafted movie in all respects 5 stars
6/23/01 Laura If you like old movies you'll love this plot; it is fantastic. 4 stars
6/13/01 Jason of Nathans One of the best films ever made. 5 stars
5/29/01 Rajeev Hundoo Seen long back but still remember 5 stars
5/25/01 Pat Newkirk Unmatched in all aspects. 5 stars
5/22/01 Kevin Gross Awesome movie 5 stars
5/17/01 Sarah Very good 5 stars
4/13/01 Doris James All the superlatives in the world can't do justice to its magnificence. 5 stars
4/12/01 Riedy EXCELLENT! I saw this movie long ago; never realized I was looking at Hopkins and Dalton 5 stars
4/11/01 Aubrey Murray Loved every second of it! Amazing cast and great work! 5 stars
4/09/01 Allison McLaughlin It was a very nice movie, and even though I had to watch it in school, I really liked it. 4 stars
4/06/01 Sharon Davis John Castle was the best part of the movie, and I give 5 stars
3/24/01 jim Stellar!!! 5 stars
3/17/01 Luminita outstanding performance, remarkable interpretation, great script, witty, funny and dramatic 5 stars
3/08/01 Sarah It was interesting and educational 3 stars
3/07/01 Liquifix2001 needs to be remade into modern times 3 stars
3/07/01 Ann Pretty tite ass movie 5 stars
2/07/01 Kathy The Lion in Winter is one of the best films ever made. One of my all-time faves. 5 stars
2/03/01 Becky They had the best one liners in here. I'm not sure if the movie was a tragedy or a comedy. 5 stars
1/30/01 Diana Dilcher Great movie. Renewed my interest in England's history 5 stars
1/20/01 larry brooks my favorite film 5 stars
1/20/01 Ethel Janowiak Great Movie 5 stars
1/19/01 kenny Its good to be king.....and o'toole plays it to the hilt 5 stars
1/13/01 C. Allan Masterful 5 stars
1/01/01 Mic The script rivals All About Eve for wit and complexity 5 stars
12/30/00 Khairul Islam Very good movie 4 stars
12/13/00 pat b totally awesome/i want the directors cut!!! 5 hrs is too little ! 5 stars
11/30/00 Zac Hilarious dialogue, historically factually, they put fun in dysfunctional 5 stars
11/29/00 Angel Not the best film ever made, but nonetheless a wonderful film. 4 stars
11/26/00 Ley A wonderful fim with a great cast especially Katharine Hepburn who outshines everyone! 5 stars
10/12/00 Vivaldi Agreed: snappy dialogue, Peter is a fucking coolass jerk, etc. But it's sort of dry 4 stars
10/08/00 Fang-Lin Best dialogue, stellar acting. 5 stars
7/09/00 Eric Fantastic! I was mesmerized by all of the scheming and witty comebacks 5 stars
6/12/00 Richard Shea The dialog makes this movie... 5 stars
6/02/00 Al A BRILLIANT Film. 5 stars
5/16/00 Judy Hoard Non-stop scintillating dialogue 5 stars
5/16/00 Bob Van Jones The parrying dialogue is music to the ears. 5 stars
3/25/00 Daisy Powerful 5 stars
3/10/00 Cheryl One of the best films ever made. It has excellent dialogue and acting. 5 stars
2/20/00 Mack Mangham My favorite ever since its appearance 5 stars
12/15/99 David Fenton Probably the most outstanding film I have ever had the privilege to view. Let's see a DVD! 5 stars
10/13/99 Sean McCarthy breathtaking, it makes you think and it makes you laugh. A very witty masterpiece 5 stars
10/10/99 john grove combines history, wit and superlative acting 5 stars
10/07/99 sophia962 "I'd hang you from the nipples but you'd shock the children" An absolute must. 5 stars
9/13/99 A Kottan very good movie indeed 5 stars
7/27/99 Betty Taylor very good movie, some light hearted moments too. 4 stars
7/22/99 madraco Without peer 5 stars
3/20/99 Heather of the Heath Hepburn, O'Toole and Hopkins, need I say more? 5 stars
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  02-Feb-1968 (PG)
  DVD: 19-Jun-2001


  02-Jul-1968 (PG)

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