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Me, Myself and Irene
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by Erik Childress

"The Farrelly's Are Comic Geniuses"
4 stars

At one point during Me, Myself and Irene, I leaned over to a friend of mine and said “the Farrelly Bros. are geniuses.” And by the end of their latest film, I maintain that statement because they are willing to do whatever they have to do to make you laugh. And not just laugh, but laugh so hard, that your throat muscles won’t be able to maintain such force, causing you to not only cough but shift that power to other parts of your extremities so you have to stomp your feet, punch your knee or slap your chest. They are also terrific storytellers, and while they’re latest film may rank as their weakest on the story-a-meter, you are, once again, not likely to laugh louder all year.

Jim Carrey stars as Charlie, a motorcycle cop in Rhode Island, who at film’s opening is about to get married. To reveal more about this set-up would be spoiling all the fun. Let’s just say that the romance doesn’t last and he is ditched to fend for himself with his three sons. By avoiding confrontation all his life, Charlie explodes into his newly created alter-ego, Hank, about 25 minutes into the movie. This outburst is shocking, rude, brilliant, and contains more big laughs than 90% of the comedies released. After his superiors get a handle on his problem, he is assigned to escort Irene (Renee Zellweger) back to New York to answer for her possible involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s embezzlement scheme. Thus begins yet another of the Farrelly’s patented road trips (this one closer in tone to Dumb and Dumber), as it becomes a manhunt for Charlie/Hank and Irene when a federal agent is killed. This sets up ample opportunity for Hank to take over Charlie’s body and cause all sorts of havoc. Charlie begins to form an affection for the spunky and beautiful Irene while Hank wants nothing more than to get into her pants.

Jim Carrey is back into top comic form here (not that he ever lost it), after the consecutive (Oscar-snubbed) seriousness of The Truman Show and Man On the Moon. Creating a tug-of-war for his own body much like Steve Martin in All of Me and his own work in Liar Liar, Carrey gives one of his classic physical performances. Embodied with a deadpan Dirty Harry voice, Hank has the courage and antagonism that Charlie lacks, yet still isn’t the virtual superman that he would hope for. Renee Zellweger doesn’t fare nearly as well, being given a character that isn’t much of a foil for Charlie and Hank, but more of just another prop to play off of. This is probably more attributed to the script than to Zellweger herself, who gives Irene kind of a hard edge as opposed to Cameron Diaz’s wonderful sunny portrayal of Mary in 1998. Some great actors (Chris Cooper, Robert Forster) are present here in supporting roles, but don’t have much to do. In fact, the supporting players likely to get the most discussion from critics as well as audiences are Charlie’s three sons (Anthony Anderson, Mongo Brownlee and Jerod Mixon) who, while learning some of their vocabulary from Richard Pryor, simply love their daddy and are portrayed as sweet, funny and super-smart, avoiding becoming the kind of stereotypes that are embraced in certain aspects of entertainment.

As stated earlier, the Farrelly Bros. are first-class storytellers. After Dumb and Dumber, they could have just fallen back as the latest directors to score a Jim Carrey hit at the height of his popularity. But with Kingpin and especially There’s Something About Mary, they proved that they can pull off an involving story and well-written characters while still perfecting the art of gross-out humor and consistently making us laugh. Me Myself and Irene has a terrific high-concept for a film, but it falls short of classic status by focusing too much on the crime plot and less on the love triangle between Charlie, Hank and Irene. There are shades of it coming through on scenes where Irene tries to teach Hank to be a better man and a very sweet scene where Charlie reveals his feelings for her, but overall this is one film where the laughs take precedence over the story.

As for the people protesting this film or likely to protest it – just lighten up. Just about anybody who thinks they are somebody are liable to be offended or shocked by something in this film. In these sensitive times, the film could be picketed by the NAACP, PETA, MENSA, albinos, midgets, motorcycle cops, golf course owners, feminine hygiene products, and the national association for the fair treatment of poultry. You didn’t hear these nutballs about the portrayal of a schizo in the remake of Psycho (maybe because you couldn’t hear them over everyone else). Much of Hank’s behavior can certainly be deemed as mean-spirited. But comedy can be mean. Sometimes it’s essential. Especially when you see the meek Charlie stomped over time and time again – you welcome some of the action Hank takes against his tormentors. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t laugh (in some way) at anything and everything that exists in this world. With the PC-attitude people take to every little thing that may offend a single person these days, we would be deprived of The Producers, Monty Python, the Zucker/Abrahams films and The Farrelly Bros. Shame on you protestors. Why don’t you reach into your bag of multiple personalities and pull out somebody with a sense of humor?

Me Myself and Irene is the funniest film of the year thus far. The Farrelly’s somehow find a way to make you laugh by creating something on screen that you’ve never seen before. And they build up to those moments instead of just throwing them at you, rising above the pale imitations like Road Trip. Minute-by-minute it’s probably the Farrelly’s weakest film, but if there could possibly be a funnier movie than Me, Myself and Irene all year, then it can’t get here soon enough. (Note: The film was co-dedicated to Gene Siskel. This is not a joke on the part of the Farrelly Bros., but a tribute to him as he is the one who essentially convinced them to continue making the kind of movies they want to after the box office failure of Kingpin.)

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originally posted: 06/22/00 03:29:29
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User Comments

2/06/17 Louise Pants. I switched off after ten minutes. 1 stars
2/20/11 Durwood It was good and crude! 5 stars
12/21/10 Josie Cotton is a goddess A hit and miss comedy with a lot more misses 2 stars
9/03/08 Shaun Wallner Funny Flick!! 5 stars
3/09/07 cokehead awesome movie, hillarious. 4 stars
6/26/06 MP Bartley Damn funny stuff I have to say. 4 stars
4/13/05 Indrid Cold Quite a bit of it is unfunny, but not a disaster. 3 stars
12/27/04 fb not a bad comedy at all 3 stars
8/03/04 Anthony G fucking funny 5 stars
6/19/04 J That Jim Carrey is a funny Mothe &^@#$! 5 stars
6/02/04 Daveman In the film's best moments, the input of the Farrelys' talent is evident. 3 stars
12/07/03 Samuel Jim Carrey is probably the funniest man alive!!! 4 stars
10/26/03 Jiz The black kids made the movie, but Carrey seemed burned out. 3 stars
6/20/03 George Jung Sommersby is a queer. Super queer. 2 stars
5/23/03 Shadaan Felfeli The cow with the never say die attitude was hillarious 2 stars
4/15/03 Jack Bourbon Pissed Pants! "You'll end up at Stanford with tham Slang-Blade motherfuckers!" 5 stars
4/14/03 LIAM JACKSON this film is great.there should be more of us like hank. if people bug u, kick their ass!!! 5 stars
4/13/03 Jack Sommersby Note to filmmakers: A guy defecating on a lawn isn't funny. 1 stars
3/17/03 Peter This movie ROCKS! Carrey can do anything! You gotta be a fan of his to like this though... 5 stars
2/19/03 Berserker Carey calling the little girl "fuckface" is one of the greatest moments in movie history 4 stars
10/16/02 Charles Tatum Farrellys and Jim took a dive with this one 1 stars
9/03/02 AshFan The Farrelly's strike back! Funny, but the nonstop profanity doesn't click. 3 stars
8/24/02 Sully those motherfucking black sons, make the motherfucking movie, you motherfucker.... 5 stars
8/14/02 palaboy101 Some people just don't get it... they diss a good movie and praise the awful ones! 5 stars
6/05/02 I'm in (L) with a Jedi the cow scene.....fucking pisser, and his sons.....fucking awesome!! 5 stars
4/30/02 Jeremy its okay but its kinda gross 4 stars
3/25/02 Chris I hated dumb and dumber, but that movie was a brilliant cinematic work compared to this POS 1 stars
3/01/02 Butterbean Pretty damn funny until Rene' "Boring Ass" Zellwegger killed it, just like in Jerry Maguire 4 stars
2/25/02 Mark Lloyd Not Carrey's best, but plent of belly laughs here 4 stars
2/23/02 Jenny Tullwartz Jim Carrey can be so much better! And chicken up ass?? Geeeez! 2 stars
1/24/02 Shane Robert Myers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best Jim carry movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/16/02 David A. WHo doesn't love to see a guy with a live chicken up his butt? 4 stars
12/27/01 Andrew Carden Unfunny and Lame Carrey Feature. 1 stars
12/15/01 Cracked head Ladies and gentlemen, here's Carrey's career flushing down the toilet. 1 stars
12/07/01 megan i read all of these crap reviews and no one metioned that the character is not a "schizo" 1 stars
12/03/01 Monster W. Kung Pathetic, tiresome, childish, lame, and REALLY, REALLY unfunny. 1 stars
11/29/01 KMG Pussy fart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 3 stars
11/26/01 Smoogles Yawn....Jim Carrey is played out, can we see him beat himself AGAIN? Yawn 1 stars
8/20/01 KCobain In very poor taste, the narrator sucked too. What a bomb! 2 stars
8/09/01 E-Funk My least favorite Farrelly Bros. movie, but that is far from sucking ass. 4 stars
8/07/01 Joe Zappa One of the funniest. Those who loath it should go circumsize yourselves w/ a chainsaw! 5 stars
6/29/01 King Jackass I suffer from advanced delusionary skitzo frany a with involuntary narscisitic rage. 5 stars
6/29/01 Geebo I thought it was funny, nothing to laugh out loud about though. 4 stars
6/25/01 Bront fucking funny 5 stars
5/20/01 kingjackass222 simply friggin hilarious 5 stars
3/15/01 Richard Wright With the talent behind this film, it was nowhere near as funny as it should have been. 2 stars
2/16/01 Del R A little sausage humor never hurt anyone- great gags 4 stars
2/15/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Eh... 3 stars
2/07/01 G Fargo Bad~to~Worse 1 stars
2/01/01 Dan Waldman This year's Fight Club 2 stars
1/29/01 Nic For the most part, I couldn't sit through this movie. I wouldn't rush out to see it. 2 stars
1/15/01 Yoshi Pissed myself, funny as. the poor cow! 5 stars
1/12/01 Matt69 the black sons steal the movie 3 stars
12/27/00 Andriessen Gianni it's very good 5 stars
12/25/00 mer by and large is very good one 4 stars
12/04/00 Izzy This movie is fucking hilarious! I love it! I dont see how its bad! it cant be! 5 stars
9/07/00 Brad Funniest gross-out movie of the year 5 stars
8/19/00 The Bomb 69 funny but should have been so much more 3 stars
7/22/00 Boy In The Designer Bubble I know I'm in the minority. But I don't find Jim Carrey funny at all. 1 stars
7/22/00 burton miller a couple of funny scenes - some good ideas - poorly put together 2 stars
7/18/00 jigga blooow!!! i blow my load all over this shitty pic 1 stars
7/18/00 Fenris Utter gutter trash. Jim Carrey should have stuck with drama. 1 stars
7/17/00 Highly overrated. Did have some bright spots though. Obi Wan 3 stars
7/14/00 Cooke No bitches after 11. 5 stars
7/11/00 JonnyA also funny, 3 stars
7/10/00 Mongo Jim Carrey needs to do fresh things with his talent, but it's still fucking hilarious 5 stars
7/10/00 Wolfmoon If you don't mind not knowing what the bad guys are bad guys for. see it just for carrey 4 stars
7/10/00 Marc It's not a classic like "Mary", but it is pretty fucking funny!! 5 stars
7/08/00 Kris Reilly A dumb-ass plot (or lack thereof), but definitely some funny shit. 4 stars
7/06/00 koHawk No Something...Mary, but I was entertained and mucho laughs 4 stars
7/05/00 PJ I laughed my ass off, Jim Carrey is a genius 5 stars
7/05/00 Blubberbot Another great Farrelly movie. 5 stars
6/30/00 Chartsy You know you're going to see it sooner or later, might as well get it over with... 4 stars
6/30/00 EWillieL Laughed so hard, our friends were embarrassed to be with us! 5 stars
6/30/00 PhilmPhreak Some really funny moments. Some weak ass moments. Check it out. 4 stars
6/30/00 Jokko Screw the plot, I laughed my ass off. 5 stars
6/27/00 DatherFrawdad yawn 3 stars
6/27/00 Greyjack They should've shaved off about 40 minutes early on; gets funnier at the end. 2 stars
6/27/00 tom rush sucks 1 stars
6/26/00 Bubby Carey rocked. Story blew. Kind of a waste. 3 stars
6/25/00 Purple Monster Political incorrectness has gone too far !!! 3 stars
6/25/00 Louis FUNNY! 5 stars
6/25/00 FilmStar Very funny...Jim Carey was great, movie kind of dragged sometimes 4 stars
6/24/00 Mr J M HARWOOD A bit long for a comedy 5 stars
6/24/00 Belinda Very slow. Narration is very Disney-like. 2 stars
6/24/00 "Persnickety" wow, a movie this funny was LONG over due, JIM rocks!!! 5 stars
6/24/00 Piz Worth the ticket stub for laughs, awesome soundtrack too! 4 stars
6/21/00 Movie Freek a truly brilliant piece of comedy. it's Fight Club revised by the genius Farrellys bros. 5 stars
6/20/00 PJ Holly Christ was this movie funny as all hell, Jim Carrey is just simply brilliant! 5 stars
6/20/00 Captain Highcrime Terrible script based on Carrey's rubberface abilities alone. A genuine piece of shit. 1 stars
6/18/00 cinesuerte American Pie & Road Trip are student films compared to this, FUNNY 5 stars
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  22-Jun-2000 (MA)

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