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Awesome: 15.63%
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Average: 10.94%
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Total Crap62.5%

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Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
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by rotten f. milk

"It's morphin-oh-my-god-this-movie-sucks time!"
1 stars

Thank God for fads. For all who don't know, fads are trends which usually leave as fast as they come.

Now the Power Rangers, those are the epitome of fad-ness. It is evident in the way this franchise constantly attempts to change it's structure. First the Power Rangers, Power Rangers II (or whatever the hell it is), Power Rangers Turbo, etc. in an vain attempt to elongate there ever fleeting descent into nothingness.

By the time this movie was made, the Power Ranger fad was dangling by the thin hair of a balding man. Paul Schaffer type bald man. You can tell just by watching the movie.

The movie finds the Power Rangers battling the EVILLE Divatox (a very busty woman, who just so happens to be evil). But, they lose their powers. So they get new ones. But, they lose the blue ranger. So they get a new one.

Now, this is what I don't get, people. The blue ranger. He's played by a fucking 8 year old. But when he morphs, he's a well built 20 year old. "Use your powers well," says Zordon, the Power Ranger guru. Now, what I'm thinking is, "or else what?" If I was an 8 year old with a body like that I'd take off that god foresaken nylon suit and the oversized hockey helmet and spend the day shaggin' babes.

That my friend, is one of the worst plot twists in the history of plot twists.

The movie is just awful. Just like the TV show. Just like the special effects (it's a man in a latex suit people. LATEX). Just like the acting.

I don't even see how kids like it.

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originally posted: 08/17/98 09:48:46
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User Comments

2/19/13 Daniel M. Fuck this! >:( 1 stars
9/07/12 jcar not as good as mighty morphin but it has it moments and nice action. 3 stars
11/24/09 Albert Valentin Actually a step up from the 1st film. Great version of Carranger. 4 stars
6/26/08 hardrocker966 the first movie is better. 3 stars
11/01/07 Total Crap Read my name.. that's what this is. 1 stars
5/03/06 Joshua Power Rangers are gay! 1 stars
1/03/06 cody a terrible ranger movie,with new blue ranger and only good thing is kim and jason return 1 stars
1/02/06 John Dog Power Rangers must die!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
9/15/05 UMI KALSOM GOOD 3 stars
8/19/05 dan i'd give any thing to be a star in power rangers but this movie is a bit crap 4 stars
4/19/04 Miranda G. I like that show i still watch it its great and im not a loser trust me! i love that show! 5 stars
12/27/03 Dr. Egon Spengler I actually thought it was better than the shitty Beetle Borgs. 1 stars
12/15/03 nuada Only Divatox's magnificent clevage lifts this mediocre crap from out of the pit of dispair 4 stars
12/02/03 San Mildly interesting villain, cardboard cutout heroe, and story that doesn't make any sense. 2 stars
8/12/03 Howard Tran It sucks, but Saban Entertainment and 20th Century Fox had guts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
7/16/03 superbug i like power rangers. it rocks. 5 stars
4/20/03 defranco71 pile of dog shit 1 stars
4/19/03 Jon "Thumb the Toad" Lyrik A steaming puddle of liquified cack. 1 stars
1/19/03 Hi there My least favorite movie. If you like this, you must die!!! 1 stars
12/17/02 rotten s. milk Hey, Kyle, stop fucking your mother and get a clue! This movie SUCKS!! 1 stars
11/06/02 moviemachine Power Rangers must die indeed!!! 1 stars
10/08/02 Gladiator The biggest piece of shit ever captured on film, or in swedish FY FAN 1 stars
10/06/02 scrotum mccockpunch I <3 pink ranger 5 stars
4/25/01 J Harmless fluff but the original was better. 3 stars
4/05/01 Andrew Carden We need the original cast back. Poorly acted. Good special effects are worth seeing. 3 stars
3/28/01 Rampage This was worse than Godzilla 1 stars
3/14/01 Big Black Nigger This fucking sucks ass it sucks so bad i rather watch 7 hours or barney 1 stars
9/28/00 Ground Zero I'd rather watch Gundam Wing than that hokey execuse of a kid's show 1 stars
4/26/00 Jed Even though the original was better I actually liked this film. 3 stars
3/19/00 David Rogers The fake robot suit was more realistic looking than the first, but the show's getting old. 2 stars
3/09/00 Mr. Kramitall Man, imagine I saw Spiceworld: The Movie 8 times before renting this pissant 1 stars
1/21/00 Jedi15 Whoever thought up this horse shit should be shot. It's THAT fucking bad! 1 stars
10/04/99 Suckit Goddam this shit! Somebody watched Beetleborgs on crack way too much! 1 stars
10/03/99 Joe Schmoe I agree 100% with rotten f. milk. I hope this wins the raspberry award for stupidest movie. 1 stars
7/11/99 Daria Sheer stupidity. Couldn't watch it to the end. 1 stars
7/04/99 J-Dogg Never seen it, NEVER WANT TO. Stick w/ the small screen, losers. 1 stars
5/10/99 Ah Dooey ((((bang)))) 1 stars
3/14/99 Viral Messiah awful 1 stars
2/16/99 Uncle Roy Power Rangers fad is dead 1 stars
1/09/99 Jo Mama amy jo is cute...but not that cute. 1 stars
9/10/98 Bruce Willis' mama. This was fucking idiotic. Kids are brainless if they'll pay to see this crap. 1 stars
9/09/98 Miss Stress {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BARF}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 1 stars
9/09/98 Jon Walker Adventure for the sane 5 stars
9/07/98 J. Latu Ha ha ha 5 stars
9/06/98 Young Einstein Are you people high? Ultimate trash. 1 stars
9/06/98 Sentaia E. Powergal Lerigot's such a cute little furry wizard dude... *sweet smile* 5 stars
9/06/98 Jonathan S. Latu A good movie that has plenty of action and dram 5 stars
9/05/98 Phantom This is one of the best movies I have seen! 5 stars
9/05/98 Gloria Would ahve been better as a mini-series 3 stars
9/05/98 xazo The rating says it all. One if not the worst ass movie ever made. 1 stars
9/05/98 pooky the bald S*U*C*K*Y 1 stars
9/01/98 J-Guy (<A HREF=''>The MFC</A>) I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!! PINK RANGER IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/30/98 Mister Whoopee Twelve minutes. That's how far I got with this. 12 horrifying minutes. Save the children!! 1 stars
8/24/98 The Capital City Goofball Just goofy. 1 stars
8/21/98 Mike F I used to watch the tv show. but when the changed the cast I stoped. this sucked nuts 1 stars
8/20/98 The Man With The Helmet Pink power ranger is Australian. I sleep in a drawer. 2 stars
8/17/98 {{{OZ}}} THe bottom rung. 1 stars
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  28-Mar-1997 (PG)


  17-Sep-1998 (PG)

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