Reviewed By Indiana
Posted 12/25/99 18:09:28

"Look at the Italians! Look!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Wowie! You'd think that any movie that can be hailed as an almost instant classic by exploiting racial stereotypes would be made by Spike Lee!

This movie kicks ass. All kinds of great 50's/60's music, violence, funny gangster lingo and blow jobs in the kitchen. Holy shit. I mean seriously, CASINO is good but this movie is way better. Bobby DeNiro is great and Joe Pesci does even better than he did in Home Alone. Holy gid damn wow.

Okay, and Ray Liotta. God damn, he's cool. Granted, this was before his Oscar nominated preformance in "Operation Dumbo Drop", but he still does a good job acting like an actor.

For those of you who read movie reviews for a plot summary then go read something else. Fuck you. If you want to see a movie, then see it. If you don't like watching crappy movies, then don't see any movie reviewed by me or The King of the Bros. On the other hand, if you like seeing a cool kick ass movie about greaseballs and crazy micks who fuck shit up then rent "Once Upon a Time In America" or "The Godfather" or this movie. But knowing you, you'll probably rent "Mobsters" or "The Newton Boys" and think you know everything about everything and have great taste in cinema.

Hey mouthfuck!

While you're at it rent "Forrest Gump" and cry your pathetic, hippy eyes out when his wife dies of A.I.D.S. (Ha! I ruined it for you! Take that sucka bitch!)

Basically, if you like gangster movies, then great. You are cool. Imagine what your kids will say... or don't. Fuck you.

If you like this movie then you will like this movie. If you read this entire review then get a fucking life!

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