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Vanilla Sky
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by Jack Sommersby

"Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise Get it Right"
4 stars

A challenging, mammothly entertaining psychological thriller.

Despite its shortcomings, Vanilla Sky emerges as a worthwhile entertainment, the risky type almost guaranteed to turn off the masses and win over only a few. Essentially, it functions as another one of those morality plays where a materialistic yuppie is reborn as a caring, decent-hearted man -- something writer/director Cameron Crowe and star Tom Cruise similarly covered themselves in 1996's lumbering Jerry Maguire. Here, Cruise plays David Aames, a rich, charming and crass womanizer who's pretty much at the peak of his life: He's the publisher of a family-based magazine, is rich and famous, and ungodly handsome enough to bed down pretty much whomever and whenever he pleases. The film opens with a dream sequence where David, upon leaving for the office one morning, discovers he's the sole inhabitant of Manhattan Island, with not a single person in sight. Upon reaching Times Square, he gets out of his Jaguar, looks around in astonishment, and runs down the deserted street elated as hell. Upon awakening, he's crushed, but not all that much, because he's adverse to being alone; in essence, the narcissistic David needs people around to provide plenty of attention, affection and admiration for him.

We've been down this road before, of course, and though Vanilla Sky doesn't have the galvanizing accumulative force of, say, David Fincher's The Game (which found Michael Douglas as the ultimate prig in need of an emotional overhaul), it manages to churn out a good deal of originality, not to mention accomplishing something so few films in this dreary year have managed: to not just initially entice, but to consistently involve -- even when you can foretell the inevitable ending from just about a mile away. At David's birthday bash that night, he's busy coddling his famous friends (Steven Spielberg among them) and sidestepping his longtime "fuck buddy", Julie (Cameron Diaz), who has come uninvited and whom David fears is stalking him. To insulate himself from her unwelcome attention, he begins flirting with Sophia (Penelope Cruz), the woman his best friend Brian (Jason Lee) has brought as a first-time date. David likes the fact that he can be himself around her; and Sophia, witty and perceptive, is surprised to find that he's attracted to her. But things go awry later the next morning, when, upon walking out of Sophia's building after a sexless night, he accepts a ride from Julie, who's been staking the place out. With the promise of some easy morning sex, David isn't prepared for what happens next: in a fit of jealous rage, Julie deliberately drives her car off a bridge and directly into a brick wall, killing herself and leaving David disfigured.

From this point on, David (along with the audience) is never quite sure what's real and what isn't. Vanilla Sky is told in non-chronological order, where before this tragic event even occurs, we've already seen David, clad in a blank prosthetic mask, under arrest for murder and interrogated by a kindly psychiatrist, Bret McCabe (Kurt Russell). David can't remember anything about a murder, and after a while he becomes uncertain as to where and when he's currently existing -- not to mention what condition his face is really in. Sometimes he views himself as being permanently disfigured, due to the city's leading plastic surgeon's inability to operate on him because of his coma state during a crucial early stage. Other times, though, he appears unscathed, as handsome as ever, with his memory that that same surgeon was able to perform an experimental technique that took the ugly away. Yet David's appearance never remains consistent, because his memory of things remains cloudy. And time is running out for him, as well: McCabe has only a few days before reporting his assessment of whether or not David is responsible for his actions and capable to stand trial -- a decision which will also affect whether or not the magazine's board of directors can declare him unfit for duty and take over his fifty-one-percent control of the company stock. Is all of this in David's head, or is there another party involved that's playing mind games with him to cover up their own dastardly actions?

For the uninformed, Vanilla Sky is based upon a 1997 foreign-language film called Open Your Eyes by Alejandro Amenabar (unseen by me), who wrote and directed the grossly overrated The Others (which, like Saving Private Ryan, boasted a snide aura of superiority over its genre without managing to contribute anything substantial to it). Here, the screenwriting and directing chores fell to, of all people, Cameron Crowe, himself grossly overrrated for Almost Famous (which was absolutely teeming with self-importance and was awfully judgmental). Surprisingly, Crowe turned out to be the right person for the job. Where a more talented, slicker director would have likely flattened out the film's ironies, Crowe's loose-but-assured direction allows them room to vibrate and sink in. As noted earlier, the dramatic underpinnings are familiar and far from complex, but the central conflict of fighting within oneself to attain a consistent sense of order is pretty irresistible stuff on just about any elemental level. Only an idiot could make an unwatchable mockery out of this; but Crowe succeeds at not only aptly communicating the basics but throwing in a great deal of panache all his own.

Crowe brings an architectural sense into his collaboration with the production designer, Catherine Hardwicke, and two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer, John Toll, in giving each scene its own distinctive emotional tone. When David is on emotionally firm ground, when he's lovey-dovey with Sofia or enjoying the ingratiating rapport between he and Brian, the rooms he inhabits are small and comfy and exude a lived-in feel. When uncertainty plays into the equation, though, whether it's Times Square, a psychedelic-lighted nightclub, or an interrogation room fit enough for a flag-football match-up, the space and depth are enlarged and, at the same time, intensified. David isn't just a prisoner while in jail, but in his mind as well, where cognitive boundaries are endless; where before he existed in a shallow but decisive world, the few crucial answers he seeks are located somewhere in an abyss of duplicity, so there's really no escape for him, any more than there was for Tim Robbins' bewildered postal worker in Adrian Lyne's excellent Jacob's Ladder. Yet as labyrinth a narrative path as Vanilla Sky follows, it hasn't been paved in frustrating, impenetrable denseness, as was the case in two of director David Lynch's arty wank-fests, Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr., where their mere denseness was automatically chalked up as being something risky and groundbreaking, even if getting to their trite conclusions was even triter. By actually thinking through his material and displaying an important film sense of knowing what will and will not suitably play out for an audience, Crowe does a beautiful job of keeping the scenes well-shaped and -aligned; the juxtaposing of images is complex yet fluid, without the sacrifice of coherence for sensationalism.

But Crowe, alas, is not totally blameless. For the most part, his execution and communicating of necessary information is tangible, allowing the audience the aesthetic distance to get our own reading on things. You have to really pay attention throughout, otherwise you may miss as much as a single uttered word, like McCabe's mistakenly labeling himself a "psychologist" after establishing himself earlier as a "psychiatrist", which figures into the equation at the end, when David must discern who's real and who's a figment of his imagination. However, because of Crowe's tendency to overstate at times, the final revelation is a total washout, because it's been hinted at so many times previously that you would have had to be all but staring up at the ceiling and your ears plugged full of Gummy Bears not to have caught on. On four to five separate occasions, only one thing is shown on a television: an inventor of a cyrogenic procedure called 'Life Extention', which offers "eternal life". If Vanilla Sky had been, say, a Billy Crudup Film instead of a Tom Cruise Film, this essential story component would have likely been tactfully glided over for the distinguished audience. But Crudup doesn't pull in mass audiences, who like every morsel of information spoon-fed to them and washed down with an overpriced Coca-Cola, so to appease them, Crowe obviously saw the need to overstate the crucials, which he really needn't have done since the insistent "talk" in the film is likely to act as a distraction anyway, sort of like the fabulously written prose in a book devoid of pictures would irk the ire of a simpleton jock. While this blatant tip-off isn't fatal, it unfortunately gets us one step ahead of the hero, which is not too noble a trait in a thriller.

Another flaw, which should be a big one, comes off as a slight inconvenience in light of Crowe's superb handling: second-rate characterizations. Of course, this doesn't come as too surprising a debit being that the cast (excepting the ever-valuable Kurt Russell, who's typically superb) is second-rate. Cruise simply fails at connecting to the role, even though he's pretty much playing a doppleganger of himself: an ego-maniac. While he has energy to spare -- which is used to fabulous effect in his best scene, when, in doing a variation on the classic slow burn, he explodes at his doctor with, "Mask!" -- Cruise has never been able to suggest an active interior life in his characters; instead of inhabiting them, try as he might, the most he seems capable of is monitoring them from a near distance. (The only time Cruise was emotionally accessible onscreen was some twenty years ago with his ambitious small-town high-school football player in All the Right Moves.) Still, as faulty as he is at the onset, the performance starts to build more favorably during the second half, and he manages to get by in the big emotional scene at the end without disgracing himself. In fact, a more complex actor might have sabotaged things by suggesting more emotional depth and baggage than the material could support; with Cruise, though, the character comes off like good wallpaper -- it fails to entice but doesn't call undue attention to itself, either. As for Cameron Diaz, she proves her sophomoric performances of the past weren't flukes; yet, like Cruise, her barely sufficient talent suffices in a far-from-complex part. But Kevin Smith-alum Jason Lee is monotonous and insufferable as usual -- he's to spoken words as Helen Keller would have been to Paint-by-Numbers. Rounding out the love triangle is Penelope Cruz, who might not be the ablest and charming of actresses but who provides an appealing low-key turn in keeping with her present company, all the same.

Vanilla Sky is far from a challenging piece of cinema, nor is it as thought-provoking as some of its publicity ads have implied. But it is entertaining, not to mention imaginative and colorful, along with being one of those rare cinematic brain-teasers worthy of multiple viewings. I can't rightfully aver that Cameron Crowe got everything he could out of the material, that he unearthed and explored all the possibilities from the core on out. But what's currently on display on the silver screen is commanding and demanding stuff, requiring an astutely observant audience and a good deal of patience (which, contrary to popular cineplex-dwelling peons, isn't the worst quality to bring to a film). Vanilla Sky isn't worthy of recommendation solely because of its unorthodox narrative and catchy premise, but because it reasonably develops its ideas and presents a compelling and fascinating storytelling journey for those willing to partake in its numerous pleasures. One of 2001's best films.

Definitely worth a rental.

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originally posted: 03/08/03 09:43:24
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User Comments

3/25/18 morris campbell there are better mindfuck movies than this 3 stars
10/16/17 Louise Why oh why did I bother? 1 stars
2/27/11 Jody Mt favorite movie ever! You have to be smart to get it. 5 stars
1/01/10 Allen A I loved it! Awesome! 5 stars
2/05/09 Faraz J This movie damn sucked until the end when we find out what the shit is happening. 2 stars
11/26/07 Dee Tucker Enjoyed Cruz a lot and Diaz some, rest not 2 much 3 stars
2/26/07 Donny M Awesome remake. 4 stars
2/18/07 Nick Maday Fantastically twisty. Props to Penelope Cruz for playing the same role in both versions. 4 stars
2/11/07 Johnny P This is in my top five. Sorry if you don't get it. 5 stars
2/11/07 Fred Holmes Strange but was good 3 stars
1/22/07 Double M Terrific. Mind-blowing. If you don't/can't use that thing in your head, you will hate it. 5 stars
1/11/07 Bitchflaps Worthy remake, interesting nuances, but not satisfying enough for 4 stars. 3 stars
12/07/06 Azem One of the best movies of all time!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/26/06 David Pollastrini Brilliant with a great twist 4 stars
10/22/06 Annabelle Fantastic cinematography, dark, disturbing, brilliant soundtrack. 5 stars
10/08/06 peter balls it is an amazing film 5 stars
10/07/06 Gee Quality film. Twists you and makes you work 5 stars
9/26/06 Donny Been made before but so has every other movie. This movie is just so well done/ 5 stars
9/22/06 me If you're a playa, it will change your life! 5 stars
1/15/06 Chatty I got it the first time watching it! I knew there were twists from the publicity. Was good. 3 stars
12/30/05 Simon Spotty in purpose; constructed in a way that makes it impossible to "get" with one viewing. 3 stars
12/28/05 TA good,bizarre flick! better w/ every viewing! rcmnd to ppl who like donnie darko type movies 5 stars
10/29/05 Henry O tech support, tech support, tech support... jacob's ladder lite 3 stars
8/18/05 ES never needed to be made, why is Kurt Russel in this dog? 1 stars
6/11/05 Indrid Cold Good, but disappointing lack of improvement on the original. 4 stars
2/20/05 Alice Colwell not bad 4 stars
2/01/05 Wendy S. All time fave! 5 stars
12/05/04 ggg incredible movie 5 stars
11/23/04 Carly Austin Needs a 2nd and 3rd viewing, but well worth it. Except Penelope Cruz. 5 stars
11/22/04 John Bale Thanks to Cruz this remake upholds much of the original suspense and confusion. 4 stars
11/21/04 me Open Your Eyes -the Euro original- is a much better film 3 stars
10/22/04 doug amazing picture, like a the feeling you get from a good pop song or good movie, kicks ass 5 stars
10/10/04 Shaun Have your own opinion on the film. Dont listen to Critics, they live to talk crap... 5 stars
9/18/04 Phrase cruise is horrible. ending is horrible. 2 stars
9/17/04 Nik don’t expect it to change your life? But it does... 5 stars
7/29/04 Tracie Smegelski I'm smart and paid close attention through this whole mess. Not worth another look! 1 stars
7/15/04 TheOthersFan intelligent film if you watch it more than once, but too subversive for the common palate. 4 stars
7/11/04 Lisa This film is a K hole 4 stars
5/30/04 Rene very confusing 4 stars
5/24/04 Daveman Lame, uninteresting story with flat characters and ridiculous sci-fi hokeyness. 2 stars
5/21/04 Sardar Thought provoking 5 stars
5/20/04 Magus Bob Too challenging for many...those willing to "open their eyes" will ultimately love it. 5 stars
5/05/04 J.Peckerfoot Deserves more than one viewing,its a film that knows how to divide an audience.. 5 stars
4/20/04 ALI HBOUS a waste of time 2 stars
4/05/04 Me This was fricking horrible! WTF! 1 stars
2/21/04 Denise Duspiva Chilling 5 stars
2/18/04 Zack It Gets Better Every Time You Watch It 5 stars
1/26/04 Eric Different..I liked it....worth watching 4 stars
1/22/04 Jack Bourbon Make sure you've taken your meds before viewing this . . . thing. 4 stars
1/21/04 Atomica The ending violates the #1 rule of how NOT to wrap up a story. 1 stars
1/19/04 I Would Failed to really build on the original, Tom Cruise is miscast, nice cinematography though. 2 stars
1/14/04 Chupa Chups a waste of time 1 stars
1/06/04 beautie its too complex for ma fragile brains,undiluted bullshit 1 stars
12/08/03 Samuel a very good scripted film, and very good perfromances!! 5 stars
12/07/03 katherine one of my fav took me on an imaginitve journey i'll never foget! 5 stars
12/02/03 tatum Interesting but emotionally dry 4 stars
10/31/03 Tim Wrobel My Favorite Movie of All-Time! 5 stars
10/24/03 Josh Standlee Although VERY wierd, the movie contains scenes I will never forget! A decent film. 3 stars
10/20/03 parshia gharehgozloo worse than amenebar film .confused and very average 3 stars
10/10/03 Erik Van Sant Tom Crusie prances around in this 'Total Recall' rip-off. He should just come out already. 1 stars
10/04/03 Josh Loved it. 5 stars
9/23/03 Speedy Jacob's Ladder for Dummies. Decent though. 3 stars
9/09/03 Pia Cruz is shit, why didn't she die? 2 stars
7/21/03 Monster W. Kung Bloated, forced sci-fi/drama about a whiner you'd punch in the deformed face repeatedly. 1 stars
7/01/03 Kathy Ramsey Worst piece of drek I have ever seen. 1 stars
6/29/03 clifford chi see the original 1 stars
6/11/03 FLiK I hated it in theaters, but when saw it the second time, I loved it. 4 stars
6/11/03 Jim Botched attempt at mind-screw telegraphs the ending well in advance, but still interesting 4 stars
6/07/03 Gina Ingenious, I was surprisingly riveted, one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen. 4 stars
4/26/03 Sophia Markis boyfriend and i loved it 5 stars
4/11/03 Jack Bourbon Where can I sign my life away to the Scientologists? 4 stars
3/11/03 GMan ...Had my ass screaming more than any moment where I once thought "Cool" or "Interesting." 2 stars
3/08/03 Ankur movie not understandable 2 stars
3/02/03 Ryan Afflerbaugh A very satisfying movie! 5 stars
2/22/03 Ivan it's a moive which can spin your mind while watching and provide a inspiration after that. 5 stars
2/17/03 s. collins crazy but stunning and beautiful 5 stars
2/01/03 Edward Perry Penelope Cruz is total CRAP 1 stars
1/29/03 G Thang you have to think about the movie in order to appreciate it 4 stars
1/16/03 Gaiia i agree with mondia, abre los ojos is good, vanilla not 3 stars
1/04/03 Jimmy What the F**K was that all about ????? 3 stars
12/30/02 Femme_Fataleaa They couldn't be serious! I thought it was complete garbage. 1 stars
11/24/02 Lucid Dreamer Discover lucid dreaming and get the most out of this incredible film! 5 stars
11/11/02 eskimo an insanely brilliant film! 5 stars
11/06/02 Mondia See Abre los ojos instead, it's better! (the original) 4 stars
10/10/02 Eric I can`t understand why so many people didn`t like this film. It was awesome! 5 stars
10/07/02 Monster W. Kung Feels very artificial, mainly not in the way it was intended. Forced. 3 stars
10/07/02 Jeremy Morrow Best, mentally stimulating, thought provoking movie I’ve seen in quit some time. 5 stars
9/27/02 Pips Great movie. Perfect ending. 5 stars
9/26/02 Phil M. Aficionado Right down there with The Minority Report for gimmickry and confusion; pointless and boring 2 stars
9/25/02 CapitalistPiglet If you can just watch it to the end, you will love it 5 stars
9/02/02 the Grinch WTF? I can't believe this film got panned so much on THIS site of all sites! 5 stars
8/26/02 The Bomb 69 too challenging a film for most, requires multiple viewings 4 stars
8/21/02 rokmelon A movie for deep thinker, excellent film. 5 stars
8/21/02 David Marchand I loved the movie, it was mind-blowing 5 stars
8/17/02 Film Guy So very good 5 stars
8/13/02 Dave A truly wonderful film, if you embrace the subject matter and connect with the character. 5 stars
8/13/02 Ben Druitt Profound 5 stars
8/08/02 Jake Tried hard to be Sixth Sense. Entertaining though. 3 stars
8/06/02 KMG I felt like I watched AI all over again, except pretty boy and his puta was in it 3 stars
8/06/02 Doc Freeman Not purely original, not perfect, but complex and visually stunning 4 stars
8/05/02 Jeremy What a great movie 5 stars
7/28/02 Nathan One of the most beautiful stories ever written. 5 stars
7/24/02 Kojo2 Frustration/Confusion/Hate the first time. Now, I study the film. 5 stars
7/23/02 erick I expected alot, i got alot more, prolyl my fav. movie its amazing 5 stars
7/21/02 Sofia prescisely..."the pleasure of Sofia." 5 stars
7/17/02 BrodieMan Exceeded every expectation. Very entertaining film. 5 stars
7/11/02 Luke Matthews The Best Movie of the Year - Highly original (I haven't seen the Spanish film!) 5 stars
7/11/02 .Choadushouse. A beautiful film. The tie-together's are wonderful and Tom Cruise is amazing. 5 stars
7/09/02 Sean Brinkley disturbing, surreal, evocative & dissonant - theme: unintended consequences 5 stars
7/04/02 AustinBobby78751 This movie will haunt you (in a good way) for days after you see it! I hate Penelope, too. 5 stars
7/03/02 butterfly10954 Reincarnation and cats 4 stars
6/27/02 D.M. Sinkovits This film explores the dichotomy of reality/insanity and life/death. Watch it twice. 4 stars
6/25/02 Law Would of given it 5 stars if that train wreck known as Penelope Cruz hadn't been in it! 4 stars
6/17/02 Del I was thinking Total Recall, Matrix and Halloween. But still good 4 stars
6/16/02 Lacy Kale Really bad! 1 stars
6/15/02 dscott haunting. story of consequences & personal responsibility for men & women. 5 stars
6/15/02 Adrian Great flick despite a few corny lines. Much better than the Spanish original. A+ soundtrack 5 stars
6/12/02 Toby One of Cruise's better performances, excellent soundtrack. Watch it at least twice. 5 stars
6/04/02 Boner Dee freaky, tough-to-figure-out thriller that keeps you wanting to watch 4 stars
6/03/02 georgia 2 thumbs way way up 5 stars
6/03/02 julie oh confusing yet confining 3 stars
6/02/02 Eric M. Jones Complex and beautiful; a great film. 4 stars
6/01/02 sandeep you definitely have to see this a few times to appreciate it 5 stars
6/01/02 Phoenix Loved every second of it, espesially the A+ mindfuck ending. 5 stars
5/28/02 David Watkins another affecting attack by crowe on a culture of "cool".. 4 stars
5/27/02 Jason Cop-put of an ending couldn't save this crapfest- one of the worst movies I've ever seen 1 stars
5/27/02 Mike I really thought it was great. 5 stars
5/27/02 Nicole I usually love twisted, but this went in too many directions to follow. Ending was crappy! 2 stars
5/26/02 Kyle Not bad... if you tell me you predicted the ending, then you go to hell. 4 stars
5/25/02 See the original, not this monstrous committee-constructed piece of Hollywood shit! 1 stars
5/25/02 Butterbean A confusing story concludes with a retard of an ending. Fuck Crowe,Cruise and Cruz! 2 stars
5/22/02 spyguy2 Went in with low expectations and got my head and heart blown away. Awesome. 5 stars
5/18/02 Mitja Podgajski Awesome transhumanistic movie. I just love it. 5 stars
4/17/02 Priscilla Postlethwaite Cameron Diaz. I mean Cameron Diaz! 2 stars
4/14/02 Cheryl Jordan Priscilla, do you mean Cameron Diaz or compact disc (or 400)? 2 stars
4/13/02 Priscilla Postlethwaite Dreamed I saw it before I actualy saw it. Dream version was much better(CD played nice)! 2 stars
4/12/02 Marcia Lartz Cameron Diaz wasted in poor impersonation of Alex Forrest; Whole plot flaky & muddled! 2 stars
4/11/02 Natalie Stonecipher Gee! MEMENTO is straightforward compared to this! Cameron Diaz is wasted. 2 stars
4/03/02 stryper rocks What reality am I in? Am I alive or dead? Aaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! 4 stars
3/31/02 Film Guy Good Movie. nothing more nothing less 4 stars
3/12/02 KMG Who would've known that the movie's secret is that it SUCKED! 2 stars
3/08/02 Butterbean A promising movie went out with a thud with Cruise's anorexic chihuahua-faced girlfriend. 2 stars
2/21/02 luda hoe sure, it could have been better, but any movie with penelope cruz in it is worth a look 4 stars
2/18/02 Cat Axon Oh dear, wots going on her then! if this film's awesome then im the queen! it's diabolical. 2 stars
2/16/02 Me Concession stand line was more interesting. 1 stars
2/15/02 Kooler Starts strong--ends dumb 2 stars
2/13/02 nidal solder 5 stars
2/12/02 Eduardo Del Valle Mr Crowe gives us one more of his pearls 4 stars
2/07/02 Weeblerelf Great movie! Until it started to SUCK! Fucking holly wood deux e machina endings! 1 stars
2/01/02 E-Funk Holy dog-shit, Batman! Cameron Crowe made a fantastically bad movie! Cruise blows... 1 stars
1/25/02 Dave Draper Entertaining, but some who went to see a mystery might be pissed they got Twighlight Zone. 4 stars
1/22/02 Erin I'm still thinking about it and its been two weeks since I've seen it! 5 stars
1/21/02 peter confused, was it all a dream? 4 stars
1/21/02 Al Fredo Ironically, didn't feel much between Cruise & Cruz, the latter was disappointing. 4 stars
1/19/02 TOO MUCH AWESOME movie that left me wanting more 5 stars
1/13/02 Greyjack Well made & acted, but left me with that "who cares" feeling. Shoulda seen Oceans11 instead 2 stars
1/13/02 Janine Lay, RN I neither loved nor hated it, that's the problem, I left devoid of feelings and disapointed 2 stars
1/12/02 seldom scene too deep,moves well and easy to watch but makes no sense!! 2 stars
1/10/02 Max Lethal Messed up... I loved it, and the twisted ending. Leaves you thinking even after the ending. 5 stars
1/07/02 Nexus6 Cerebral, surprising, and well acted 4 stars
1/06/02 daniboy didn't think I would like it, but strangely I did and very much 5 stars
1/05/02 Shane Johnson Excellent film - plot and message much deeper than the series of events 5 stars
1/05/02 Suzz interesting plot; good acting; good film making 4 stars
1/04/02 Vic Rams Vanilla Sky sucked big time....go see the original "Abre los Ojos" is one of my fav. movies 3 stars
1/04/02 Steve-O Tight...i loved it alot. 5 stars
1/03/02 Nathaniel Ashlock Abre los Ojos was a more tightly knit film that new what it was saying and how to say it. 4 stars
1/03/02 person great movie 5 stars
1/02/02 joey that f'ing sucked. gimmie my money back and the 2 damn hours! 1 stars
1/02/02 thejames Not the best film but better then most out there. Go check it out, Great fucknig soundtrack 4 stars
1/02/02 Roxy This movie took the potential to be amazing and flushed it down the toilet! 1 stars
1/01/02 kasper brody along side memento, this was for me one of the best movies i've seen this year. 5 stars
1/01/02 MB This is the most boring and stupid movie I have seen in a long time. 1 stars
12/30/01 mcc Ponderous w/ dreams/nightmares and flashbacks. Acting fine, but no reason to care about Ds 2 stars
12/29/01 Kara This movie fucked with my mind so much I had to re-evaluate life after seeing it 5 stars
12/29/01 Angie Scholl It was confusing, but the actors make the movie worth while. 4 stars
12/28/01 shirley pardekooper intrigued me, I was not bored 4 stars
12/28/01 Kimberly Best Movie of the year. Cameron--Hot..Tom-Oscar deserving...Penelope-My boyfriend loves hr 5 stars
12/27/01 tnt a full $10.00 worth 5 stars
12/25/01 Angela Murtagh Entertaining at first ...but confusing & pretty weird...did not expect it to be so sci-fi. 3 stars
12/24/01 ajay really really great music. the movie was good too. 4 stars
12/24/01 Flick Chick excellent, quirky sci-fi....if you liked Magnolia, you'll love this one. 4 stars
12/24/01 p.d.riven Abre Los Ojos reduced to a story about another rich guy with issues 3 stars
12/23/01 Jeri This film deals with life extensions and cryonics technology, a nice introduction. 4 stars
12/22/01 Dana Average all the way around, and confusing 3 stars
12/22/01 Gary good visuals, starring performances, somewhat copycat plot, poor supporting cast 3 stars
12/21/01 AARD7ARK tom cruise gets to rake his own soul over the coals 4 stars
12/21/01 puckfreak Don't let your expectations get in the way. 4 stars
12/20/01 Cragus A bit like Crowe meets Kubrick. An odd but compelling combination. 5 stars
12/20/01 Michael S. Browne Thought-provoking. I don't want to oversell it and be obvious, but if you're willing... 5 stars
12/20/01 mike The film had potential, but you leave thinking,"What the hell was THAT all about?" 3 stars
12/19/01 Ingrid if you have a mind of your own and , love thrillers , go and see it. 5 stars
12/19/01 Jeanie The best part of the movie was the close up shots of Kurt Russell's nose hairs. 1 stars
12/19/01 Cassandra I didn't understand this hodge podge, and it looks like Cameron Crowe didn't either. 2 stars
12/19/01 Lisa overused, overblown piece of crap 1 stars
12/18/01 NathanS This film must be seen twice. The directing and depth of writing are astounding. 5 stars
12/18/01 Mel good halfway, then totally weird. 2 stars
12/18/01 The Boy In The Designer Bubble I kept waiting for the gay porn stars. None. Just tired old hags! Tom, WE KNOW!!!!! 1 stars
12/18/01 KMG HA!! I just saw Tom in "Vanity Fair"...whoa was that homoerotic! 3 stars
12/18/01 dale pulliam confusing at first. Very thought provoking though. 4 stars
12/18/01 grunter That Bobby Ewing dream season of Dallas seemed shorter and of more substance 1 stars
12/18/01 Visions of I agree with Erika, pop the Evil Dead out of your DVD players and open your mind a bit. 4 stars
12/18/01 erika Just because it is not a linear plot film doesn't mean it is bad! Open your mind! 4 stars
12/18/01 jefftucson The worst film I've seen in at least ten years. 1 stars
12/18/01 G-Man Hey Tom! I'd rather watch Moulin Rouge! 1 stars
12/18/01 Stephanie Am still confused about many parts. Was he dreaming a lot of this? 4 stars
12/17/01 Montserrat One of the best movies ever made. I will see it over the years 5 stars
12/17/01 garnet harry complete waste of film and time 1 stars
12/17/01 Jack Shehab Very entertaining and on my "buy" list when the DVD hits the street. 4 stars
12/17/01 Jim Knodel Terrible movie! 1 stars
12/16/01 Nick I liked it but i wanna know if that was Cruz's voice at the very very end, i think it was. 4 stars
12/16/01 spaceworm What I Learned: Kurt Russell resembeles younger Gene Hackman.n 4 stars
12/16/01 Kevin Sung I thouroughly enjoyed this movie, having never watched the original Open Your Eyes. 5 stars
12/16/01 Seth Christianson A movie that picks you up and spins you around, but the twist leaves you pleased. 4 stars
12/15/01 Richard Jason Lee was the reason i saw this...thought Crowe would do good this time but i was wrong 4 stars
12/15/01 Ally Smith i LOVED it! see it if you like twisted movies! 4 stars
12/15/01 miss texas I feel ROBBED! 1 stars
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  14-Dec-2001 (R)


  20-Dec-2001 (MA)

Directed by
  Cameron Crowe

Written by
  Cameron Crowe

  Tom Cruise
  Penélope Cruz
  Cameron Diaz
  Jason Lee
  Johnny Galecki
  Kurt Russell

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