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Social Misfits
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by Scott Weinberg

"Dumb, vulgar malcontents hate the world...and YOU ARE THERE!"
1 stars

Note: In an effort to show how truly ugly and uninspired this movie is, I have decided to employ some decidedly nasty language within. Since the F-word makes up about 82% of this film's screenplay, I figured it would be appropriate to use it in the review as well. If you are unfamiliar with vulgar language, spend an afternoon at an elementary school some time.

In what must have once sounded like a great idea to some low-rent film producer, someone proposed the following movie equation:

Lord of the Flies
+ The Breakfast Club
+ Bad Boys
+ The Jenny Jones Show

It could have seemed like a great concoction. Stick a dozen maladjusted teenagers into a locked prison room. Allow each of them to have just one distinguishable character trait, have them hate one another mercilessly and then let them scream for 90 minutes about how they hate their parents and everything is their parent's fault and wah wah wah...

The setting is a empty building out in the desert known as Camp Resurrection and it's a place that parents "dump" their unwanted little brats for a weekend so they can be rehabilitated into nice little citizens. Yeah, right. These clichéd freaks each need about 2 years in intensive therapy, not a forced sit-in with people who already hate them.

In an effort to touch upon every available stereotype in the known universe, we are introduced to:

The nympho
The klepto
The pyro
The skinhead
The drug dealer
The gang-banger
The psychopath

And mixed in with this raving pack of young adults we of course have to have a mixed-up 9 year-old girl who thinks she can fly. (A box of popcorn to anyone who can predict where this particular plot thread is going...)

The first third of the movie consists of the following conversation repeated about 4 times:

"Hey fucker, why are you in here?"

""Cuz I fucking hate my fucking parents! What are you
looking at, you Mexican bastard? I'll fucking kill you and my parent...whom I hate so much!"

"Yeah? I'll kick your Latino face in and punch you and kill you, you black punk!"

"Shut! Up! Can't you stupid moron assholes just shut up? I'm thinking about how my whole life is my parent's fault and I fucking hate them."

"I like to set fuckin' fires."

"I fucking hate every fucking one and I hate the world and I hate whoever is watching this pathetic fucking movie and..."

You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.

What's mostly disturbing is that the filmmakers obviously equate "mentally disturbed kids" with "juvenile delinquent criminals". Anyone out there think that a rampant pyromaniac needs the same attention as a bloodthirsty gang-banger who kills for fun? And what the hell is a 9-year-old girl with a flying fixation doing locked up with rapists and crack addicts? If questions like these don't irritate you enough, just wait until the next inevitable diatribe about unloving parents and how these poor young criminals are simply innocent victims of a cold and uncaring society.

A more accurate title for this movie would be The Crack Generation Learns to Blame-Shift.

The cast of kids is pretty much awful and the performances range from merely weak to outright atrocious. (Try not to giggle while the tubby pyromaniac kid gives line readings akin to someone trying out for an elementary school pageant.) Character actor Paul Gleason (Trading Places, The Breakfast Club) shows up for two whole scenes to play the camp 'warden' and I'll be damned if Paul doesn't look like he's using cue cards.

Rarely has a movie screamed so loudly while saying so little. If these kids did anything more than whine and moan about the evil world they were thrust into then maybe the movie would have an overall point. Instead we are subjected to 90 minutes of poorly acted and sloppily written monologues by mongoloids that are meant to represent the mindset of today's youth.

I know today's youth. Even the screwed-up kids aren't as one-dimensional and stupid as the ones on display in Social Misfits. Much like the controversial (and also hate-filled) Larry Clark flick Kids from a few years back, Social Misfits is a lot of ham-handed "socially conscious" vitriol that offers a whole lot in screaming and whining but next to nothing in the areas of entertainment or insight.

A loud, labored, irresponsible and stunningly poor movie, Social Misfits is worth a look only for people who blindly hate young people already and want something to back up their beliefs. Rarely does a film do the exact opposite of what its apparent goal is.

In trying to shed some light onto the mindset of American youth, the filmmakers have instead delivered some of the most inane and pointless caricatures imaginable. This is a mean-spirited, aimless and fucking awful movie, and I just know that it's all my parents fault.

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originally posted: 10/10/01 11:56:37
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User Comments

11/07/03 Walter Brandenburg Belongs in the hall of fame of movies so bad they're good. 1 stars
10/21/03 Tiffany You can't find a better movie out there. 5 stars
10/04/03 Jamie ...made me feel like I had been punched in the stomach after being slapped in the face 1 stars
9/28/03 Norman Vanderbilt Just really have to applaud the creators of this movie. 1 stars
7/08/03 Allie Stroner It could be a good movie, someone just needs to rewrite it, so i guess theres hope. right? 3 stars
8/12/02 Heather Sinclaire Well done film, from a first time production company. good look at today's youth. fabulous! 5 stars
7/08/02 Jonathan Brandis The worst fucking film I have ever seen. 1 stars
6/12/02 Micah Siegal I'd rather drive a screw driver into my scrotum than watch this piece again 1 stars
6/05/02 Sunny I thought this was a really good movie. 4 stars
3/26/02 JayCook Awesome Flick 5 stars
1/26/02 Numan Parada An unfortunate outing for Charlie Talbert, the highly talented actor. 2 stars
12/20/01 Stu good movie, even though a lot a finger pointing to problems; its very real 4 stars
10/29/01 Mike It could have been worse, but it wasn't long enough 2 stars
10/15/01 Lindsey Blandford I agree, this film is virtually unwatchable. Paul Gleason has the only good line: "If your 1 stars
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  02-Nov-2000 (R)



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