Matrix, The

Reviewed By davebo
Posted 04/04/99 10:23:51

"No one really cares what The Matrix is."
3 stars (Average)

A special effects movie with the special effects to back it up.

Lately i've been seeing a lot of special effects movies but without great special effects, such as wing commander. When you make a special effects/action movie, you have a license to have horrible acting, dialogue, screenplay, etc, just so long as you have good special effects. The Matrix doesn't have oodles of them, but enough to keep most people entertained.

I can't lie though, the screenplay was predictable, dialogue was annoying, and Keanu Reeves's acting was about as two dimensional as the acsii characters you're reading right now.

The score of the movie wasn't anything special, just your typical action flick score, but the SOUNDTRACK was another story. Fortunately for me only about 3 or 4 songs from the soundtrack appeared in the movie, but this soundtrack took some of the worst "artists" in the music industry and compiled what i can only describe as the most trendy teen-angsty soundtrack in all movie history. marilyn manson, rob zombie, prodigy, rage against the machine, ugh. but i guess its what you'd call mood music.

Just to give you an idea of the story, derivative as it may be, there's this whole "universe" that's just one big computer program designed to keep the human's brains satisfied while in the "real" world the big scary machines grow humans and feed off their bodies' energy. However, a small group of freedom fighters are out to bring down the mean machines and liberate the humans from their blissful slumber into the harsh dark smelly reality that is earth, cerca 2199.

What if i'm not really writing this review, what if we're all just a dream of some dog sleeping on a carpet in another reality? I can't say that i care. People like to think deep thoughts like that cause it makes them feel more evolved than the other mammals, but life is life, its as real as you make it :)

Special Effects / Action Sequences: 5 stars. -- Everything Else: 1 star -- for an average of 3 stars :)

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