Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

Reviewed By K-Dog
Posted 11/16/98 08:07:09

"Bollox wars : the purple helmet"
1 stars (Total Crap)

Hello, My name is geoge Lucas, you lot are so dumb that you will give me all your money, to pad my huge ego.

I'm sorry this place is supposed to slap the overhyped films down to size. Why the fuck has this film missed a slap?

It is badly acted/scripted/directed. Period.. a lot like 'Batman & Robin'

Too many effects, FAR too many effects..

Not enough character development. You can't tell who the fucking story centers around. If I had to choose it would be that CGI salamander piece of cock Jar Jar.

Also the make up of Darth Maul was very painty, and looks shite.

You are probably all saying that i am being unfair and stubborn.

Well no I am not.. I see this film as Titanic. Pretty but shitty, which the public will lap up like pig-dogs.

You guys can fuck off for even entertaining the notion of this film..

Also didn't you guys find that the film talked down to you. as if King poobah Lucas is decreeing how good he is.. He must hire people to pat him on the back.

Just cos you got money don't make you a fucking genius.

CAn't we have another rating which means K-Dog hates.. you twats with the liking of Segal films will love it?

If you didn't guess. I fucking hate this film. And to think the trailers and the rough prints actually made it look good.

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