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Worth A Look: 16.67%
Average: 12.12%
Pretty Bad: 6.97%
Total Crap: 8.79%

10 reviews, 270 user ratings

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Shakespeare in Love
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by davebo

"have ye the wits to see it"
5 stars

Geez, Its about damn time someone made this movie :)

What a great idea this movie was, a fictional story about how Shakespeare got inspired to create Romeo and Juliet, and then Twelfth Night, and its good too!! This is a great story that actually manages to invoke almost as much emotion as Romeo and Juliet itself. When you step back and look at it, it really reminds me of a shakespeare play itself, with all the little witticisms and language. Costumes are great, sets capture the mood well, there's a sword fight too! I really enjoyed this movie. I'm no Shakespeare buff (i passed on a chance to play Trinculo in high school, silly me) but i really think Shakespeare would have enjoyed this movie (assuming it really was he who wrote all those plays, eh?)

Innovative and pleasant, I really like it, give it a shot.

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originally posted: 01/14/99 16:25:54
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User Comments

2/21/18 Ken Good, but Best Picture Winner of 1998? No way! 4 stars
4/05/12 Gwyneth Paltrow Why didn't anyone tell Colin Firth he was supposed to be a FUNNY villian? 3 stars
5/03/11 Will Shakespeare I was portrayed horribly in this movie 1 stars
9/23/10 Emily Sand Even in tights, Colin Firth has nothing to show 4 stars
6/28/09 will tenner overlong and terrible and pretentious 1 stars
7/28/07 fools♫gold All thecleverparts cancel out a couple vague mistakes. Watch again b4 giving below 4 stars! 5 stars
1/07/07 Nagisa Not amazing, but at times amusing. Paltrow put me off with her flat acting and limp stance. 3 stars
9/14/06 Patrick Petty excellent film, great script by tom stoppard 5 stars
5/26/06 Kimberly Dull As someone who has read a lot of Shakespeare, I just love this movie. 5 stars
3/10/06 Dk Overated in every sense though it still has a nice charm 3 stars
8/25/05 ES Thought it would be terrible, it wasn't, not at all = check it out 4 stars
6/19/05 Darryl 7 awards? Please. This is a piece of crap. Stinks, especially Paltrow's performance. 1 stars
2/14/05 Angela Saunders Delightful! Gwyneth in one of her best. 4 stars
12/29/04 Phil M. Aficionado A glowing, original delight and for me an unexpected one. I don't like period movies muh. 5 stars
9/27/04 NJ Cup Winner 95-00-03 Dench & Geoff Rush the only reason to tolerate this; Paltroweth ruineth the resteth for me 2 stars
9/13/04 sam bonner Paltrow was great, and really deserved the oscar 5 stars
8/16/04 Peter James A good movie, but Saving Private Ryan was the best picture of 1998 4 stars
8/06/04 DM One of those rare movies that gets everything right 5 stars
7/29/04 AnGeL PwiNCeSs Too MUcH SeX but woZ realLy gD 4 stars
7/23/04 Shaz I laughed I cried 5 stars
5/19/04 Marionette i sit through about half of the movie... 1 stars
5/13/04 John charming and well acted 4 stars
3/31/04 sansho Well made, worthy but a bit bland 4 stars
2/19/04 MP Bartley Most over-rated film ever? Shallow and smug, it's far too pleased with itself. 1 stars
2/13/04 Kai Simple, yet effective. Funny, yet heartbreaking. Wonderful. 5 stars
12/31/03 mercie its a mite too long but otherwise its a great movie!!! i love joseph in tights,he looks so 5 stars
10/11/03 theresea one of the best movies i've seen. I love romantic movies 5 stars
10/02/03 Mopsa Funny, but totally overrated 4 stars
9/26/03 eddie and james that movie will make anyone pussywooped to their bitch just cause its a bitches movie. 2 stars
6/15/03 Shawnna L'Mate awesome movie 5 stars
6/07/03 Fred Simple, unoriginal plot. Characters without depth. Certainly not worth an Academy Award. 1 stars
5/06/03 King of the Kebabs Another pile of dreck aimed at the pretentious Shakespeareites 1 stars
4/08/03 Mystique Perfect acting! 5 stars
2/27/03 ttiinnaa kind of okay, but not really 2 stars
2/14/03 abc i'm not a good fan of romance but i must say this's pretty good 5 stars
1/23/03 Pinkline Jones Wherefore Art Thou Roman Polanski? Put Geoff's Balls in a Blender 1 stars
1/11/03 Can't stand Gwynnie Even though I will give this a "Pretty Crappy" rating, it's really a piece of shit 2 stars
1/04/03 freewaygl lacking in depth not fooled by british accents and clothing sauf Judy Dench is UNREAL 3 stars
12/30/02 Matt TITTIES. NICE PALTROW TITTIES. 4 stars
12/28/02 DMF Yes. Sense of humor a must. Doesn't seem to be one here, tho. 5 stars
11/28/02 Lady who hates romantic comedies Oh look -- Shakespeare's in love with a boring, bony, blonde preppie chick! 3 stars
10/10/02 mr. Pink One of the most overrated movies of the 90`s. a one-joke script movie with miscast actors 2 stars
10/02/02 snowconehead every visible person in this movie had a vagina 3 stars
9/21/02 I Can't Swim Old pros Rush & Dench save it from assclowns Paltroweth & Afflecketh 2 stars
8/12/02 Michael Carruthers Where foreout a great movie in a crappy year? Look here! Oh yeah! 5 stars
8/10/02 Jake I thought it was -- W O R T H L E S S -- 1 stars
8/05/02 Kortni yeah it was ok 4 stars
5/17/02 Jake I don't think so... 1 stars
4/23/02 KMG Ben Assfleck should dress like a 1500s pimpologist more often 4 stars
4/22/02 Charles Tatum Paltry Paltrow should not have been the center of the story. 3 stars
4/06/02 Junshi It was alright, it had emotion but doesn't commit to the memory 4 stars
3/26/02 lacole i think that this is the dumbest movie that i have ever seen besides dumb and dumber. 1 stars
1/24/02 Flick Chick pretty crappy about sums it up. 2 stars
12/30/01 sarafina I don't remember it.. 4 stars
11/28/01 ferring here ye here ye, paltrow is not believable in romantic roles. 2 stars
9/16/01 Mr. Hat (formerly Joe Zappa) Pretty cool. 4 stars
8/31/01 spaceworm Dearth of intelligent commentary here... 4 stars
8/19/01 Dr. Thompson Totally overrated. that Paltrow slit is such a little princess, she licks hemmoroids. 2 stars
8/12/01 totally totally overrated. only Dench deserved the praise she received for this film. 3 stars
8/09/01 I'm Da Man! What davebo said. 5 stars
7/23/01 Jillian Thompson It was good, but not Oscar whothy. 3 stars
7/07/01 Elvisfan Saved from 'TOTAL CRAP' thx to Dench and Rush; rest of them blew my dog 2 stars
7/07/01 TLsmooth Yeah, instead watch a great guy flick like The Replacements or Tomcats. 5 stars
7/06/01 Craig Blanchard WARNING: Guys, don't let yr gf's trick you into watching this! 1 stars
5/22/01 zeitgeist terribly over-rated, not witty at all... the Oscars didn't surprise me. 2 stars
4/25/01 J Suprisingly better than Elizabeth but its not best picture. 4 stars
4/23/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Pretty good save for that bag of bones Gwyneth. If she doesn't die soon, I'll kill her. 4 stars
3/28/01 Jesse L With this concept and cast it couldn't miss... 5 stars
3/22/01 Sthenno A flippant,romp of romantic drivel.The directing was nothing special as well as the acting. 2 stars
3/09/01 gmh Well done except for Paltrow and her bad accent. No wonder she won the Oscar. 3 stars
2/25/01 INCUBATOR Joseph Fiennes should`ve got an Oscar... 4 stars
2/24/01 Marie Charming...Not award winning material in any capacity though. Silly little love movie. 2 stars
2/17/01 Jake very amusing and entertaining. I love Rush's classic line. 5 stars
12/15/00 viking The Bard has never been this appealing 5 stars
12/08/00 jack mehoff Even Gwyneths saggy tits couldn't keep me awake. 2 stars
12/05/00 R.W. Welch Very clever concept, nicely brought off. 5 stars
11/03/00 dan wow! loved gwyneth's tit shots! she has beautiful pointy breasts 5 stars
10/15/00 Josh Good, but not as good as you've heard. 4 stars
10/02/00 Zeitgeist "and the most over-rated movie of 1998 goes to..." 2 stars
9/06/00 Boy In The Designer Bubble Should have Call this movie, Nepotism In Love. Ms. Paltrow has no talent, only connections 4 stars
8/17/00 Terrie Smith Well done period piece but over-rated at Oscar time; good performances make it worth while. 5 stars
7/15/00 Jed Better than elizabeth but still it is overlong and IS NOT BEST PICTURE OF 1998! 4 stars
6/28/00 Naushad Khanji Once again a triumph of Hype and gloss over content.One for Academy shitheads 2 stars
6/26/00 stranded on the Island Excellent movie, the ravishing Gwyneth was in peak form... 5 stars
6/01/00 PJ OVERRATED!!! but still enjoyable 3 stars
4/21/00 Bruce A good movie, but did it really deserve to win best picture? 4 stars
4/14/00 Gingerwoman Why why why do people like this crappy movie? If Joe and Ben weren't such spunks one star 2 stars
3/25/00 Piz fluff movie that the old stuff Academy loves, every other movie nominated was better. 3 stars
3/01/00 Mic Excellent film, but never deserved to topple SPR. 5 stars
2/06/00 Kyle Broflovski Drop Kate Winslet or Christina Ricci over Gwyneth Paltrow. Then we'll talk. 3 stars
1/29/00 Joseph Fiennes was robbed of a best actor oscar 5 stars
1/10/00 Will Paltrow could NEVER pass as a man... but otherwise I was pleasantly surprised 4 stars
12/18/99 SID Couldn't sit through it. 2 stars
12/16/99 brentorama Great movie, but didn't deserve best movie Oscar over "Saving Private Ryan". 5 stars
12/05/99 Eric S. Somewhat humorous, but very overrated and it didn't deserve those oscars it received. 3 stars
11/24/99 Murray Castles Fluff. How in hell did it win best picture??? 1 stars
10/25/99 Bueller An actors movie. Good. Saving Private Ryan was a better film. 4 stars
9/18/99 Melissa Incredibly overrated - the Oscars are a fucking joke. 3 stars
9/17/99 strike Must be the most overrated movie in years. Uneven and boring at times. G.Rush was terrible. 2 stars
9/09/99 Haden The more you enjoy Shakespeare, the more you will enjoy this film 4 stars
7/19/99 Chef ADogg Passionate, beautiful, lush. And a very universal theme. 4 stars
7/19/99 blue b. Chick flick 4 stars
7/08/99 Ann I really enjoyed it-made me question the meaning of love 5 stars
7/04/99 randy grubbs this is an ok movie at best. saving pvt. ryan should have won the oscar 3 stars
6/25/99 Al See it!!! 5 stars
6/19/99 Jude Well, SIL is over-rated and Emily Watson should take the oscar instead of Paltrow 3 stars
6/17/99 matchbox20 Someone should have taken the rock out of Paltrow's pants and thrown it at her head!!! 1 stars
6/15/99 David It's ok, but spends so much time being "clever" and "witty" that you just don't care. 3 stars
6/14/99 The Mongoose The kind of film that artsie fartsie pseudointellectuals would like. 1 stars
6/09/99 PurityJustBegs this film restored my faith in Cinemas abilty to caress and portray the power of language.. 4 stars
6/09/99 Elizaveta 'Elizabeth' was MUCH was Cate Blanchett 4 stars
6/06/99 CozoShimpo Most over-rated piece of English DUNG since The Crying Game 1 stars
5/31/99 ah ha! Oh yeah. Not too bad. 3 stars
5/29/99 Voyant Joseph Fiennes is dreamy. 5 stars
5/21/99 Jerry Gwyneth, Joseph, Dame Judi, Geoffrey, Colin, Ben, Rupert --- what more need I say?! 5 stars
5/11/99 Maria Excellent, clever script...and Ben Affleck! Gotta love that! 5 stars
5/10/99 Beachlovr9 Joseph Fiennes was excellent, the whole cast was excellent...a must see 5 stars
5/09/99 Rod Santacruz Such a well written and directed film...a real pleasure to see 5 stars
5/06/99 ali zikria universal 5 stars
5/04/99 Ali B. This is the most poetic film I've seen in a while and it is worth the attention. 5 stars
4/30/99 Derf Ttoille MAGNIFICO! Even for those who do not necessarily like Shakespeare! 5 stars
4/30/99 Evan Hughes Good movie if you're really into Shakespeare. Not all that great otherwise. 4 stars
4/30/99 Goddess Oh, I just love it! There's nothing more to say. 5 stars
4/29/99 Charles Windsor Glorius. Absolutely the BEST! 5 stars
4/28/99 Jeff What a cast! Leads and supporting! Glorious! Stunning! BEST OF THE YEAR! 5 stars
4/28/99 George Gwynie where for art thou Gwynie? What mre can I say? 5 stars
4/28/99 GwyniesTheBest Gwyneth is the BEST, Joe Fiennes is no "Warikshire shithouse", and Judi Dench RULES! 5 stars
4/28/99 Dina A glorious film 5 stars
4/28/99 Christopher Marlowe Fantastic cast, great story, beautiful music, wonerful costumes, magnificent sets 5 stars
4/27/99 Bushman I'm now a Paltrow fan. Good, original sceenplay, even Affleck didn't bug me. 5 stars
4/26/99 Blythe Seen it too many times to count. Why? Because it is smart and funny and beautiful. 5 stars
4/22/99 Christopher Bacher The flik where J. Feinnes runs at the camera 4 stars
4/20/99 John Tesh one great flick! 5 stars
4/20/99 Mr.Beu Jangle what was all the hulabuloo about????? Spend your movie $$ on the Matrix 2 stars
4/19/99 Jake Alonzo-She has NO TITS!! This movie can suckith my ass 1 stars
4/18/99 Skylar Bit clichéd for ppl new to S, but that's 'cos S INVENTED these clichés! Great acting&story! 5 stars
4/17/99 Spic Madam! How your enormous foreskin shades me from the sun! 3 stars
4/16/99 kmk with all the hype i was braced for a letdown, but paltrow and fiennes were amazing. 5 stars
4/14/99 Ami the Wonderbread Anything that has Shakespeare has gotta kick ass 5 stars
4/13/99 Robin Spiller It was lovely,Ben Affleck was a hotty! 5 stars
4/12/99 Callie An enchanting film, everything about it is wonderful. 5 stars
4/11/99 Alonzo Gwyenth Paltrow show's her tits, so it's definitely worth checking out. They aren't big. 4 stars
4/10/99 mara beautiful cinematography and direction...the actors glow 5 stars
4/10/99 Aaron W. Pennington I just can't say enough about this movie. If you like movies, you will love SIL. 5 stars
4/10/99 cinthi the best film of 98! 5 stars
4/10/99 Keith Calder The screenplay was the real star here, but everything else was top notch too. 5 stars
4/10/99 Spanky God save the queen 5 stars
4/09/99 Matt Miller It wasn't very good, but it was original 3 stars
4/08/99 Dave me thinkith it suckith 1 stars
4/08/99 Brian M great little film but not 1998's best 4 stars
4/07/99 Geoffrey T. Spaulding Damn Good Movie! Funny ass old guy sex scenes! GO SEE IT!! 5 stars
4/06/99 krisann bruton one of the better ones i've seen 5 stars
4/06/99 Shanandler Bong This movie was Great. Ben was wonderful, and Joseph was devine. 5 stars
4/05/99 sam they can shove it up Phil McCrevises ass 1 stars
4/03/99 Jerry Gwyneth has the acting range of a 2 year old 1 stars
4/03/99 Lily Rubbish. My cat has more soul than Gwyneth Paltry. 2 stars
4/01/99 maeve birrell Great stuff. Great acting. 4 stars
4/01/99 Cari The best movie I have seen in.... Forever! 5 stars
3/31/99 Anna Rönngård Good looking Shakespeare 5 stars
3/30/99 benjamin.lesbian A fun movie, worth the admission and met/exceeded my expectations. Best picture? No. 4 stars
3/30/99 starless really beautiful 5 stars
3/29/99 Norm Don't go. 1 stars
3/29/99 Da MAN If you like fucked up accents then this is 4u 1 stars
3/29/99 mitch gwyneth sucked! Much ado about NADDA!!! 1 stars
3/29/99 Ebert's twin Gwyneth, most overrated actress of our time. Shakespeare is turning in his grave. 1 stars
3/28/99 Daniela Laughed and especially cried a lot - one DOES get sentimental at 30! 4 stars
3/28/99 HeatherLadyBug Fucking, Fucking Awesome 5 stars
3/27/99 starla A very romantic movie, passionate performances by Paltrow, Fiennes, Dench. Good script. 4 stars
3/26/99 Shel A brilliant movie with a side order of Ben Affleck - sweet. 5 stars
3/26/99 debbie tuttle you know, once i got to play the jester in 12th night... 4 stars
3/25/99 catalina shakespeare in lame 3 stars
3/24/99 jvt Best Picture my arse 3 stars
3/22/99 hum very clever use of shakespearian cliche and trope 5 stars
3/19/99 Lauren Nicole Great movie, really creative and some hilarioius parts!!!! 5 stars
3/18/99 Leah Campbell Stoppard is amazing 5 stars
3/18/99 carol anne wonderful movie!! must see!! 5 stars
3/16/99 Jennie James Loved the movie! Ben's lines were definetly the funniest! 5 stars
3/15/99 karen awesome 5 stars
3/14/99 Dharma I LOVE YOU JOSEPH FIENNES!!!!!!! 5 stars
3/14/99 Deana Absolutely amazing. I could drown in Joseph Fiennes' eyes 5 stars
3/13/99 Chyna All I can say is - damn, was it good! 5 stars
3/11/99 Bats What was there not to like? Great ensemble cast. 4 stars
3/11/99 Meg Joe Fiennes' eyes ... what's sexier?! 5 stars
3/10/99 Kenda Amazing script, great cast, yes, yes, YES! 5 stars
3/09/99 Katie I think wonderful is the best word to describe this film; wonderful script and performances 5 stars
3/09/99 The Buffy Chick oh man this is such a great movie. 5 stars
3/08/99 Film Review Not as great as the hype, but still an excellent film. 4 stars
3/07/99 Donna Even tho Imn a staunch anti-gwynner, joeseph fiennes won me over...yum! 5 stars
3/07/99 Uncle Flacid Solid flick, some of the edits were brutal, Gwen's affected speech was grating at first 4 stars
3/04/99 Lucy B. The ultimate Romantic movie. Joseph Fiennes' perfomance is breath-taking! 5 stars
3/04/99 Katie Suck it 5 stars
3/04/99 Erica mmm. Ben. mmm. Joseph. 5 stars
3/04/99 Andrew Feland The tightest script I've seen in a while. Incredible. 5 stars
3/03/99 Rebecca For a shakespeare lover, it really was fucking awesome 5 stars
3/01/99 jvt Wait! If the academy says it's great then I must love it! 3 stars
3/01/99 Blythe Everyone I have taken to see it has sat in awed silence at the end. 5 stars
2/28/99 Jo Fab title for a shallow movie that's hook is making the audience feel culturally literate. 3 stars
2/27/99 Jerry-93 I was shocked as HELL to see the tits on that little boy. And to think he dated Brad Pitt. 5 stars
2/25/99 Lucy Loved it alot 5 stars
2/24/99 Kenda Brilliant script. 5 stars
2/24/99 Scott Nothing better than getting a joke that most(in the theater)don't get-Excellent Film 5 stars
2/24/99 Simply Brilliant!!! 5 stars
2/24/99 Happy D. Again? What's with putting Ben first on the casting list for his cameo?! 5 stars
2/22/99 Jeff HOUN Loved this movie, very entertaining and refreshing comedy, and had to be dragged to see it 5 stars
2/20/99 Cool Thing And you sir, are a Warwickshire shithouse. 5 stars
2/19/99 Jen The irony and wit is great! 5 stars
2/19/99 Jamie SIL was amazing! My fave line! Ben Afflecks response to Mercutio's fate "He dies?" 5 stars
2/19/99 Alexis Awesome 5 stars
2/19/99 Derek Stoppard and Norman thoroughly infatuate us with love of Shakespeare and language itself. 5 stars
2/19/99 jess harry wonderfully written and acted 5 stars
2/19/99 The Graduate Clever and witty romp, even for the Bardically-challenged. 5 stars
2/19/99 chuck-d it was so good! A date movie that just kicks dramatic amounts of ass (pun intended) 5 stars
2/17/99 Kooky Sal Didn't expect it to match the hype. Thy did and then some. Paltrow was good(!) 5 stars
2/14/99 Joe smaltz Did justice to Shakespeares romances 5 stars
2/14/99 Rolf Steiner Sorry, has to be the most overated flick since Titanic. 1 stars
2/14/99 Cheezypoof Simply awesome. Fiennes & Paltrow deserve oscars! 5 stars
2/11/99 Dasha Smart, funny, just AWESOME! 5 stars
2/07/99 Giladani Awesome script. Decent performances, enjoyable all around. 4 stars
2/01/99 Tom Ripley One of the most joyously literate films I've ever seen. How did this get thru Hollywood? 5 stars
1/28/99 donkey_dew Shakespeare In Love scores big...Really big!!! 5 stars
1/24/99 Theresa Excellent film! 5 stars
1/23/99 Goofaloo A really smartly written film. Borderline genious. 5 stars
1/23/99 Dread Pirate Roberts Awesomely romantic, amusing -- lends new impact and interest to Shakespeare's works. 5 stars
1/20/99 CLC it was ok. beautiful costumes. 50/50, see it in the theatre or at home 4 stars
1/20/99 Movie Geezer a wonderful movie loaded with great parts 5 stars
1/19/99 Chronically hip Keep rating the same movie, AOL girl, and you'll be banned. Good flick on it's own merits. 4 stars
1/17/99 Suzz a 90 minute film with 30 minutes of plot and a screenplay only Mel Brooks could love 2 stars
1/17/99 tyler everett i love shakespeare, and i was incredibly moved by this movie. It was amazing 5 stars
1/13/99 buddy Best film of the year, should win best picture Oscar. 5 stars
1/12/99 Mr Showbiz Don't miss it. 5 stars
1/12/99 Gamma The theatre I was in was PACKED and the volume was too low - otherwise great. 4 stars
1/11/99 Joe C. Paltrow's radiance steals the show! A great supporting cast(even Ben Affleck was watchable) 5 stars
1/11/99 Blubberbot It was OK. It looked really good. It had some dumb parts. It also had some good parts. 3 stars
1/10/99 Hal Great film, loved every minute of it. 5 stars
1/09/99 Buffy Terrific film, Oscars to all the main cast! 5 stars
1/08/99 Confused Waiting to find out what makes this film so damn special. Just a decent entry in the genre. 3 stars
1/08/99 Jason Mewes Not as good as Jaws 3-D 1 stars
1/07/99 chuck-d loved it. any movie that makes me cry must be good (re: armageddon) 5 stars
1/07/99 Evil Buffy this was so pretty and neat and fun and cool and stuff. what can i say? 5 stars
1/05/99 Brent Great entertainment. The more you've read of Shakespeare, the more you'll enjoy this film. 5 stars
1/03/99 Daisy a very celver film, the writing and acting are wonderful. 5 stars
1/03/99 Kenneth excellent, excellent film. fiennes, paltrow, superb. 5 stars
1/03/99 One Hung Low Geek central. Lame fiction. Shakespeare was not half that dynamic. 1 stars
1/02/99 Deena Amazing movie, everyone deserves an Oscar nod. 5 stars
1/02/99 Matthew Finally, Paltrow gets a chance to really act in a film. And she does it very well in this! 5 stars
1/02/99 Chris Great film, the whole cast was amazing, deserves an Oscar for writing. 5 stars
1/02/99 Louis XIV Yawn. Funny at moments. Trite and cliche much of the time. 2 stars
1/02/99 John Trivialization of a great man's life. How Hollywoodish. 1 stars
1/01/99 Jo Fiennes and Paltrow were magnificent! 5 stars
12/31/98 Cinderella Great film! Fiennes and Paltrow were superb. 5 stars
12/31/98 Steven Best film I've seen in a long time 5 stars
12/31/98 Sara Wonderful flick, it's funny, romantic, sexy, and fabulous! 5 stars
12/30/98 Danni Excellent film, one of the best f of the year 5 stars
12/29/98 Christina Tom Stoppard's script is brilliant, glorious acting. Joseph Fiennes- one to watch. 5 stars
12/28/98 WinnieDaPooh brilliant movie!!!!! 5 stars
12/28/98 Johny Way too long-- I see the appeal, but it's highly overpraised 3 stars
12/28/98 Joe Schmo excellent film, i enjoyed it very much. paltrow was excellent! 5 stars
12/27/98 Kate Amazing movie! 5 stars
12/27/98 LST One of the best films of the year! 5 stars
12/26/98 Mike F bad movie 1 stars
12/25/98 {{{OZ}}} God damn wonderful flick. 5 stars
12/24/98 CarolT How come Geoffrey Rush is'nt on your cast list??! 4 stars
12/24/98 Heather Loved this movie, very witty, one of my year's best 5 stars
12/23/98 Lou Pine, Jr. Anachronistic but highly engaging. Dench sublime/Paltrow & Fiennes superb/Affleck miscast. 4 stars
12/20/98 Mr Showbiz A rollicking romantic comedy that strikes a rare pitch. Bravura performances. 5 stars
12/16/98 Binky A vvery different tilt on Shakespeare. Great movie. 5 stars
12/04/98 Kirgo very clever and inventive! 5 stars
11/25/98 Linda Ben is in doubt it's going to be awesome. 5 stars
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