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Awesome: 17.32%
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Average: 24.41%
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Total Crap42.52%

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
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by Scott Weinberg

"Expands on everything from Part 1, except the fun."
3 stars

I've taken a lot of flack from friends (who see me as a "movie snob") for loudly and enthusiastically recommending the original Charlie's Angels. See, I adore quick-cut movie trailers and mega-edited action scenes and colorful rock videos, and the original Angels adventure delivered all that, a bag of chips, and a whole lot of wholesome feminine curves. The sequel takes everything from the first film, blows it up to exponentially sillier proportions and sits back, content just to posture smokily. Odd as it sounds, considering how overblown the original movie was, less would have been more. And since we have returning superstar Demi on board, I suppose a more accurate comment would be "Less is Moore".

If the first Charlie's Angels was silly and loud and borderline retarded, then Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is little more than Lunacy Redefined. All the requisite bangs and pows and cracks and whips and ass-cheeks are present and accounted for. But the first film managed to wedge a paper-thin (yet noticable) plot in between the set pieces.

The sequel is quite literally ALL set pieces.

And only a few of 'em really work.

Not content to simply ride roughshod over concepts as antiquated as "plot", "cohesive storytelling" and "physics", Full Throttle plows along in surreal fashion - resembling not much more than a series of Live Action Looney Tunes. The threadbare plot dusts off that reliable old "computer files full of relocated government witnesses" chestnut and then promptly begins ignoring it.

Each scene in the film seems to begin with a 15-second recap of some stand-alone plot point before it gets down to the nitty of the gritty: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore baring shaking their asses and lifting their cleavage. It's all very sexy in a prefabricated sort of way. Then we're treated to some random event: a slappy fistfight, an out-of-place dance scene, more jiggles & giggles, etc., etc.

But (and I guess this holds true for most sequels) the magic is gone. Or if not gone, let's just say it's hidden beneath massive paydays and overwhelming vanity. (And let's face it: self-love with a smirk is still self-love.) During the first Charlie's Angels I actually felt some jolts from the action scenes. Nothing in the sequel even comes close to the kinetic enjoyability of the original entry's "Alleyway Brawl".

Bill Murray opted to bow out, so we now get Bernie Mac. Demi Moore is hoping to ride her presence here into a full-blown Hollywood comeback. One of the original TV Angels shows up for an arcane cameo, as do the likes of The Olsen Twins, Pink and Bruce Willis (the former Mr. Demi Moore (!) ) - to no discernable impact. That John Cleese, easily one of this planet's funniest people, is brought on board for precisely ONE extended joke (one that seems culled from some old Three's Company script) is a fairly clear indication of how many plates this flick tries to spin at once.

In other words: a whole lot of sound and fury...signifying not much more than another cookie-cutter sequel. Yet every time I feel like thrashing this movie for the paint-by-numbers project it clearly is...I recall a witty moment that made me smirk or a brief adrenalin rush I got during a second act Warehouse Brawl.

So while Part 1 was content to simply infuse macho action with a joyous sense of Girl Power, the follow-up is more of a circus sideshow; we get endless movie references and homages, pointless movie-star cameos ad nauseum, and a palpable onscreen sense of everyone showing up for the money. Yeah, the gals sure seem to have a lot of fun working together, but they only share that glee with the audience on an intermittent basis.

If the first flick was a surprisingly delicious Happy Meal, this one's a batch of leftovers. And if you've ever tried to microwave a leftover McDonald's cheeseburger, you know it doesn't really taste all that great. Edible, sure. Satisfying, not so much.

So while there's certainly a healthy handful of fun to be had (especially for fans of the original farce), Full Throttle is decidedly less loose and clearly less fresh - and no amount of product placement and gimmick cameos is going to change that. All that aside: the girls are pretty, the karate chops crack loudly, and the explosions are still fun to look at. Guess I'm a sucker for three pretty faces and six omni-present hooters.

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originally posted: 06/28/03 06:45:03
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User Comments

12/29/17 morris campbell very silly but fun 4 stars
10/12/10 simon loved the first one, hated this! it's insultingly stupid!!!! 1 stars
6/08/10 Flathead King Few films are worse than this one. 1 stars
5/11/08 drydock54321 just as bad as the first one 2 stars
12/26/06 johnnyfog With Sam Rockwell gone, all thats left is Demi pretending she's gay. SHIT 1 stars
10/30/06 Jimmey-Cheen Taking crap to a new level!!! If there was a 0 star selection I'd take it!!! 1 stars
7/21/06 Anthony Feor I am going to say pass 3 stars
5/26/06 William Goss Crosses the line between dumb fun and just plain dumb that made the first so entertaining. 3 stars
2/05/06 Shawn Gadberry What went wrong after such a great C.A.#1? Blah... 3 stars
10/17/05 Hamster W. Lung Gave me anal warts 1 stars
9/28/05 Jonathon Holmes Moore, Diaz, Barrymore and Liu cant save this mess 2 stars
9/01/05 ES Bernie! Why?!? Not even you could save this cretinous lump of crap 1 stars
6/25/05 Mr Fluffy What in God's name was that? 1 stars
4/26/05 E-FUNK A limp-dick end to a repulsive franchise hopeful. I'm actually glads this was made. 1 stars
3/03/05 Laurie Le Blanc Crispin Glove/Thin Man's cameo is the only reason to see this movie! 3 stars
12/09/04 Kristina Williams thank GOD I didnt pay to watch this. 1 stars
8/27/04 ranger4e Unless you are into T&A, avoid. 1 stars
8/01/04 DM Good Lord, what have I done? 1 stars
7/19/04 Kill Charlie Holy crap was this move godawful. One of the worst ever. Avoid avoid avoid. 1 stars
7/19/04 axe warped and on speed captain! zzzzzzz@!@!@!ssssssss 3 stars
6/12/04 DJ ERIC 88 the motorcycle scenes rocked! THE BEST OF THE2 MOVIES! 5 stars
5/29/04 person I thought the film was eye catching and fun! 4 stars
5/26/04 Daveman Painful 1 stars
5/15/04 Mortis None of these women can act enough to save their own lives! 1 stars
5/06/04 HorrorScribbler Amiable nonsense. I think it was a comedy ... 3 stars
3/21/04 Natalie's good a second time, but... Helen treats audience like toilet paper -- they hafta take lots of shit off Helen Zass! 1 stars
1/29/04 EIHFHIS I saw Cameron in a BIKINI!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
1/27/04 lonesome_whistle Unbelieveably stupid - someone owes me $8.50! 1 stars
1/24/04 esther the worst film i saw last year 1 stars
1/20/04 Tiffany Faye Hawthorne First was good in very silly way, but Drew Barrymore sucks her won turds this time. 1 stars
1/08/04 A F Ok Lucy I love you but, you can do better than this heap. 2 stars
1/05/04 beautie never seen so much shithole heaped together 1 stars
12/20/03 Johnny Fay anyone who likes this movie should be killed!!!!!!!! 1 stars
11/28/03 john how bad can a movie actually get? a new world record ladies and gentlemen! 1 stars
11/27/03 he a good film 3 stars
11/25/03 Thiago Cool movie, bu the first one was better. still, The angels are more comfortable now. 3 stars
11/23/03 Mary P-U Reinforced my dislike for Camer, disappointed in Drew's choice to be in this crapper. 1 stars
11/22/03 he a good film but not great 3 stars
10/11/03 !BoRiNg! Its was stupid and lame 1 stars
10/07/03 it was so fantastic movie!!great! 4 stars
9/25/03 Jenna Furr What a letdown that this is harpy vomit, after first was so delightfully absurd! 1 stars
9/15/03 Carrie Kohl First is stupid in a fun and funny way. This is just stupid. 1 stars
9/14/03 Monica I'd just as soon see a crocodile swallow Helen Zass whole! 1 stars
9/12/03 Tiffany Faye Hawthorne Wish I could bury more of Drew's shitty flicks. Only Natalie was good this time. 1 stars
9/03/03 here beter then the first one 5 stars
9/02/03 Kitty B. u shoulda kept bill murray 1 stars
8/19/03 JJ from da block Where is freakin Kate, Jacky and Farrah dammit 1 stars
8/16/03 Red great 5 stars
8/13/03 Troy Butler Poor movie, ... but then again, ... that's not why we went to see it, now was it?! (Yummy)! 3 stars
8/09/03 Azza Mind numbing crap at its worst. 1 stars
7/29/03 Casey and Krissy The Movie Rules Mother Fuckers 5 stars
7/29/03 Charles Townsend This dissapointed even me!!!! 2 stars
7/23/03 Kooler Incoherant, occasionally fun. 3 stars
7/23/03 Shadaan Felfeli Jam packed with ridiculous impossibilities. Very entertaining ! 3 stars
7/22/03 Graham I didn't want to hit the director, which is as good as it gets this summer. Fun! 4 stars
7/21/03 Zargo not as good as the original.. still fun though 4 stars
7/19/03 Hottie I thought this was a GREAT movie and the actors did great also! 5 stars
7/18/03 Althalus The best movie so far this year. Matrix suck my d...k. 5 stars
7/17/03 Katie Roberts The 1st was gd fun, but this is complete crap, it has no story line, basically no point all 1 stars
7/15/03 sneaker Brainless? Yes. Fun? My word! It's Vin Diesel for girls. Fair's fair. 4 stars
7/11/03 Danielle Ophelia Filmed in loud strobes and hiccups...and a bit TOO Cameron-centric. Vastly underwhelming. 2 stars
7/09/03 Uncle Salty Charlies Fuglies: Demi is decent only since she is now a cyborg. 1 stars
7/08/03 Harpreet lots of T & A, not much plot. But I had a great time watching it and not having to think. 4 stars
7/08/03 Young critic junk...bottom line 1 stars
7/08/03 Todd Fuck you McG! Fuck you Camron! Fuck you Luci! and Fuck you Drew! Worst movie ever!!!!!!!! 1 stars
7/07/03 Trevor Ashman I loved every minute of it 5 stars
7/07/03 Hottie I thought this was a GREAT movie and the actors did great also! 5 stars
7/07/03 Emperor's New Clothes? Nope. Just a Fat, Ugly, Naked, Guy. Maybe our worthy reviewers see something us regular ol' viewers don't? Maybe not. 1 stars
7/07/03 Mike Glorified music video. Visual style my ass, Snider. 1 stars
7/06/03 adhump sucked enough for me to think about leaving30 mins into it .... 1 stars
7/04/03 vkm007 I CANNOT BELIEVE I PAID MONEY 1 stars
7/03/03 rog bad 1 stars
7/03/03 John Linton Roberson Someday, "stupid" will not justify crap's existence. 1 stars
7/03/03 R. Elizabeth Caulfield This movie was excellent, very comedic, very predictable yet comedic and fun. 5 stars
7/02/03 black leather jacket Was a fun film! Crank on the serious side alittle and you'd get a better film! 5 stars
7/02/03 ddd great i loved it 5 stars
7/02/03 snowconehead McG needs a new McJob other than McDirecting 3 stars
7/01/03 KingNeutron This is a perfect example of how NOT to make an action movie. 1 stars
7/01/03 MJM103171 i enjoyed it (first was bettter though) 4 stars
7/01/03 Obi Wan no way!! 1 stars
6/30/03 Cameron Johnson This movie is nothing but mindless T and A with an absolutely motiveless plot. 1 stars
6/30/03 i know movies i loved it sooo much i dont no wut yall are talkin bout 5 stars
6/30/03 KCobain Horrid 1 stars
6/29/03 ken real bad 1 stars
6/28/03 lebron avoid 1 stars
6/28/03 fdgdfgfd First movie was pretty bad, but this movie was even worse! 1 stars
6/28/03 The Kid Hollywood drivel at it worst. Even with four hot chicks mostly naked it was hard to watch. 1 stars
6/28/03 syrius eeehhhhh 2 stars
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  27-Jun-2003 (PG-13)



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