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Worth A Look: 18.88%
Average: 13.78%
Pretty Bad: 13.27%
Total Crap: 19.39%

9 reviews, 142 user ratings

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Wrong Turn
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by Collin Souter

"Screw the critics, right? Let's hear what the experts have to say..."
1 stars

Hi. My name Oog Cannibal. Saw movie last night. “Wrong Turn.” Ad intrigued me. Movie about cannibals? Must see. Members of United Cannibal Network emailed me. “Oog,” said him. “Must see ‘Wrong Turn.’ Hollywood got right. Us cannibals. Depicted accurately. Grunt.” Excited. Cannibal get mostly bad wrap from movie people. Eating fun. Eating human better. Store leftovers in fridge. Never clean. Wear overalls. Keep back hump in shape for hiking. Drive “Sanford and Son” automobile. Woods. Backwoods. No one around. Movie sound good to me. “Wrong Turn.” How could movie not be right?

Truth: Movie kind of dumb. Dumb for me, too. Stan Winston do make-up. Think Winston got bothered too much from writer/director team Alan McElroy and Rob Schmidt. Got fed-up. Threw some old Augnaut masks from “Empire Strikes Back” at creators. Screamed “Here, take these. Now leave me alone!” Most likely. Still, got right. We look and talk like that. But no talk from cannibals. Grunts and ooogs only. Three cannibal. Two big and stocky, like myself. One thin, small and gangly. Richard O’Brien and Crypt Keeper rolled as one. Remind me of cousin Glagh. Glagh not smart, like movie.

Movie take place in woods. Five humans. One make wrong turn. Not surprised. Him sad. He named Chris. Acted by Desmond Harrington. Him hate acting. Can’t do it. Bored. No character for him to play. Says lines. Walks. Him crashes car into white van. More humans. Five of them. Three woman folk, one played by Eliza Dushku. Oog like “Bring It On.” Two men folk, too. One wear Bono specs. Oog hate. Other do bad Elliot Gould imitation while talking about music. Oog hate even more. Inconsequential. Oog got hungry.

One by one, they get killed. Dragged to cannibal house and eaten. Rest stayed in storage (Better that way. Stay fresh. Like Hefty zip-lock. Glad, too. Teeth and lungs we eat in summer. Spleen-wich). Elliot Gould-man get killed with arrow. Quality. Some get axe. Three survivors up in tree. Cannibal smart. Cannibal know wood burn. Human jump around trees. Vaguely sunny for nighttime. Golden sunny forest. Too sunny. Bright. Thinks cinematographer should invest in light meter. Easily a 5.6 to 8 spilt would cure harsh hues of sun. And keep natural. Sven Nykvist agree. Counted six helicopter shots. All same.

Oog favorite part: Sherriff has four lines. Takes one for the team. Quality kill, yes. But Oog sad. Movie about cannibal shows cannibal not being cannibal. They run round with arrows, axes and trucks, but no eat. Only see discarded remains on table. Leg missing. Never see cannibal eat leg. Only leftovers. Not cannibal. Not true. Bad ethical treatment of cannibal. Oog protest. Want see cannibal eat food. Otherwise, no cannibal. Just storage monkey. Pack rats. Not accurate. What wrong with Grunt he recommend movie to me?

“Wrong Turn” no live up to hype. Hence no hype from studio. 20th Century Fox remove logo at beginning. Them sad. No want association. Oog not blame them. “Wrong Turn” bad. Audience know too. Audience laugh. Cheer when humans get killed. Oog notice plenty of red and green squiggly lines on Word document with every sentence. Oog tired of writing review. No more to say. No not go. “Wrong Turn” get two digit down. Oog hungry. Want Pop-Tart.

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originally posted: 06/01/03 04:09:41
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User Comments

9/14/17 morris campbell tense & grisly 3 stars
7/21/12 Sean Harrison Putrid attempt at horror. 1 stars
10/18/10 AlecM boooringgggg, watch the films it imitates instead. (TCM, deliverance, hills have eyes) 2 stars
2/06/10 brian Pathetic, insulting, cliched to the max, ignorant, ugly, hateful movie. 1 stars
7/27/08 Shelli Thought is was well done...enjoyed it a lot 4 stars
5/03/08 d satrana not that bad! if you're really bored n want to watch a movie.. this serves the purpose 4 stars
4/28/08 art IT SURE WAS A WRONG TURN 1 stars
7/24/07 taro characers are so unlikable, I wanted them to die. 1 stars
2/17/07 Ruby Saw it in a bar- was a captive audience wish i had that time back. 1 stars
12/06/06 Shamine Wright it a very cool movie 5 stars
12/03/06 David Pollastrini good gore. 5 stars
11/03/06 Hauzy might have been a wrong turn, but everything about this movie was right 5 stars
10/30/06 AJ Muller a solid slasher flick that totally earns its right to exist 3 stars
10/23/06 Seth Gunari ya way better than jeepers creepers 5 stars
10/19/06 katie trotman the best film in the world go to see so goood 5 stars
9/09/06 Sully I'd like to eat Dushku...does that make me an inbred W. Virg. cannibal....? 5 stars
7/31/06 Agent Sands Did what Cabin Fever didn't do right, but still didn't do it that well. 3 stars
7/30/06 Shaun Wallner this was pretty good 4 stars
6/28/06 Evil Wolfie Horrible and a waste of time 1 stars
6/25/06 MP Bartley Tick off the cliches one by one people... 2 stars
6/16/06 Michele fun and a little creepy 4 stars
6/08/06 Lisa Trees and nasty weapons don't mix!!! 5 stars
5/16/06 Amanda It scared the crap out of me. And I'm from Kentucky! ha ha 4 stars
4/12/06 Simon-ann Poombuh Totally vivacious! te critics who belittled this film are absolutely retarded. If you all 4 stars
1/19/06 Rachel Blevins One of the best movies ever !!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/23/05 Booby The sequel is going to be Called Wrong Turn Back 5 stars
10/27/05 chris not bad and not good either 3 stars
9/26/05 Priscilla Postlethwaite I sure hope John Denver went to a different part of Heaven than this almost is! 4 stars
8/25/05 Eden It's watchable but you've seen it a million times before 2 stars
7/29/05 mzukisi dwenene can you tell me about that three men in the forest eat human called cannibals 3 stars
4/26/05 E-FUNK If you enjoy cannibal-mutant-muppets grab-assing WB rejects, grab a spoon! 1 stars
12/06/04 K. Sear Ridiculous, commerical attempt to modernize "The Hills Have Eyes". 1 stars
12/04/04 Jawil Osbam Grrrrr! My luck would be to end up in the part of Heaven that this almost is. 4 stars
10/15/04 Don Eckert Good Effort with a quick pace. Not a classic but not bad either. 4 stars
9/02/04 Josh Standlee It rocks, and even thoug it makes me think of my ex-girlfriend, I still love it! 5 stars
8/24/04 American Slasher Goddess Nice, stylish horror flick with some good gore 4 stars
8/21/04 McGraw Instantly forgotten P.O.S horror schlock. LAME-ASS. 1 stars
7/04/04 True Review i thought this movie would suck like Cabin Fever but its way better, an entertaining horror 4 stars
6/24/04 Grady Davis It made no indication as to if the rednecks were monster, though they don't seem to die. 3 stars
6/03/04 i'm the director of the film what, oh WHAT was I thinking! Someone kill me for making such stupid, repetitive trash. 1 stars
5/24/04 Blakers a great film 5 stars
4/20/04 D77Spoony Intense! Ignore the critics until you've seen it! 5 stars
4/17/04 Michael Greenwaldt An excellent, intense, ride! One of the best horror films of its kind in awhile! 5 stars
4/16/04 Chawna M Movie was great....really scary...worth the watch!! 5 stars
4/11/04 valerie hart a great horror movie by far the best one this year!!! 5 stars
3/30/04 American Slasher Goddess Very well done,much better then the Chainsaw remake. 4 stars
3/21/04 Kayla nice nice movie.. desmond harrington is pretty hot.. id say!! 5 stars
3/19/04 Nancy Loved the movie; the 3 guys gave me nightmares. I'll drive down a dirt road alone again! 4 stars
3/16/04 Eliza Dushka I loved Making that movie, My Cousin had to dress up as one of the Canniballs. I laughed! 5 stars
3/09/04 Frank Miller Kicks ass and takes names... 5 stars
3/07/04 Zach G. A FUN movie. The cannibals were done by the same guy from Jurassic Park! 5 stars
3/02/04 Michael Stjames There are obviously a lot of stupid people out there that think they are credible critics. 5 stars
2/23/04 Naturezrevenge 1 star less than "sucks". Review above acurate. Enjoy watching screamy girls killed. Joy. 2 stars
2/22/04 LIAM JACKSON the character of 'three-finger' scared the shite out of me.such a loon. 5 stars
2/13/04 Kai Silly me, I actually thought that this movie might be decent. 1 stars
2/05/04 LIAM JACKSON good film. this is one reason why i never visit the south 4 stars
2/03/04 ghost nothing special 3 stars
12/30/03 re A GREAT FILM 5 stars
12/26/03 Sara Really Good!!! 5 stars
12/23/03 jeremiah martin I loved it was so awsome 5 stars
12/13/03 Chris A great horror movie! 4 stars
12/13/03 Karie I loved it!!! 5 stars
12/12/03 The killer Someone convinced me this was a true story, luckily later i found out it wasn't 5 stars
12/12/03 Leather_FAce Kicks ass! 5 stars
12/12/03 Captain Spaulding awesome backwoods splatter flick!! 5 stars
12/12/03 Charlie and the Chocolate FActory Great movie! 5 stars
12/10/03 tim great! 5 stars
12/10/03 re A GREAT FILM 5 stars
12/09/03 Samuel One of the best horror films this Decade!! 5 stars
12/02/03 matt much better than texas chainsaw remake! 3 stars
11/22/03 Sharon i liked it..much better than that shit house of 1000 corpses 5 stars
11/18/03 he a great film 5 stars
11/16/03 Alice Good acting,indeed no original story, but never boring!I liked it. 5 stars
11/01/03 cinkcool your girlfriend is fucking dumb just like you! 1 stars
10/24/03 NBCraftsman Best special effect: Elizas' glaring white un-stained tank top... 2 stars
10/24/03 Boris Mind-numbingly average 3 stars
10/24/03 Kae Wasn't that great, Eliza Dushku was cool though, but the movie was NOT! 2 stars
10/21/03 Albie Better than most cheezy slasher flix...What should anyone expect from one of these? 3 stars
10/17/03 Josh Standlee Loved it, so did my girlfriend! 5 stars
10/15/03 culprit64 who ever thought this movie was awesome needs some serious pyschological help... 2 stars
10/15/03 Redpajammas THIS MOVIE WAS GREAT!!!!! 5 stars
10/13/03 jITJIT sKEPHZUKKS Eliza Dushku finally shows talent, on eve of being stolen off bg scren by damned TV series! 4 stars
10/07/03 Samuel Justus Wrong Turn, House of 1000 Corpses, Cabin Fever, Cant wait for the Texas Chainsaw re-make!! 5 stars
10/07/03 Erik Van Sant Cannibal-mutant-muppets manage to be as scary as a Fraggle Rock episode. Unbelievably bad. 1 stars
9/24/03 Ingo Starts no so bad, but then it get's boring and badly acted. 2 stars
9/03/03 here THE BEST OF THE BEST 5 stars
8/24/03 stephen joyce it was awesome and would definitely watch it again 5 stars
8/18/03 h the best film 5 stars
8/15/03 The Velcro Warlock Taut thriller. But who the fuck are these Neanderthaloid villains? 4 stars
8/01/03 Dave M Whats wrong with you people ? A true classic. Keep givin good movies shit reviews as u do. 5 stars
7/31/03 aiken drum Obsenly stupid in parts, but its fun to watch them all die. 3 stars
7/31/03 nr GREAT I LOVED IT 5 stars
7/28/03 Collin You Want A Truly Scary Horror Movie Rent Wes Craven's New Nightmare Don't Wast Time On This 1 stars
7/26/03 Gary Fantastic 5 stars
7/18/03 Hottie great 5 stars
7/12/03 Joe GREAT 5 stars
7/11/03 nr GREAT I LOVED IT 5 stars
7/10/03 Gary A superb classic. 5 stars
7/09/03 Phil Of course this film isn't going to be anything we haven't seen before, but it's still great 5 stars
7/08/03 nr great i loved it 5 stars
7/08/03 Young critic Very poor movie. High cheese factor 1 stars
6/28/03 Giddy COOL 5 stars
6/27/03 john allen I respectfully disagree with your review. tense and well paced 5 stars
6/24/03 Chris It's awesome 5 stars
6/24/03 steve scary, suspenseful, but also a little too predictable 4 stars
6/21/03 Don Fast paced and suspenseful. Low budget and attitude make for a decent horror flick. 4 stars
6/21/03 tiffany the movie is awesome espicialy eliza who has the guts to show her real color! 5 stars
6/19/03 Jerry Stop insulting the film!!! 5 stars
6/19/03 Sauce Waste of time. It wasn't even scary. 1 stars
6/18/03 Chris GRREAT 5 stars
6/17/03 he great film scary 5 stars
6/16/03 caramel jenkins nice prrtty scary 5 stars
6/13/03 Jerry Really scary 5 stars
6/12/03 stud great film scary 5 stars
6/12/03 Jeff Tuttle Worth seeing. Semi-scary and humorous. 4 stars
6/11/03 Brannie Herez Brannie, This movie looks sooo bad that i wont even bother to pay for movie tickets. 1 stars
6/11/03 Hottie I thought this was a GREAT movie and the actors did great also! 5 stars
6/11/03 cheebs! Liked it so much the first time that I went again. :) 4 stars
6/10/03 Obi Wan Not too knows what is it and doesn't try too hard 3 stars
6/09/03 Pam Rather a run-of-the-mill slasher film that reminded me of Jason Vorhees meets Deliverance. 3 stars
6/09/03 Kaylyn I saw the film last night and happened to like it very much. I suggest seeing it. 4 stars
6/09/03 Colin This Makes The Friday The 13th Series Look Like Shakesphere 1 stars
6/08/03 heeee great 5 stars
6/07/03 Mini-me ***** 5 stars
6/07/03 MEEE great 5 stars
6/07/03 .Choadushouse. The tree part was good. This is nothing like SCREAM. It's a decent horror movie... 3 stars
6/06/03 Horror films get lame Scream was an ok film, but its spawn is just awful. All these gore films look alike. 1 stars
6/06/03 Amy It was better than I expected. (I always keep my expectations low.) 3 stars
6/05/03 Erik Van Sant Cannibal-Mutant-Muppets aren't scary...Desmond Harrington's acting is. This movie blows. 1 stars
6/05/03 Hanky JESUS CHRIST!! Talk about a good film 5 stars
6/05/03 Nick Schneider If you're so tired of the horror genre, why keep going? 4 stars
6/04/03 Jack Bourbon Hee hee hee hee haw!!! Pretty amusing stuff. Great tree sequence. 4 stars
6/04/03 mee gre 5 stars
6/04/03 nik jesus christ on a vespa, did this blow! 1 stars
6/03/03 amazing scary 5 stars
6/01/03 Steven RIP-OFF of SO many better movies. Laughably bad and not the least bit terrifying. LAME 1 stars
5/31/03 Joseph Barale Better than Jeepers Creepers 5 stars
5/31/03 Worse Than You! WORST...MOVIE...EVER 1 stars
5/31/03 Meyeson It's like a dream come true episode of ROAD RULES, hooray for the cannibals! 4 stars
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  30-May-2003 (R)
  DVD: 14-Oct-2003



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