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Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me
[] Buy posters from this movie
by Erik Childress

"A Cult Movie No More"
4 stars

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (***) – Austin Powers, like The Naked Gun series, seemingly will never get old. There are numerous James Bond and other British spy films to draw inspiration and jokes from and should always remain funny. At least, I hope, because the latest Austin Powers film succeeds in surpassing the original on a pure laugh quotient alone. There are more laughs, bigger laughs, if not always the freshest.

The original Austin Powers had its share of good laughs, but I felt for every three good jokes there were two stale ones – jokes that went on too long during individual moments that brought the film to a halt. And I always preferred the Dr. Evil scenes to the Austin Powers moments, without question. The new film may have recognized that and ups the ante with Dr. Evil – possibly giving him even more screen time – and it works. Upon stealing Austin’s mojo, Dr. Evil becomes the embodiment of a pop-culture hipster who can’t help but throwing out all kind of cultural references from The Exorcist to The Great Santini to Jerry Maguire. And boy does he have some great help this time too in the form of Verne Troyer who plays tiny Mini Me – who is without a doubt, an instant classic of a character. And Troyer is so good at playing what is essentially a silent performance as we sense him both as an incredibly evil little pest and a cute little guy with a sensitive side to Dr. Evil. He should be given some kind of special award for the performance. And, although a lot of critics have chosen to keep it as a “surprise” who plays the evil henchman, Fat Bastard, anyone who has seen the trailers and interviews knows that it’s Mike Myers who is completely camouflaged and unrecognizable in makeup that makes him to look a little like Chris Farley at times. A couple scenes look to go for similar laughs from There’s Something About Mary as Austin drinks something he shouldn’t unknowingly and another, seen in the previews, where Mini Me bites Austin’s crotch and as flung around like Puffy the Dog. I’ve seen the film twice now, and both times the audience applauded after the first 10-15 minutes which include the hilarious title sequence which tops the similar scene in the original as well as Dr. Evil’s appearance on the Springer show, a huge laugh-getter. The film settles down once Austin gets back to the 60s, but picks up again with hilarious moments with Dr. Evil and Mini Me. I also really liked Rob Lowe doing an uncanny impersonation of Robert Wagner as the young #2. Laugh for laugh I can’t give this movie any less than three stars. I thought it was more confident in going for its laughs and tries more things, most of which all work. Ebert missed the boat big time when he suggested that this movie makes Austin a hero instead of a misfit. He’s both – in this film and the original. The movies don’t make light of that.

Plot and character development aren’t the key issues here. Frank Drebin is always the hero at the end of his movies, but we know he’s a misfit. The missions they’re on aren’t what’s important. It’s the laughs. And in this film, there are a lot of them. (Note: I couldn’t write this review without getting a little anger out – and that anger comes in the form of Ebert’s recent guest this week on his show. Where the hell did he find this broad? She has to go and go now and never want to hear from her again. She hated this movie and suggested that it should be rated “R” without question. Is she out of her f*!@ing mind!!! There is minimal swearing, a lot of sexual innuendo, no real violence, and a little gross-out humor. “PG-13” is totally appropriate. A person like her is one of the reasons politicians think they can solve violence in America by carding teenagers at the box office. It’s ridiculous. She’s ridiculous. Get her off and please keep her off my television.)

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originally posted: 02/15/00 15:03:58
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User Comments

5/28/09 Samantha Pruitt love these movies, but i like Goldmember the best 5 stars
3/04/08 Pamela White Austin powers is a great character 5 stars
9/08/07 ben dover heather graham is a sex goddess needs so much fucking 5 stars
4/24/07 David Risser Not as good as the original, but Minie-Me was cool. 4 stars
2/16/07 Vip Ebriega As funny as the original. Myers is perfectly funny. 4 stars
7/29/06 David Cohen One joke movies should not have sequels 2 stars
5/27/06 Sheena the worst of all the AP movies. 3 stars
5/26/06 drydock54321 great charcters, especially fat bastard and mini me 5 stars
4/27/06 Anthony Feor A great sequel to an outstanding hit 5 stars
1/03/06 cody a corny but kinded silly flick,mike myers gives good perf. , only cool thing was minnie me 2 stars
11/04/05 Indrid Cold Easily the funniest of the 3. You know you laughed at Fat Bastard. 5 stars
6/26/05 Matthew I loved fat bastard. " iv'e got bigger chunks of corn in my crap". 2 stars
6/24/05 tony Very Funny also. But still, can get a little slow at times 4 stars
6/18/05 snikt One of the few examples of a sequel surpassing the original. 5 stars
5/18/05 Pippin007 Loved the drinking carp part. I laughed alot. 4 stars
4/20/05 Indrid Cold Far funnier than the 1st and 3rd. What's up with people who hate this one? 4 stars
9/10/04 jeff not as good as the first and third one but still halarious. 5 stars
5/11/04 tatum Jettisons all the charm of the original in favor of poopoo jokes 3 stars
5/02/04 J Yeah! Baby!!! *** 1/2 5 stars
3/30/04 JT Jesus Christ, this diapers' making my nuts rub together! It's gona start a fire! 5 stars
3/18/04 Umbrella Corporation. LADIES & GENLTMEN EX-ZIP-BIT "A" & SUBTITLE: "Zip It...!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
2/29/04 Littlepurch 1st was great. 3rd was BRILLIANT!This is a steaming pile of horse shit that shood be burnt! 1 stars
12/07/03 Monster W. Kung Idiotic and pathetic; the popularity of this trash is proof that the world's going to hell. 1 stars
11/25/03 Big daddy cool I agree with you 5 stars
10/18/03 rohanna crap 2 stars
9/18/03 Samuel Justus Why didnt they make a 'Waynes World 3' ?? oh why... 3 stars
6/22/03 cochese Shouldve left it alone. 2 stars
1/21/03 Dave I much prefer the first. I'm quite ashamed that I went to see this instead of South Park 3 stars
1/13/03 Dave Pretty funny, but relies too much on vulgarity, lacks the ingenius gags of the first movie. 3 stars
12/31/02 John Aster Habig the only bad Mike Myers movie not for weak stomachs 2 stars
10/14/02 chris almost as good as first... a bit stupid though 4 stars
9/11/02 Jake Only Austin Powers I saw, hideous!! Oh damnit! Don't watch if your prone to suicide. 1 stars
7/26/02 Krakanova Poo indeed... Poo indeed. I can't believe I watched it. 1 stars
7/13/02 Chris The Spys have lost their shag, I wished it was better than the first one. 3 stars
7/08/02 R.W. Welch More of the same but less wit than before. 2 stars
6/21/02 B Farr Unbeliveadlby funny 5 stars
4/29/02 Jerry. Yeah, it sucked. MiniMe was STUPID, I hated that whole thing. I'm not going to the next one 1 stars
4/26/02 ADAM POO 1 stars
3/01/02 Chowie Mini Me is the cutest thang! 5 stars
2/28/02 Alan Smithee Very funny stuff. and Ms. Graham's cleavage should have won some kind of award. 4 stars
1/22/02 Andrew Carden Not Anything Like The Original. Barely Any Laughs. Hurley's Replacement Is Dumb. 2 stars
1/03/02 black cat very funny something to see over again 5 stars
12/09/01 Joe Zappa Funny as shit. And gross as shit, too. 4 stars
12/04/01 Monster W. Kung Too juvenile and dumb for my tastes. Not awful, if you like the genre. I don't. 2 stars
11/23/01 J.E.E what about the nudity of women huh? 3 stars
10/05/01 Evil Bitchwoman Very Funny. I love it. Isnt seth green really funny? 5 stars
9/27/01 Butterbean It loses focus, but who cares! 4 stars
9/06/01 spaceworm That I waited for DVD on this one says more about the original. 3 stars
8/31/01 PJ Branch Face One name: Seth Green. He's so wacky. Wish he could star in every movie 5 stars
8/29/01 Gary Enthusiastic but messy and quite... shit. 1 stars
8/21/01 Daft Arse 3000AD To all who think this movie sucks- this movie is very very VERY awesome, end of story!!!!!! 5 stars
7/23/01 Jillian Thompson This movie was so funny,I nearly pissed my pants!!!!!! 5 stars
7/23/01 ANUSFACE THE MASSES ARE IDIOTS: THIS MOVIE CONFIRMS IT! A Painful experience! for yuk yuk assholes 1 stars
7/19/01 Gus It soooooo rox... 5 stars
7/10/01 TLsmooth I hate average movies more than ones that fucking suck. Does that make sense? 3 stars
7/06/01 Craig Blanchard If you've got some time to waste and it's on T.V.? Sure. 3 stars
7/01/01 cj hope she be naked next 5 stars
5/28/01 cinkcool For die-hard fans of the original. 3 stars
5/15/01 master.node I *may* have lasted 20 minutes. Seemed forever. 1 stars
5/03/01 Gracy Lionheart The movie just didn't do it for me. I usually love cheezy, but this was just boring. 2 stars
4/29/01 Henry Kahana I thought it was the funniest movie I ever saw (especially Minime) 5 stars
4/04/01 jordan i'd give it a 4 if it didn't have fat bastard 2 stars
3/23/01 TNT-6 Bah... mediocre american slapstick. 2 stars
3/13/01 J. Zuckerman I think tThis film is missing something that the first film had: Alotta Fachina! 4 stars
2/06/01 Classicdog Not as good as the original, but still a funny movie.. 4 stars
12/08/00 Arielle Nicholas MIMI ME's DA BOMB! 5 stars
11/29/00 SP hilarious but it uses the shotgun approach of firing its humor. 4 stars
11/13/00 The EVIL Penguin Oh, PLEASE, behave 3 stars
11/04/00 TruckGirl mini me was so funny, will watch again and again! 5 stars
11/03/00 danny webster awesome,best and funniest film yet 5 stars
10/31/00 master.node no no no no no no (Wasn't even a good parody) 1 stars
10/21/00 Johnny Figaro Rips off and betrays the great original movie; stick with that one. This one is garbage. 1 stars
9/15/00 Elvisfan Great except Mini-Me did give me that weird "oompa-loompa" vibe 4 stars
9/13/00 Jenna koch 2 Dumb it is full of sex 1 stars
9/03/00 Ben MiniMe was great. That's all I remember. 1 stars
8/13/00 Cidec Stark The first Austin Powers was hilarious. This one sucks. I hate it. 1 stars
7/11/00 J. Andrew Hefner Not funny....... the sexual jokes were lame...... the naked fat guy was stomach-turning 2 stars
7/05/00 PJ no where near the same magic of the first one, but I still laughed pretty hard. 4 stars
6/26/00 Naushad Khanji All jokes fall flat.95 minutes of utter rubbish. 1 stars
6/17/00 Roger Clemente Overall, it was a bit nutty... 4 stars
6/12/00 Micah S. The bad taste of the majority run rampant. 1 stars
6/07/00 Bender More misses than the original, but just as many laughs, if not more. 4 stars
6/01/00 danilo it sucks. it wasn't funny at all. the first was very funny 2 stars
5/30/00 perverted pixie Even more shagadelic than the first. I have a crush on Scott Evil! 5 stars
5/29/00 James Bond Yeah baby! 5 stars
5/27/00 master.node Total crap. Nearly as bad as the 1st one. I walked out of it too. 1 stars
5/21/00 mellemel a bad rerun of the first movie 2 stars
4/25/00 John Lyons Better than part I. baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs!! 5 stars
4/24/00 Ryan how could something be soo unfunny?? 1 stars
4/14/00 Mr. X Rob Lowe and Seth Green were amusing. There were some guffaws, but ultimately pointless. 2 stars
4/10/00 tana schaumkell i think the movie had some funnparts because it's turned things that u find stupid quitefun 3 stars
4/09/00 EMagGaRony piece of fucking shit, just as shitty as the first one 1 stars
4/09/00 Bruce More annoying than the first but it was ok 5 stars
3/25/00 Pizaster an idiotic funny movie, laughable characters but isnt that what comedy is about? 4 stars
3/23/00 Richard Wright Not consistently funny, but has its moments. Certainly the best summer film I saw in '99. 3 stars
3/10/00 Kyle Broflovski Overhype threatened to kill it, but it fortunately dodged the blow. 4 stars
3/07/00 J. Alán Blankenship It gets funnier every time I see it... 5 stars
12/28/99 Bozo Way too many of you are taking this way too seriously! Mike Myers is OK in my book 4 stars
11/30/99 Mr. Boo-Boo Boots "Evil, Midget, La-La-La, Stupid, Funny, Ha-Ha-Ha" 3 stars
11/28/99 Krissy at least they didn't try to make good and have it end up stupid,it was stupid to start 3 stars
11/27/99 NeverHappy What a waste of money..yeahhh baby 1 stars
10/27/99 Pat Lawlor As funny as a weekend behind bars... 1 stars
10/25/99 Bueller Sorry Michael York, I couldn't just relax and enjoy this. Too many holes, even for a spoof. 2 stars
10/20/99 Tony Daquano Funny yet they kept using the same jokes 3 stars
9/28/99 Sex Machine If you go to have fun, you have a blast. If you expect to see a crappy sequel, you see one 5 stars
9/16/99 Ratso If I have to hear the word shagadelic one more time.... 1 stars
9/11/99 Timbo I love Midgets and I love this movie 5 stars
9/10/99 Jason Kinsey it was okay. not as funny as the first one 3 stars
9/04/99 William Not even Heather graham could save this disaster of a sequel. 2 stars
9/04/99 Andel Crodo The movie did it's job. It made me laugh repeatedly. Well worth the price of admission. 5 stars
8/27/99 Bornslippy Great sequel. I strongly believe Heather Graham's flaw was her American identity!!!! 4 stars
8/26/99 Steven Dr Evil was funny, Felicity Shagwell was hot, but Austin was bad. 3 stars
8/21/99 Kenya Sequel shmequel....all I know is I laughed my ass off throughout 5 stars
8/17/99 Rick Not bad. But if you took out the penis jokes, it would be helf the length (no pun intended) 3 stars
8/17/99 Obi Wan Fuckin' Loved it! But too many jokes run into each other...gotta see it twice!! 5 stars
8/16/99 Chopper3 Too like the first one, only Mini-Me made me laugh 3 stars
8/14/99 JimBob I've got you're frickin bone Austin, but you'd enjoy it too much 1 stars
8/14/99 JimBob I got your frickin bone Austin, but you'd i don't travel the hershey highway 1 stars
8/13/99 Dragonfly Sure, there were funny parts, but they just didn't know where to stop!! 2 stars
8/10/99 Annabel Watts Very random which is what I love! 5 stars
8/10/99 Doug Paulsen 2 words: BIG DISAPOINTMENT. 2 stars
8/04/99 Ricky Urena Wasn't exactlly better than the first, but it was funnier. 5 stars
8/04/99 Cameron it's quite pleasant really. 5 stars
8/02/99 JimBob god save us from another austin powers movie 1 stars
8/02/99 choppin'brocolli Dr. Evil, makes this movie. He should spin off on his own movie, and drop Austin Powers. 4 stars
8/01/99 Blue sky My favortie part was when they where talking about the dick shaped aircraft. 4 stars
8/01/99 Obi Wan Funny as fuck but too many jokes crash into each other..Dr Evil made this movie 5 stars
7/29/99 PRM I want to be Dr Evil 4 stars
7/27/99 Laz Loved the first one.sorry, the constant fecal humor lost me. 2 stars
7/26/99 BlueDaisy It sucked! the original was much better. There were like maybe 2 funny parts! 2 stars
7/26/99 lizzy austin does it again, very shagadelic 5 stars
7/26/99 claire not as groovy as the original, but still better than the rest. 4 stars
7/24/99 jvt REALLY uneven, I'll just watch the first one again thank you 3 stars
7/20/99 Blubberbot I liked it but the first one was beter 4 stars
7/20/99 Heather Very, very funny, especially the "space ship scenes" 5 stars
7/19/99 T.Karac Even funnier than No.1 5 stars
7/19/99 blue b. Very funny movie..but there should be more Mr. Bigglesworth 4 stars
7/18/99 Don You can leave after the Springer scene, but that's enough to give it a 4! 4 stars
7/18/99 Gregg Wow, it really sucked... Nothing compared to the original. 2 stars
7/16/99 dd pierot Jerry Springer scene - Legendary / Heather Graham - hot,hot,hot sizzzzzzzzzz 5 stars
7/12/99 ken heine the scott evil scenes were cool 4 stars
7/12/99 Starry Knight Dr. Evil parts great. Austin and Fat Bastard parts... bleh... 4 stars
7/09/99 bridgette first one was better. hooray for seth and mini-me 3 stars
7/07/99 Duck Its pretty lame, a fewe laughs tho. 3 stars
7/07/99 Sandra Randolph Brilliant 5 stars
7/05/99 Thomas Gibbs extremly funny 5 stars
7/05/99 unstrung fuckin' awseome... well its pretty damn good--but the first one is still better 5 stars
7/05/99 Pat Flanagan I laughed even more than the first one. Loved it! 5 stars
7/05/99 Julezzay! this movie ROCKED! ya'll who don't like this gotta take that stick outta your ass! 5 stars
7/04/99 J-Dogg I've always hated this sonuvabitch--the first film sucked--but this shit kept me laughing. 4 stars
7/01/99 lily it was really funny 5 stars***** 5 stars
6/30/99 everdween pretty darn boring and stupid 2 stars
6/30/99 PhilmPhreak Yeah, baby! 5 stars
6/29/99 Jason Erbey Its AWSOME!!! I laughed the whole time!!! 5 stars
6/29/99 Pierce Lanson Mildly amusing-gross, no real huge belly laughs,tho 2 stars
6/29/99 MATT MINI-ME KICKS ASS! 5 stars
6/29/99 Bushman Erratic storyline but damn funny, Heather Graham – Meow 4 stars
6/29/99 matt worth the trip to the theater 4 stars
6/29/99 Demure Diva It was like a great ride @ an amusement park. Heather Graham is awesome! (very natural) 4 stars
6/29/99 Rob Daniels Dr. Evil and Mini-me are are the best part. Heather Graham can't act for beans. 4 stars
6/28/99 Bartleby Fat Bastard was the best part of the movie, it seemed to lack something though 4 stars
6/28/99 Steven B. Funny as all hell, with obscure references thrown in throughout. Long live improv! 4 stars
6/28/99 Spoon Best movie i have ever seen 5 stars
6/28/99 Felicity Shagwell Yea Baby This Movie Rules Its truly is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
6/27/99 Angelic Mini Me....... 5 stars
6/26/99 jess I luved it was soo funny 5 stars
6/25/99 Annearchy, Damme, Satanne More, more! I want more! A diamond, an absolute diamond. 5 stars
6/25/99 Rob Myers is as funny as Peter Seller's. 5 stars
6/24/99 Slurpee_E This is Dr. Evil's movie. 4 stars
6/24/99 Kyle Mason This movie is sooo hilarious as far as i'm concerned it's my favorite movie so far. 5 stars
6/24/99 Tim Most of the humor fell flat... 3 stars
6/23/99 FLuke Great movie, and a great break from all the absolute shit that's been out lately. 5 stars
6/22/99 T-REX Groovy, baby! Mike Myers excellent in all his roles, a sequel that does not shame #1. 5 stars
6/21/99 EmpresS too much doody and mr.winky jokes for my taste, Heather Graham-ugh, overall goofy funny 4 stars
6/21/99 Sher cant get image of Fat Vastard out of my head! OUT OUT!!!! 5 stars
6/20/99 MRHOLLYWOOD !! More Of The Same,Only highlight was MADONNAS 'Beautiful Stranger'. 4 stars
6/20/99 Keith shagadelic 5 stars
6/20/99 chauncey its intresting how fast the hyped bullshit of starwars went down to make austin #1 5 stars
6/20/99 True Freak Mini Me, You Complete Me. 5 stars
6/20/99 Claire ENOUGH with the potty humor, please! My rating seems strangely apropos... CRAPPY! 2 stars
6/20/99 Mark Too much product placement. Same jokes, still hysterical. 2nd half lagged a bit. 5 stars
6/20/99 john watched first 30 min. then left. 1 stars
6/19/99 Murrieta Man Can't decide if its awesome or sucks. Brilliant & funny but silly & corney. 5 stars
6/19/99 Randall This gets 5 stars for being a great movie, not a great film 5 stars
6/19/99 T Dog I'm embarrassed that anyone on this site even liked this movie. Mike Myers = sold out 2 stars
6/18/99 16 in. of swingin' meat & a bucket of balls Awesome! I haven't laughed that hard since There's Something about Mary! Kick ASS! 5 stars
6/17/99 Christina the first one was bad, did we really need a sequel? 1 stars
6/16/99 Birdman Yet another bad movie from Mike Myers. It deserves 1/2 a star 1 stars
6/16/99 BernieC See it already! 5 stars
6/16/99 T.B.E. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! 5 stars
6/15/99 JDC if you keep telling the same jokes, they stop being funny, Mike. 2 stars
6/15/99 Melissa It's worth it to see Mini-Me in action. Myers is hysterical as all 3 of his characters. 4 stars
6/15/99 Leanne Zintl Completely hilarious! 5 stars
6/15/99 Tony Daquano Hilarous but still not quite an excellant film. 4 stars
6/15/99 David It's really funny, if not stylistically consistent. Very similar to Wayne's World 2. 4 stars
6/14/99 Tristynn I must be missing something... This one is almost as bad as the first.. this is not funny!! 2 stars
6/14/99 Cage Can't help but feel cheated. Many funny parts, but for the most part ridiculous. 3 stars
6/14/99 mothergoose This is a must see movie....if you miss it you must die a slow, painful death from mini-me! 5 stars
6/14/99 Voyant Can't wait for number 3! 5 stars
6/14/99 Katie I think I have to see it a few more times, 1 just gets better and better each time I watch. 3 stars
6/14/99 Elizaveta I the only one who though Heather Graham was awfully annoying?? 3 stars
6/13/99 Ah Dooey KICK ASS! 5 stars
6/13/99 Daddy Rich This is better than Part 1. Mini Me was so damn funny! 5 stars
6/12/99 Mr Showbiz Myers is on autopilot as Austin, but as Dr Evil he cranks up the movie's mojo. 5 stars
6/12/99 Malbert Totally awesome-fat bastard was the best! 5 stars
6/11/99 Nick Spanos A horrific miscalculation. Be prepared to be disappointed. It's a total rehash of AP1.:-( 2 stars
6/10/99 Mike Lancaster Diehard fans will be greviously disappointed 2 stars
6/10/99 Improv King Some good stuff, but many of the gags were recycled from the first movie 2 stars
6/10/99 David Oz's review is spot-on; crikey! it's a funny movie 5 stars
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  11-Jun-1999 (PG-13)


  17-Jun-1999 (MA)

Directed by
  Jay Roach

Written by
  Mike Myers
  Michael McCullers

  Mike Myers
  Heather Graham
  Seth Green
  Robert Wagner
  Michael York
  Rob Lowe

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