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Garden State
[] Buy posters from this movie
by Jason Whyte

"The guy from Scrubs doing a serious film? Say it ain't so!"
5 stars

I write this review of "Garden State" while listening to the CD soundtrack of the film. Typically, I never talk about the film's soundtrack or score in a review, let alone in the opening paragraph, but the music present in the film speaks volumes for many of the characters, and it is also such an electic mix of music from the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Coldplay, Frou Frou, The Shins, Iron and Wine, and many others. The music is carefully selected to provide a memorable character in the film.

But there's more to "Garden State" than the music, fear not. This is a beautiful, intimate film about troubled pasts, haunted people and the lives they lead now. It's lead is Zach Braff, who at first thought would not be a wise choice to play a quiet, shell-shocked man named Andrew Largeman, but we get him right from the first few images of his wandering face as he rides an airplane in turbulence.

Andrew is a sometimes-actor who works in a Vietnamese restaurant. He's been distant from everything and everyone for years, not speaking with his family who reside back in New Jersey. Rows and rows of medication greet him on his bathroom shelf. When Andrew gets word that his mother has died, he returns to the place of the film's title. He meets his dad Gideon (Ian Holm), who is also Andrew's psychatrist, and they haven't spoken in a long time. His old friend Mark (Peter Saarsgard) is a gravedigger and heavily partying and into drugs, and as they spend time together he is re-introduced to the people he left behind, some of which haven't moved onto better lives. Nor, in a way, has Andrew.

During a visit to the doctor, he meets Sam (Natalie Portman) who appears to be content and full of life, and they quickly become friends, but we learn that she's a compulsive liar, has epilepsy (or is that a lie?) and is obsessed with bringing lost animals into her house (she has a small graveyard behind her house for all of the pets that she's lost). As the film moves along, we slowly learn about a shocking event that happened in Andrew's past, and how he tries to move on with it because of the visit back home. We also look at how Mark's life has changed since his childhood. And there's also, we see, a possible future between Andrew and Sam despite their emotional tidings.

Natalie Portman's performance is a revelation; quite possibly her finest work to date. (With the exception of her spell-binding work in "Star Wars - Episode 2"...just kidding) In fact, scratch that, this IS her best film to date. Her Sam is a natural beauty, a haunted soul that has had her problems in the past but tries her best to remain happy, to remain outgoing to everyone around her. We come to truly care about her and her relationship towards Andrew.

Braff's multiple-hats on this production thankfully works; not only is his performance memorable, his direction reminds me a bit of the two current Anderson's, Wes and Paul Thomas. But is not a direct rip-off. Braff has his filmmaking knack down and uses his camera, editing skills and compositions beautifully, ranging from gorgeous wide-shots of the world around him to intimate close-ups that are so sensual that we almost could reach out and touch Sam. If only we could. His behind-the-camera skills are beautiful, and sure add to his form of storytelling. Braff has immediately shot onto my list as current directors to watch.

And if not for anything else, his choice of music speaks so much about the themes of the film. When one of the final scenes plays while Andrew and Sam are out in the rain, it turns out to be Simon and Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York", and oddly enough that many have compared the film's themes to "The Graduate" which also featured the same musicians. But the comparison works. Andrew's journey is somehwat that of Benjamin's in the Mike Nichols film; to find yourself in a world that is constantly pulling you apart may be one of the hardest things you'll ever do.

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originally posted: 09/01/04 03:58:40
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User Comments

8/29/12 Omlopez8 Great soundtrack 3 stars
6/27/11 DR "I love indie films"...Great. Too bad this one is empty and pretentious. 1 stars
6/06/11 Dorothy Rozdilsky I can relate to frustrated relatives 3 stars
2/07/10 art I don't know which is worse PORTMAN"s exotic dancer in CLOSER,or this NONSENSE! 1 stars
1/31/10 Simon Yes,very overt,purpose-bloated,and slightly immature- but that gets this generation right 4 stars
12/31/09 Dave Worst movie ever made. Appeals to stoners, idiots, and the easily amused. 1 stars
10/12/08 Samantha Pruitt great movie, Zach Braff is so awesome, and i love Natalie Portman! 4 stars
2/10/08 mb Left after an hour ... it was empty ... lacked life. 2 stars
6/26/07 Bill Witty, intelligent script with great characters, and a wonderful, feel-good ending. 5 stars
5/08/07 Jennifer garden state is this poor fuck's favorite movie. and i'm not even from new jersey. 5 stars
4/30/07 Tristan The most wonderful movie that I can't ever get bored of. Those who don't like it are ugly. 5 stars
2/27/07 Asian God 94 Briliant. Inspirational. Hilarious. Natalie Portman. Need I say more? 5 stars
2/24/07 dbx laughably overdirected, pop-indie film. but some people seem to like that sort of thing . 2 stars
2/18/07 Nick P TO the people who didn't like it, you are wrong, Garden State is great, great acting &story 5 stars
12/16/06 Nici I love this movie. It is the best movie I have ever seen!!! 5 stars
12/12/06 Terra Landolt Freaking amazing movie, and I watch it on a regular basis. It surpassed my expectations. 5 stars
11/18/06 Kirsty Creative and Pensive...mildly life-changing! 5 stars
10/06/06 Bitchflaps Funy at first, but quickly degenerates into maudlin mediocrity. 1 stars
10/04/06 Henrik Fruergaard Hansen One of my personel favourite movies of all time! 5 stars
8/09/06 cico its so special and unique 5 stars
8/06/06 Doug Awesome 5 stars
8/05/06 nicklor24 good film, unique and interesting 5 stars
6/29/06 Ricardo bad movie, bad actors 1 stars
6/27/06 Kimberly I enjoyed watching this one, interesting 4 stars
5/04/06 Christopher Lindstrom Feel good and simply creative...good for sensitive types. 5 stars
3/24/06 Osama Are you kidding me? Contrived, cliched, natalie portman is god awful too 2 stars
2/14/06 Lea Dahmer Best movie ever, 5 stars. 5 stars
11/29/05 Sully excellent, excellent, excellent 5 stars
10/16/05 millersxing One must desperately search the abyss for human relatedness in Garden State. 4 stars
10/10/05 Ionicera good until he screamed into the abyss 4 stars
9/22/05 Fritz Light, likable dramcom, but instantly forgettable. 3 stars
9/15/05 Jonathon Holmes the best directorial debut i've seen since Sam Mendez w/"American Beauty" 5 stars
8/23/05 Naka Pulses with a ethereal beauty and sly sense of humor. One of a kind. 5 stars
8/19/05 ALDO real overrated hip movie that thinks it's slice-of-life and director gets to kiss hot babe 3 stars
7/07/05 Phil M. Aficionado Vivid characters in a reality-evoking fantasy. Read Kandel's review; it's mine, too. 4 stars
6/01/05 Scott Reynolds whimsical, light, full of real feeling moments abruptly shot to hell by a boat in a dump. 3 stars
5/27/05 Indrid Cold Gee, it sure is nice when smokin' hot girls like us ugly guys for no apparent reason. 4 stars
5/21/05 hl good movie 5 stars
5/15/05 Renee Tolson Love it 5 stars
5/10/05 zeitgeist Over-rated, but good. Pretentious in a palatable way 4 stars
4/17/05 sidman656 this movie has a vibe to it, a flow 5 stars
4/16/05 Michael Lloyd extremely good movie, brilliant debut for Zach Braff 5 stars
4/16/05 Carol Conway It was okay 3 stars
4/08/05 Lina Correa Great director, funny and "nice" 4 stars
4/01/05 craig varney this garden is in a sad state it's been picked clean of plot and substance 1 stars
3/28/05 Charlene Javier Not so bad. 4 stars
3/27/05 Victor Toledo I really enjoyed this film much more than I originally thought I would. 5 stars
3/26/05 Denise ok 3 stars
3/25/05 hannaho A good movie, but not exactly great. 4 stars
3/24/05 Colleen Goldrick Loved it 5 stars
3/23/05 Alice Colwell good movie 4 stars
3/11/05 The Talking Elbow Sign me up for those five star reviews. 5 stars
2/24/05 GS Over rated - Portman's quirky performaces weren't very good. 3 stars
2/22/05 re morgan cool soundtrack for sho 4 stars
2/22/05 Jeff Incredible film, hip yet introspective 5 stars
2/16/05 Bobby da Squid Fantastic film, top to bottom. Witty, sad, and real. 5 stars
2/14/05 ELI Totally one of the best movies of the year! I LOVED it 5 stars
2/12/05 Ig Great movie 4 stars
2/12/05 John Jankowski Great acting, and one of the best movie soundtracks in a long time 5 stars
2/11/05 Voncile Mayes Great first time effort but not without flaws, however I still loved this film. 4 stars
2/10/05 Maggie Beautifully done, good acting, amazing music, and freakin funny. A must see. 5 stars
2/09/05 Lisa Jochelson It was good. But I didn't get it so much. 3 stars
2/07/05 Kara Neary This is definately one of my favorites...the movie of our generation 5 stars
2/06/05 DM Holy shit. 5 stars
2/05/05 Amy Bradshaw It was very good, but it was a bit creepy in some ways to me also lol. 4 stars
2/05/05 Susan Chamberlain Very strange, but I liked it anyway. 4 stars
2/05/05 youreo More interesting watching Ms Portman's performance than flat Zach. 4 stars
2/03/05 Clifford C Gardner Pleasantly surprised - some of these kids can act 5 stars
2/01/05 april gupton LOVED IT 5 stars
2/01/05 Andrea Haresign I laughed, I cried... I wanna see it again! 5 stars
1/30/05 Xander The most beautiful, touching, and powerful film i've ever seen 5 stars
1/30/05 waldo Put a romantic evening together, some wine, some pot, and watch this movie. 5 stars
1/29/05 govenar Great beginning, then a little slow, but still good. 4 stars
1/23/05 Rob McKeown loved it... 5 stars
1/21/05 Uncle Phucker Simple but hit me right in the motherfucking heart. 5 stars
1/19/05 Z Amazing movie... great script, GREAT acting... good quirky 5 stars
1/18/05 chris. not many movie just make me feel good. this one does. 5 stars
1/15/05 TheViper The dialogue between Braff and Portman was artificial. 1 stars
1/13/05 jada quirky doesn't alway mean good 3 stars
1/08/05 Lucas Stenz Only worth watching if you're home w/ the flu 2 stars
1/06/05 ry the most original movie i've seen in years 5 stars
1/03/05 BobK898 Portman's character not believable, couldn't wait till it was over 1 stars
12/27/04 The Mockingbird so let go so let go just get in,for the effort of intelligent writing and honest acting 4 stars
12/27/04 Steve Strangeness for no reason; I just didn't care what happened. 2 stars
12/27/04 SEX PIMP natalie is hot 5 stars
12/25/04 Des Brilliant, i came out of the theater with a smile glued on my face that didnt go away 5 stars
12/20/04 fowle fantastic 5 stars
12/17/04 napoleon dynamite simply brilliant! 5 stars
12/17/04 Carl Utterback more genuinely funny and fun than any hollywood film about an estranged son burying his mom 4 stars
12/13/04 Bonnie Poon A fantastic film which explores depressed and confused people... like myself... 5 stars
12/10/04 xxx xxx 5 stars
12/07/04 Caleb Larson This movie was terrible. The script was artificial & forced, & the characters were grating. 1 stars
12/03/04 dave great movie. seen better, but worth the time & money 4 stars
11/22/04 Aisha Grace Beautiful movie. It made me laugh, cry and I simply just enjoy it. Loved it!! 5 stars
11/20/04 Desperado Apparently the last post was a blind dipshit, great movie one of my favs ever Braff rocks 5 stars
11/17/04 Jimmy Danger This movie totally rocked, I am so glad my friend "dragged" me to go see it. I loved it. 5 stars
11/16/04 josh great movie, like vanilla sky 5 stars
11/16/04 Zel :) this is my favorite movie ever. Gotta love natalie. Zach is great too!!!! 5 stars
11/12/04 Bairbre Ní Mhídheach Such a brilliant film, I'm still laughing at the different bits, it was quirky I love that 5 stars
10/29/04 Rick H This is truly a great contemporary indie insta-classic. 5 stars
10/20/04 Mike V One of the best movies I've seen 5 stars
10/19/04 Erik this movie is a waste of time and money 2 stars
10/19/04 Amber see it with someone you love, you'll fall in love with them all over again. :-) 5 stars
10/18/04 Rachael it's definitely the kind of movie that makes you happy to be alive 5 stars
10/13/04 Patrick one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. 5 stars
10/10/04 bill kaye Walked out. Bored to tears after 45 minutes. 2 stars
10/07/04 ryan it makes you want to fall in love, and if youre already in love, love that person even more 5 stars
10/06/04 T. Maj Deserves all the praise the dreary "Lost in Translation" got last year 5 stars
10/04/04 Ira Fell asleep twice -- movie a total ego trip 2 stars
9/30/04 LJ Life changing movie 5 stars
9/28/04 Justin Zach Braff captures what it is to be apart of this generation in a genuine and unique way 5 stars
9/28/04 BrianWilly Pure. Genius. 5 stars
9/27/04 alicia it made me want to die and live all at once 5 stars
9/25/04 Valerie Jackson One of the best movies I have ever seen. Zach Braff puts real life on the screen. 5 stars
9/22/04 Franklin Dam Incredible movie, fantastic characters/development - Great Soundtrack 5 stars
9/19/04 mar jones great movie, unbelievable how drugs screw up your life and you continue to do them 4 stars
9/16/04 Clare AMAZING movie; I loved Sam and the deep philosophical themes that this movie brings up. 5 stars
9/16/04 Ray Superb 5 stars
9/14/04 Michael Donnelly so far this year probably the best movie i think people of all ages can relate to this film 5 stars
9/14/04 jessie i saw it twice over the weekend, absolutly drew me in, the characters, moments, music, issu 5 stars
9/13/04 Sean Most beautiful film I've seen since Rushmore 5 stars
9/12/04 karedog loved it 5 stars
9/10/04 Jeanette like, the greatest movie EVAR! 5 stars
9/09/04 Leida Fabulous Movie! Very sweet and entertaining. 5 stars
9/09/04 Prospero7 Despite a predictable ending, the film is beautifully surreal. 4 stars
9/09/04 Jaime Excellent, I laughed, I cryed and I loved! 5 stars
9/07/04 Thom Lyons A scarely accomplished debut - outstanding! 5 stars
9/07/04 Ben Smith the best film since A Beautiful Mind 5 stars
9/07/04 Frank Lynch Worth seeking out 5 stars
9/05/04 gsfan Real and yet surreal, emotional yet unmanipulative, totally honest and refreshing 5 stars
9/04/04 Titus Beautiful and touching, funny and sincere. Great work. 5 stars
9/04/04 Kate Extraordinarily slice of life with a touch of quirky humor - fantastic. 5 stars
9/04/04 Desperado A inspiring movie, one of the best of any genre that I have ever seen, Magnificent 5 stars
9/01/04 Kyle Dude, this is my new favorite movie 5 stars
8/30/04 Gabriella Excellent movie. 5 stars
8/30/04 Tony Frost Almost everything a 20something thinks but can't put a name to. 5 stars
8/30/04 Peter James Touching and well done, also stretches past the traditional romantic comedy 5 stars
8/29/04 Brad Impressive! Great film. Portman and Braff had great chemistry 5 stars
8/28/04 Kate so, so very real 5 stars
8/27/04 Vitality1 Zach Braff has a bright future ahead of him 5 stars
8/25/04 Andrew Wright After being teased by the frou frou song & trailer, this came to town. I'm glad it did. 5 stars
8/24/04 FrayLo Great story, believable emotions. 5 stars
8/24/04 zora Every part of it was well done,interesting+indie feeling.I liked it months before I saw it. 5 stars
8/24/04 LynFisher Thoroughly enjoyed it except for the end, where I thought it could have been less predicta 5 stars
8/21/04 Bruce Lamb this movie sucks. It is totally predictable. Not funny, not insightful. Sorry/ 1 stars
8/21/04 Peter James This year's Lost In Translation 5 stars
8/20/04 Erik Intrigued by the preview and then wowed by the movie. Couldn't have been better. 5 stars
8/20/04 A F Amazing. Best film so far this year. 5 stars
8/19/04 Colleen Makes you feel good. Plus the soundtrack rocked. I loved the postal service remake. 5 stars
8/17/04 Tony Gilbert One of my all time top five favorite movies 5 stars
8/15/04 Sherril The movie is touted as a romantic comedy, but it is so much more and it makes you cry. 5 stars
8/15/04 KCobain Quite wonderful 5 stars
8/14/04 Michael Fantastic. I was really expecting a lot from this movie, and it exceeded all my expectatio 5 stars
8/13/04 Elena A little clicheef but very visually innovative and stunning 4 stars
8/13/04 Jin Best in show. 5 stars
8/11/04 jacob max winkler one of the best I've seen. truly wonderful. 5 stars
8/09/04 sam a indie version of 'orange county'.A little cliched but would be great asa series on the WB 4 stars
8/09/04 amanda this movie is fabulous. it's beautiful and funny and just makes you feel good. 5 stars
8/07/04 Kurt Great writing, great acting, great characters. 5 stars
8/07/04 Stryder So Good!! Reminds you how most modern movies stink. 5 stars
8/06/04 Bossy John I'm in my late 20s and this is my new favorite film. Ever. 5 stars
8/05/04 blah blah 5 stars
8/01/04 Kevin I threw American Beauty in the garbage! I've never been so moved by a movie! 5 stars
7/27/04 Jeremy Most moving and real movie I've ever seen 5 stars
7/02/04 Carlie What a Great Movie!!!! 5 stars
7/02/04 jeffrey True & believable story. Wortht the money to see 5 stars
6/25/04 Morgan Davis Simply a classic!!! Zach Braff deserves the highest of praise for his first film. 5 stars
6/18/04 Pinkline Jones Puts Burke's Backyard to shame 5 stars
6/15/04 Jessica saw it at sundance -beautiful, funny, imaginative - can't wait to see it again. 5 stars
6/15/04 Star This film is quirky, brilliant, funny, heartwarming and so crazy that it's believable. 5 stars
6/12/04 Bill Personally, one of the best films I have ever seen. 5 stars
6/09/04 Jeff Saw it at Rockefellar. Very moving, captured my attention! 4 stars
2/27/04 Betty White I personally found myself disappointed with the picture; well-written but overplodded. 3 stars
2/25/04 Mark Very funny stuff, similar in some ways to his character on scrubs 5 stars
2/07/04 brafflover Saw this Sundance! This is the best movies I've seen in yrs. The songs seriously ROCKED!!!! 5 stars
1/31/04 Katherine Saw the last screening @ Sundance, got blown away. Braff = exceptional, inspirational even. 5 stars
1/31/04 Boombah Baby Just fantastic. Loved every second. Laughed from the first scene. 5 stars
1/26/04 sam i too saw garden state at sundance 2004 and i loved it. bravo zack braff! jersey rocks! 5 stars
1/22/04 Andy Tarr Excellent Film 5 stars
1/20/04 Super Fan All the charm of Wes Anderson, but with a lot more heart. A classic!! 5 stars
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  28-Jul-2004 (R)
  DVD: 28-Dec-2004



Directed by
  Zach Braff

Written by
  Zach Braff

  Zach Braff
  Natalie Portman
  Peter Sarsgaard
  Ian Holm
  Jean Smart
  Ron Leibman

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