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Passion of the Christ, The
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by Alexandre Paquin

3 stars

Biblical films have been around since the silent days, but it was really during the fifties that the genre, after decades of refining and mostly bloating by bad auteur Cecil B. DeMille, blossomed. The legendary director's last film and the one best remembered by posterity, "The Ten Commandments" (a remake of his 1923 original), is still a staple in television schedules around Easter time, and although a number of films directly or indirectly covered Christianity during the decade (for instance "Quo Vadis?" and "The Robe"), the most popular and decorated Biblical epic from the period was William Wyler's "Ben-Hur".

We can very well picture the average suburban family from the era in their '54 Studebaker on their way to see Charlton Heston take on Messala in the chariot race at the nearest drive-in theatre. These people, we can imagine, anticipated a wholesome picture with a thoroughly orthodox approach to religion, and indeed studios were well aware of their clientele's expectations on such matters. Conservatism was in vogue, and Biblical films from that decade, no matter how obliquely they dealt with their source material, were expertly crafted to avoid offending middle-class sensibilities. As these films also usually were their respective studios' "prestige pictures," they could hardly afford to stir up controversy.

The liberal approach to religion in films, however, was just around the corner as public tastes were beginning to change and as the Production Code started loosening its grip over the medium. The year following the Ben-Hur juggernaut saw the release of Stanley Kramer's Inherit the Wind, a fictionalized account of the notorious 1925 Scopes trial, and Richard Brooks's Elmer Gantry, a watered-down adaptation of Sinclair Lewis's classic novel of religious hypocrisy. Such "revisionist" pictures nevertheless had to tread lightly to avoid being shunned by the ordinary public, and no matter how groundbreaking these films were at the time, they lost most of their initial impact over the following decades as films such as Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) and Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) pushed the boundaries of permissiveness even further. The two latter films attracted criticism from many who considered their approach to religion irreverent, even blasphemous, and were initially banned in a number of countries. As the hype surrounding Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ began accumulating, many were wondering whether they would see history repeat itself and the film suffer the same fate as its bold predecessors.

Most of the criticism, according to the press, has come not from Christians but from Jews, who fear that the film might give credence to the long-held view that their people was responsible for Christ's martyrdom. In stark contrast, most of the Biblical films to date hold the view that it is the Romans who bear that unwanted distinction, a treatment that irked film critic Dwight Macdonald. In his March 1960 review of Ben-Hur, the Esquire critic remarked that:

"Here is, finally, a falsification of the Bible in which not the Jews but the Romans are responsible for Christ's martyrdom. According to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it wasn't that way at all. "Then said Pilate to the chief priests and the people, 'I find no fault in this man.' And they were the more fierce saying, 'He stirreth up the people.... Crucify him, crucify him!' " But in this film, we see merely Pilate washing his hands and delivering Christ over to the brutal soldiery; ain't nobody here but just us Romans. (There is a brief shot of some high priests looking on at the crucifixion, but they look sad rather than jubilant.) But there are no ancient Romans around and there are many Jews and $15,000,000 is $15,000,000."

Macdonald's latent anti-Semitism was reportedly inherited from his family, but, regardless of the cause, it can be safely advanced that he explained the film's treatment less by the possibility of a boycott by Jewish organizations than by the fact that the studio system that held sway in Hollywood until the sixties had been predominantly dominated by Jews, with the notable exceptions of Walt Disney and Twentieth Century-Fox's Darryl F. Zanuck. It is quite likely that if Macdonald had written such a review for today's average North American publication (assuming the editors somehow skipped that part), the outlet would have been deluged with complaints that such comments promoted intolerance.

In fact, this was explosive material even in 1960. When Macdonald penned his thoughts on King of Kings two years later, he admitted that he had received about a hundred letters of protest about his Ben-Hur review. He also offered a partial apology for what he called his "gaffe," but reiterated that "we live in a time when the pendulum of social justice has swung back too far, when certain racial groups are sacrosanct, so that when one states, depending on the New Testament, that certain Jews two thousand years ago wanted Jesus killed, one is accused of denouncing all Jews today as "Christ killers"." Macdonald's comments, albeit controversial, are still extremely relevant in the light of the Jewish establishment's reaction to Gibson's film.

Even before The Passion of the Christ was released, members of Jewish groups who had attended special screenings were actively protesting the way their religion was being portrayed in it. I agree with them that anti-Semitism is unacceptable; however, their contention that the public at large should not see for itself how little or how much the film promotes that sentiment is even more objectionable. Such a position smacks not only of political correctness, but also of condescension (in its firm conviction that the audience cannot objectively decide whether the views portrayed in the film are acceptable or not), and yes, censorship. One might also conclude that much, too much, has been done to curb anti-Semitism. Consider, for instance, that a few years ago, the chief executive officer of a major Canadian bookstore chain decided to remove Mein Kampf from her company outlets' shelves and make it unavailable for order because she objected to the book's content. It is perhaps this narrow-minded attitude, coupled with the phenomenon that Norman Finkelstein denounced in The Holocaust Industry, that, more than the proliferation of allegedly ideologically questionable material, has led to whatever resurgence of anti-Semitism, real or imagined, there might be.

In other words, the international distribution of the film is very unlikely to have the Nazis sweeping across Europe again. After seeing The Passion of the Christ, one in fact wonders what the hoopla is all about. In the film, it is really the Hebrew religious leaders, not the Jewish people, who object to Jesus Christ's claim that he is the "King of the Jews," and their objection seems primarily motivated by their desire to retain their influence and control over the established religion. The dispute between the Christ and the high priests is thus an internal, not external, affair, and the rest of the population is clearly divided over the issue. What the film ironically creates is a strong disdain not for Judaism, but for organized religion in general -- even various forms of Christianity. The Passion of the Christ, after all, brings into sharp relief the dangers of dogmatic thinking, regardless of which religion generated it. As we watch Jesus Christ perish on the cross, it is difficult to forget the atrocities Christians of later centuries committed in the name of their faith -- the Crusades, the Inquisition, colonization, etc. Although symbolism abounds and Biblical teachings are sprinkled throughout (mostly in flashbacks), the film fails from a strictly spiritual viewpoint, fatally hampered by our knowledge of the future. (Even the film falls into prescience in one scene, where Mary comments that the type of high table her son has just crafted will never catch on. Of course it does.)

It is, disturbingly, only through violence that the film achieves any sort of greatness. The Passion of the Christ is a very graphic film, and Gibson shoots every scene in a manner that makes sure the picture registers with the audience's senses. We can feel the Romans' whips taking away pieces of Christ's flesh, the nails penetrating his hands as he is hammered on the cross, the crown of thorns pressing into his head. In comparison to Ben-Hur, where the Crucifixion was just a grandiose spectacle of Historical Importance, or to The Greatest Story Ever Told, the Gibson film's realism is commendable. Here, no movie stars are dropping by to confirm that "truly this man was the Son of God," and nobody seems to wear clothes right out of the costume department. Much has been said about the numerous liberties taken with the source material, and some of the changes are indeed questionable. (Pontius Pilate, for instance, almost becomes a sympathetic character when he accepts to deliver a death sentence against the Christ only because of the instability of his own dominion. The film, in a scene revolving around King Herod, also conveys a thinly veiled homophobic message reminiscent of Gibson's Braveheart.) But the true appeal of the film is in the violence of the Crucifixion, not in its background.

It is also deplorable that the film, which has the good sense of having its characters converse in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Latin, sticks too closely to cinematic gimmickry to be entirely effective. Of particular concern in this department is John Debney's formulaic and predictable score. The best spoken scenes, it turns out, are those without music; the musical accompaniment is only effective when the characters do not talk. A documentary-style approach could have worked much better, especially with James Caviezel's riveting performance in the title role and Caleb Deschanel's noteworthy cinematography (except for the opening sequence at the Mount of Olives), but it is likely that such a treatment would have generated even more complains than what we see on the screen -- but isn't controversy what the film is looking for?

There is much to dislike about the way The Passion of the Christ was marketed, especially in its attempt to use the Pope as a blurbmeister extraordinaire, or to channel the polemic surrounding it into a promotional campaign. The film ultimately does not live up to the hype, and is certainly not a masterpiece, but it is mercifully brief in comparison to the three-hour Biblical adaptations to which we have been accustomed. Ben-Hur's length was almost impossible to tolerate, but with a running time of approximately two hours The Passion of the Christ provides the audience with an appropriately excruciating experience -- sadly, an uneven one.

(EXCRUCIATING: "Etymology: Latin "excruciatus," past participle of "excruciare," from "ex-" + "cruciare" to crucify, from "cruc-," "crux" cross." Source: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.)

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originally posted: 02/28/04 06:06:12
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User Comments

3/03/19 Stan Marsh That wasn't a movie, that was a snuff film. Give us back our $18. 1 stars
2/23/17 morris campbell punishing but powerful 4 stars
2/20/15 Chris Jarmick uninspired, good production values, too gory for kids 1 stars
12/16/13 Vicki R made me cry 5 stars
11/07/12 Lia M Well made 4 stars
3/29/12 Marty Gritty, unrelenting. violence got heavy-handed. def worth a look tho 4 stars
9/05/11 Scot DeCristofaro amazing risk, amazing script, amazing acting, amazing connection to the audience 5 stars
1/29/11 Jeronimus Bosch Greg Muskewitz is ful of shit. 5 stars
10/20/10 Benchwarmer Do yourself a favour, skip the cynical Scorsese film, and watch the true gospel story! 5 stars
6/01/10 User Name Mel Gibson turned the Bible into a grindhouse film. 2 stars
2/06/10 Jessica Not religious, but very graphic! well made! 4 stars
1/01/10 Dr.Lao Promotes the true message of Paul, i.e. Jesus did nothing noteworthy besides die 1 stars
12/22/09 Jeff Wilder A more accurate title for this "film" would've been "The Ego Of The Mel" 2 stars
10/22/09 art AN EXCELLENT FILM ABOUT JESUS CHRIST,YOU"RE WAY OFF BASE if you like scoresse's film! 5 stars
10/19/09 auzzie chickie i'm not religeous. Get past the sub titles and enjoy what truly is a work of art WELL DONE 5 stars
8/19/09 What if it were about Dionysus? If you like 2.5hr snuff films, this is for you. 1 stars
11/02/08 Not A Follower If You're A Mindless Sheep, Than This Is The Perfect Movie For You! 1 stars
10/03/08 Anthony E Excellent work. Visually beautiful. Acting wonderful. Mel Gibson outdoes himself, again. 5 stars
9/09/08 ben dover fucking dog shit! 1 stars
8/30/08 Shaun Wallner This movie has some great scenes in it. 5 stars
8/05/08 Bnorm Jesus wasnt the son of god but this movie does make ya feel bad for the poor fella 5 stars
6/28/08 art A FILM TO REMEMBER 5 stars
5/11/08 Tabitha Rabisa it could have at least been in ENGLISH Mel!!!! 1 stars
3/22/08 dania is the moive scary and deadliy 5 stars
3/03/08 Mike Great movie. Very graphic. Makes you think. 5 stars
2/16/08 Tracey Pounds This movie was awesome. Very graphic. I would definitely suggest it! 5 stars
2/05/08 Paul Shortt Modern Masterpiece 5 stars
1/26/08 proper amateur film critic The ultimate realistic take on Christ's actual brutal crucifiction 5 stars
11/25/07 g webster A masterpiece and true to the book it is taken from! 5 stars
11/17/07 Paul Crutchfield This movie was just that, a movie. Not even a good one. The Bible is much better. 1 stars
11/04/07 Total Crap I liked this movie, Not cuz I'm an evil Jew ;P It was really well made. Nice job Mel. 4 stars
10/14/07 Wendell O. Maness I dont think god exists, you have to go for it in this life, there is nothing else. 1 stars
10/01/07 Andrew Kercher Worth 1 look, but 2nd disappoints. Caviezel good, but medieval caricatures of Jews bizarre. 3 stars
7/05/07 Chariot57 Nothing could replace that day that Jesus died on the cross for everyone but Film is Great 5 stars
4/25/07 yonathan Gonzalez its really a good movie , even if ur not into cristianity u should really check it out 4 stars
3/11/07 Roy F. Moore Merper is dead wrong. This film is a masterpiece of love and devotion from Mel. 5 stars
1/24/07 thf Turn off the sound, put on some good tunes, and have a Bloody Mary 1 stars
9/28/06 Luisa Very graphic and moving, great film! 4 stars
9/19/06 Joyster good if you like watching someone get beat 4 stars
9/16/06 Mariela This a great movie i incurage you to go see it. 4 stars
9/03/06 merper Give me a break, Gibson imposing his ignorance on others 1 stars
9/01/06 Mr Bayg This just proves, nobody loves jesus. He sucks butt. 5 stars
8/14/06 Sharon this movie made me cry from when he got lashes all the way till the end 5 stars
6/27/06 Michael Parkes It greatly angered me. A great movie for torture lovers. 1 stars
6/26/06 MP Bartley Powerful, but lacks context 4 stars
6/24/06 chris. what about making films about all the others of his time who were crucified? 1 stars
6/16/06 Annie Like this movie very true i think too the story of christ! 5 stars
6/01/06 abcdefz Mostly masterful, but a wasted opportunity 2 stars
5/25/06 Piz You'll either love it or hate it (obviously). A bit gory but powerful indeed 4 stars
4/20/06 thejames people are f'ed up. awful awful film 1 stars
4/19/06 Louise One of the saddest films I have ever seen. 4 stars
4/18/06 Kelp braindead Gibson imposing his ignorance on the rest of us, I prefer LOVE to this shit 1 stars
4/18/06 john bale Well intentioned perhaps overdone in violence, but it gets its message home. 4 stars
4/15/06 okierazorbacker Sin has consequences in this life & next; Jesus paid dearly for my eternal life insurance 5 stars
4/02/06 JRE nobody's gonna like this movie if they look for the Jesus message. It's just about death 5 stars
3/18/06 MP Bartley Flawed, and kinda misses the whole point of Jesus. But many, many good points too. 4 stars
3/05/06 Daveman Sanctimonious garbage, completely one-dimensional. 1 stars
2/25/06 PAG Very good 5 stars
2/07/06 Brock a great movie that portrays the very essence of Jesus. 5 stars
1/22/06 Anus QAL'PAH!!! BOOMCHICKIEBOOM! 1 stars
1/05/06 paolo enea This movie is visually good but has no substance at all, JC has no soul, no depth. 2 stars
1/02/06 Wiseman He died for our sins. Strong emotional Movie, its a must watch 5 stars
12/30/05 chris f a masterpeice 5 stars
12/27/05 Tombstone Best ever 5 stars
12/20/05 kr a life altering movie showing what our wonderful savior did for us TURN TO JESUS 5 stars
12/14/05 me my faith is not somthing to take liberties with 1 stars
12/05/05 cody a great movie about our savior,creator,and our king, wonderfully done, a life changer 5 stars
11/26/05 Lowtax PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS SHIT? 1 stars
11/25/05 Idiot_for_LMP Great Film but very sickening! Truth is always better than fantasy I suppose 4 stars
11/23/05 Quigley seeing it on the screen is so true and powerful, it makes me weep. a life-changing film. 5 stars
11/21/05 chris great film i loved every minute of it!! 5 stars
11/18/05 cooler Hollywood does not have the balls to make this.Superb emotional movie 5 stars
10/21/05 Wisamane It really brings you back in time to see how he died for us all 5 stars
10/16/05 Anus right-wing neocunt jerk off material 1 stars
10/16/05 John Campbell An excellent effort at bringing the day Christ died to the big screeen. 5 stars
10/12/05 nixon jack sommersby is probably some holocaust survivor with pent up anger 5 stars
9/13/05 bbbr best of the best 5 stars
9/13/05 ray mero Haven't seen it yet. When do, will order big, greasy pizza and jug of de vino. 4 stars
9/08/05 John An intense sermon for the already converted - strangely pointless 2 stars
9/07/05 ELI I personally thought the acting was awful. (guards SUCKED) Eh, it was good bloody FUNN! 2 stars
9/07/05 Klondo big ones 5 stars
8/28/05 D Buckley Mel Gibson has balls 5 stars
8/15/05 Christine Hosie too artsy at times 4 stars
8/11/05 Jake Not as good as the Last Temptation of Christ 4 stars
8/03/05 ALDO no backstory, I'm agnostic and got the point and loved it. Great score by John Debney 5 stars
8/02/05 Buford needs more fart jokes. 3 stars
7/27/05 CJ Perfect for a christian, but could've used more back story for a non-believer 5 stars
7/27/05 John Best movie I've ever seen 5 stars
7/14/05 Indrid Cold Even with the most gut-wrenching scenes ever, it's prolonged to the point of boredom. 4 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma Amazing 5 stars
6/09/05 Agent Sands If it's anti-Semitic's anti-Semitic propaganda with good production values. 5 stars
5/27/05 Quigley Cham (and those who said this film was bad), i hope you're serving life for what you said 5 stars
5/22/05 Cham All you idiots who think this movie has deep spiritual power can blow me! 2 stars
5/05/05 Kristi Achilleos oh my god!! i could sit in the theater for the whole movie! i only saw 50 mins of it! 1 stars
5/01/05 Paul Shawver if you are a christian you have to see it 5 stars
5/01/05 Anthony G no wonder people think jesus was black, that fool is straight rippin! 1 stars
4/24/05 Charlene Javier Jesus, save us! 2 stars
4/23/05 H Lin made me want to cry 4 stars
4/23/05 Quigley this film changed my life. after seeing this i feel i understand jesus suffering. powerful. 5 stars
4/23/05 Kim It's a movie that everyone should see once. 4 stars
4/20/05 Krisan Graves great movie! with wonderful message 4 stars
4/20/05 Chris Stephens Great movir 5 stars
4/15/05 The Dean Movies great, but I'm christian. I agree and want to thank David for his un-byist review. 5 stars
4/03/05 Kal this film is great. I think everyone should see it. 5 stars
4/01/05 Carolyn Rathburn Wonderful, breathtaking, painfully honest. 5 stars
3/26/05 Denise good 4 stars
3/24/05 Michael Lloyd the most moving and memorable film I've ever seen 5 stars
3/23/05 heidi kukta Absolutely Fantastic Movie...saw it several times 5 stars
3/23/05 Cheryl Free Good acting - old story. 3 stars
3/22/05 craig varney mel gibson gretest work on or off screen 5 stars
3/18/05 B. D. Cole I didn't expect to like this one, but I did. Definitely worth the time. 4 stars
3/16/05 Judith Musick YOU'LL REMEMBER THIS ONE!! 5 stars
3/16/05 Chris Stephens Very intense 5 stars
3/13/05 Charlene Javier Read the Bible instead. 2 stars
3/12/05 Jack Bourbon This film made me VERY hungry 3 stars
2/28/05 Gray No based on the bible i.e. sacralige 1 stars
2/27/05 Beverley Mooren Absolutely marvelous. 5 stars
2/25/05 Bana the greatest movie ever made 5 stars
2/22/05 Buford Not enough fart jokes. 3 stars
2/20/05 abhster Gore gore and more gore. More shock value than piety. 2 stars
2/18/05 Colleen Goldrick Intense 4 stars
2/18/05 Missy Mc Very powerful and intense. Great movie, but not one you want to watch all the time 5 stars
2/17/05 Daveman Fascistic in its message, hateful in its depiction of jews and humanity in general. 1 stars
2/17/05 Jay Fuit I was totally disappointed that they did not stress the love he felt for everyone! 3 stars
2/14/05 DM Okay, Jesus suffered for our sins. I get the idea already. 2 stars
2/12/05 Aimee Shelton It was interesting and intense, but not nearly as good as its hype. 3 stars
2/10/05 David Bennett Not worth the admission 2 stars
2/09/05 nannette ryan I was not prepared for the extreme violence in this movie. I would not recommend for kids 4 stars
2/05/05 Pam Shue Nothing will ever top this one! 5 stars
2/05/05 Valerie White intense -- not for young children 5 stars
2/02/05 BobbysRedQueen Same as always, just more graphic 4 stars
2/02/05 Lynde Foy Visually an awesome movie, but too intense for me 3 stars
2/02/05 Alice Colwell I shut it off after about 30 minutes 2 stars
2/01/05 Danita Berg I thought the book was better. 3 stars
2/01/05 bongeezer Overrated for a S&M film 2 stars
1/28/05 MaX Love conquers all. 5 stars
1/24/05 kaz visually stunning..and devastating. 5 stars
1/10/05 artist freak sadistic and indulgent. obsesses on the pain of Christ, barely a thought for the love. 2 stars
1/10/05 Buford Needs more fart jokes. 3 stars
12/08/04 M Overly violent, bot overly impressive, too. You could just feel the atmosphere... 5 stars
12/07/04 JaseP Historical innacuracies are Forgive-able... (pun intended) 5 stars
11/23/04 Daveman Empty headed sadism, courtesy of everyone's favourite Republican holocaust denier offspring 2 stars
11/21/04 Charlene Javier I had more fun reading the Bible! 2 stars
11/20/04 Andrew Bell name is Andrew Bell..i'm an atheist...and Jesus is my homeboy! haha...damn hippie... 1 stars
11/19/04 Rodney Hale I'm not overly religious, but this cinema at it's most powerful. 5 stars
11/15/04 da hood' KATHWAP! AHH! KATHWAP! AHH! That about sums the movie up! 2 stars
11/06/04 Cartman Lets hope they make a real-life sequel: The Passion Of The Jew. 1 stars
10/23/04 JT In my opiniion this is the single greatest depiction of christ to ever be made a movie 5 stars
10/22/04 Mel Gibson OH LOOK I GOT TO WHIP JESUS'S BARE ARSE ME SO HORNY!!!! 1 stars
10/17/04 Insane Platypus Christians being self-indulgent 1 stars
10/17/04 carl mcclain I thought it was a wonderful and much needed film...a good teaching tool for any church 5 stars
10/15/04 dave how can you morons say that stuff about Jesus, what he done to you 5 stars
10/05/04 Stephen M. Johnson Shallow, only worth seeing for the great make-up work 2 stars
10/04/04 God This movie is so damn sexy it hurts..when Jesus was moaning, I got hard 1 stars
9/30/04 theDeadCat The only revalation in this movie is Mel's lack of character and taste 4 stars
9/28/04 Jirai No plot, no character developement, just guilt. Horrible and pointless movie. 1 stars
9/26/04 Bill O'Reilly BLOWS ME Garbage from a hate monger. Mel can blow it out his fat arse 1 stars
9/24/04 Agent Sands If it's latently racist propaganda, it's still really well-made latently racist propaganda! 5 stars
9/20/04 Jeremy Define 'life-altering.' Do we not all have our own faith? Why depend on a movie? John 14:6 5 stars
9/13/04 Monster W. Kung Not very good at all. Expected much more. Horrifying yes, profound no. 2 stars
9/12/04 JAX Good so other's will learn a leason 5 stars
9/12/04 kaitlin efc reviews suck! JESUS saved ur sins, have some respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
9/10/04 Sarah This movie, I think, better depicts the suffering He went through, and appreciate his sacri 5 stars
9/08/04 brandy montondo this is a movie everyone should see! 5 stars
9/07/04 miliie the movie is awesome,clearly shows the last dreadful hours of our lord, well played 5 stars
9/07/04 Joann Smith I hated it. I thought it was a farce 1 stars
9/01/04 action moive fan powerful story of suffering of Jesus--held my interest 5 stars
8/30/04 Tam Dark, thought-provoking & sometimes painful to watch 4 stars
8/12/04 Margaret Somber & thought provoking. Anyone who calls it Anti-Semitic should take more history class 5 stars
8/08/04 ALDO Pretty violent huh...In real life it was WORSE... 5 stars
8/06/04 ELI I hated this movie. But I loved the GORE!!!!!!!!! :) 2 stars
8/04/04 BigBlack WOW..... Certainly one of the finest films of our time..a MASTERPIECE!! 5 stars
8/02/04 Z & H Can't anyone write a serious comment about this? Too many anti social 10 yr olds out there 5 stars
8/02/04 Aldo E One of the best most touching movies of all, never seen so many grown men cry. 5 stars
7/27/04 asina Needs more fart jokes. 3 stars
7/26/04 Tracie Smegelski Brutal, One-Sided, and Totally Anti-Semitic. 1 stars
7/26/04 Melissa A riveting, heart-wrenching reminder of His gift to us 5 stars
7/23/04 Jurko the Great Boring! 2 stars
7/23/04 Wendy Jones Some scriptures acted out, interspersed with images often more occultish than Christian. 3 stars
7/22/04 nads lots of people were crucified back then. what's the big deal? 2 stars
7/21/04 Patjng nice faerytail 4 stars
7/21/04 Ted aren't snuff films supposed to be illegal? a scary, clumsy portrayal. unfortunate. 2 stars
7/19/04 Karla Knechtel For those of us who belive in Christ and it is a reminder of the pain he suffered for us. 5 stars
7/17/04 Lisa Incredible, heart-wrenching and soul-stirring 5 stars
7/14/04 asina Needs more fart jokes. 3 stars
7/08/04 Stevo The torture scenes are top notch, but why do I torture myself by watching them? 2 stars
7/02/04 olivia Magnificent as an art form. Unforgettably heartbreaking as a religious experience. 5 stars
6/18/04 Gautam Moktan The Best Blow by Blow account of Jesus Christ's last moments . Extremely real . 5 stars
6/09/04 Nobody I'm ticked off that the death takes such precendence over resurrection n this movie 4 stars
6/09/04 RORY GREAT 5 stars
6/09/04 8=====D yay a 2 1/2 hour long ECW match :D 5 stars
6/06/04 LMD It only appeals to the already religious. 1 stars
6/04/04 Jose Roberto Howmuch monye the money made so far? 5 stars
6/02/04 Haha Mel must really hate Christ 1 stars
6/01/04 Joe Becht I am not a Christian wacko but it is the best movie I ever watched. A beautiful film. 5 stars
6/01/04 maggie an honest portrayal for a change-reviewer doesnt know his bible.hard to watch 4 stars
5/28/04 Theresa Dokken I loved it I have a really new love for Jesus's sacrifice 5 stars
5/27/04 laju amazing 4 stars
5/21/04 Dr. Lecter Mel Gibson is the most lying, manipulative piece of shit in history 1 stars
5/21/04 Matt Smith If you have a backround this is a powerful movie 5 stars
5/20/04 Candy Thank you Mel Gibson!!! 5 stars
5/18/04 Pewoor I. Tanical Entertaining but definitely pretentious, will amaze the faithful and all others 4 stars
5/18/04 Idiot's Mouth Mine is a God of mercy, not ass-whipping. Homoerotic gangrape from Mel the Merciless. 1 stars
5/16/04 MKM These reviews will make baby jesus cry 5 stars
5/11/04 da hood horseshit! its a 2 hour snuff film! worst movie ive ever seen. 1 stars
5/07/04 Reginald Joseph M. Reyes The movie awakens the humanity in me. Mr. GIBSON's interpretation is truly natural. 5 stars
5/07/04 Alex I cried but it was awsem, Now scott u r a fucking peace of cock u prick fuck shit,u fagit 5 stars
5/07/04 Ross Read the book, the movie only intensified the suffering 5 stars
5/06/04 MVC unbelivable! amazing! makes your haert skip beats 5 stars
5/03/04 Jesus Christ What the hell was this?! That aint how it happened at all! Where were all the martians? 1 stars
5/02/04 Daniel~ The best movie I have ever seen. This film shows it as it happened. 5 stars
5/01/04 FilmWoman Best Movie Ever! 5 stars
5/01/04 shelley Morrissey I REALLY DO LOVE IT 5 stars
4/29/04 Julia Br the movie was life changing 5 stars
4/28/04 maximillion A true Masterpiece! Lost for words, beautiful - moving. 5 stars
4/28/04 Chaske Faulk makes you think, excellent movie 5 stars
4/25/04 Nora Mc Mullin excelent movie 5 stars
4/25/04 Carla very graphic, and critics, that's to remind you what Christ did for you 5 stars
4/25/04 Melissa Stough Very good movie. 5 stars
4/24/04 Roberto Salvatore It was very graphic! I loved it! Very good mesage: Christ died for all mandkinds sins! :) 5 stars
4/23/04 FuckJesus You people actually fall for this shit? 1 stars
4/23/04 Robert ufold A lot of people may be shy about admitting being moved by this film - I am not. 5 stars
4/22/04 cOstA BellA a truly moving film a heart wrenching story that will affect you to say the least I cried 5 stars
4/21/04 johnny Excelent 5 stars
4/21/04 S.F. Tedious. Quite a probable depiction of what the last hours must have been like. 3 stars
4/21/04 Michele Christian It changed my life! I'm living for Jesus everyday now, because He lived to die for me. 5 stars
4/19/04 Stephen Pelcher A masterpiece. 5 stars
4/19/04 JB I wanted to see this film but iwas upset by the cruelty and violence portrayed.Too extreme 2 stars
4/18/04 Okashii Hemoura Jesus was truly glorified, His suffering was much worse, read Isaiah 52&53 5 stars
4/17/04 Yo momma Retarded 2 hour snuff fairy-tale. Did you know Gibson's dad was a holocaust denialist? 1 stars
4/17/04 Timothy Tries to force you to feel what the events should lead you to feel anyway - too much slo-mo 4 stars
4/17/04 Victoria Gonzales WOW, thank you Jesus for ALL you did for me! 5 stars
4/17/04 Michael Greenwaldt As a film, it's pretty poor and very empty. Sure to be the most overrated of the year! 1 stars
4/16/04 Njeri One film that is sure to stir a lot of heedy emotions whichever way you look at it 5 stars
4/16/04 pepe crazy, i couldn't deal with 120 odd minutes of brutality 4 stars
4/15/04 alice Very VERY brutal, I dont know what to think of it... 4 stars
4/14/04 Patricia Cicerone The best film I have ever seen 5 stars
4/14/04 carol guinn it was a great movie, it will really move you. people have got to see it. 5 stars
4/14/04 Csaba Komlosi excellent 5 stars
4/13/04 Nicole Disturbingly graphic.....but thats how the story goes 4 stars
4/12/04 Ron An swful, confusing and incessantly brutal film. 1 stars
4/11/04 Wildcarde1 I will never see another Gibson movie what a load of crap 1 stars
4/11/04 Lowtax Crap made by a shithead egomaniac and fuckwit 1 stars
4/11/04 Anus Utterly retarded pseudo-snuff film. Worse it's a complete crock of shit fairy tale 1 stars
4/11/04 ALICE WHAT CAN YOU SAY 5 stars
4/09/04 Myrah Joan Lelis violent but the Lord's message penetrates the core of our being. 4 stars
4/09/04 Amerigo Vespukey Is getting the shit beat out of you the be-all, end-all of religion? 1 stars
4/08/04 Archie Caters to Catholics. It assumes you already know the story. Graphic and passionately made. 3 stars
4/08/04 Leah Crans An event that everyone should experience 5 stars
4/08/04 Valarie Awesome movie!!! 5 stars
4/07/04 Raf Milis This Movie rocks big time... I mean...finally somebody has the guts for this. Jesus Rules!! 5 stars
4/07/04 mason take away the spit-shined actord and the yanni-esque soundtrack and the rest ain't bad 4 stars
4/07/04 The More You Know Greg smacks TPOTC by comparing it to The Cell, which he LOVED?! Is he stuck in dreamworld? 5 stars
4/07/04 brenda it's berry good 3 stars
4/06/04 Salma Mahmud Excellent 5 stars
4/06/04 Red beretta Awesomely powerful. Beautiful and hauntingly effective. Antisemitic? Reality is reality.... 5 stars
4/06/04 michelle foss 1 stars
4/06/04 Paul Christ rules. 5 stars
4/05/04 Alissa Doyle This movie is totally awesome!!!!! I'm so glad that someone finally made a movie like this. 5 stars
4/05/04 zaven kouyoumjian it goes stright inside 5 stars
4/04/04 Fuck Christians Anyone who believes this fairy tale crap is real is a fucking retard. 1 stars
4/04/04 da hood it was nothing but somone wailing out in pian the whole time. that means its good! 5 stars
4/04/04 Frank Hicks Wonderful Film! 5 stars
4/03/04 stephen in reality he was unrecognisable when he was nailed to the cross isaih 53 5 stars
4/02/04 marie-ange true , real , emotinal . it is as it happened 5 stars
4/02/04 Obi Wan Jim C gives great perfomance...GREAT MOVIE!! Mel does it again! 5 stars
4/01/04 Charles Tatum Life altering, look past the violence 5 stars
4/01/04 Suzanna it was the most amazing movie i have ever seen 5 stars
3/31/04 sansho A sado-masochistic distortion, that wallows in violence, not love. 1 stars
3/30/04 D. Taylor This movie deepened my understanding for what the body and blood represent in communion 5 stars
3/30/04 Mike V If you're christian-you might like it. If you're not it's an hour of a guy getting beat. 4 stars
3/30/04 ALI HBOUS Jim Caviezel's performance is incredible. 4 stars
3/29/04 Bill Wilson Great movie - didn't make me hate any Jews either! 5 stars
3/29/04 lucas film speaks for itself. 5 stars
3/28/04 Penny Myers Heartbreaking from a mother's point of view! 5 stars
3/28/04 Lauren i was so moved by this film i felt so guilty 4 stars
3/28/04 sarah seeger i thought th could have ever sis movie was the best movie anyone could ever see 5 stars
3/27/04 Michael Sumido Well, , , Very nice and worthy to be shared to everyone the portrait of Christ's Passion 5 stars
3/27/04 Alexander Yates Great Movie 5 stars
3/26/04 Vikki Fox awesome film - truly awe aspiring 5 stars
3/26/04 bruce miller wow, best recreation I have seen 5 stars
3/26/04 Amy Touching story, no matter what your faith is 5 stars
3/24/04 Xager8 Re-Affirmed my faith, breath-taking! 5 stars
3/24/04 Victor Gentili Powerful film. 5 stars
3/24/04 Paul Raoul Did anyone get, why this jesus-guy was beaten up like this ? Anyone ? Was he a terrorist ? 1 stars
3/24/04 jdogg It's just the last 10 minutes of Braveheart, longer and with Jesus. Sick AND tiring. 2 stars
3/24/04 Conrado Jaquez A movie worth watching. Makes you appreciate life in a way never before. 5 stars
3/24/04 mabel e. boston Awesome as if he was her 5 stars
3/24/04 Leslie Ann Lato A movie worth watching! 5 stars
3/23/04 wog amazing to say the least! 5 stars
3/23/04 anti_khrys neglected to take advantage of the shock value as a tool to get a great message through 2 stars
3/23/04 maxomai The best comedy of the year! 5 stars
3/23/04 engy e samy god's working by this film 5 stars
3/22/04 Debra way too overboard w/ the violence - MO MESSAGE/SAD would of been a good opportunity for one 2 stars
3/22/04 John Smith I commend Mel Gibson, Well done 5 stars
3/22/04 Genie few reviewers weren't moved,but other people are,Word is passing.They hear.mission finished 5 stars
3/22/04 B. Fresh Film that makes ppl aware of what all those words in the Bible probably translates to! 4 stars
3/21/04 me a little too gory for my liking - walked out of the theatre feeling sick - great otherwise 4 stars
3/21/04 McBain Personalizes what heartless torture really is and what Jesus probably experienced 4 stars
3/20/04 I don't know the meaning. 3 stars
3/20/04 Ray Jesus Christ!!! This is fantastic!!! 5 stars
3/20/04 Alan Williams So you're a 2000 year old asthmatic, latin-speaking witness of the original event, Enzo ? 2 stars
3/19/04 Enzo Silvestri Authentic, breathtaking, linguistically pleasing, Thought provoking Gospel adaptation. 5 stars
3/19/04 Plain A 2 hour flick about a jew named jesus being killed brutally some years ago. Nothing more. 3 stars
3/19/04 Lucas Jesus' sacrifice is being debased if it's misunderstood so obviously and blatantly. 1 stars
3/19/04 Teresa Williams This movie will live forever! 5 stars
3/18/04 Mohammed Maybe Jesus gets a lifetime achievement oscar next year.The movie however isn't the Gospel 2 stars
3/18/04 Zaratustra Reviews from atheists ? On a pseudo-religious movie from a fundamentalist ? Um, hello ?!? 2 stars
3/18/04 Rick Rogers profound and moving but wished to see more about the ministry of Jesus 5 stars
3/18/04 Smitty After all the hype the only thing I could think of was how horrendous the music was 4 stars
3/18/04 John Rhode Great movie, great review by Scott Weinberg 5 stars
3/18/04 jamie This movie changed the way I think about how much we sin. 5 stars
3/18/04 Reini Urban Straight, accurate and political, without the typical hollywood kitsch 5 stars
3/17/04 Alan Drake Noy a "Group" experince; Each individual will be affected diffrently. Extremely Profound f 5 stars
3/17/04 Morally Sound Powerful! 5 stars
3/17/04 Russell Unbelievable, astonishing 5 stars
3/17/04 Holly Beeman Don't take your kids to see this, PLEASE! It would have scarred me for life. 3 stars
3/17/04 Brando Who's gonna dare give this movie a "Total Crap"? I WILL!!! Coulda been better. 1 stars
3/17/04 richard holmes a real tear jerker 5 stars
3/17/04 your worst goddamn nightmare It was interesting, but definitely not as "powerful" as some say it was... 4 stars
3/17/04 Lynne Collins Great! I paid $18.50 on the website via my VISA. Tickets were gone. Need a refund! 5 stars
3/17/04 Bob Harrison Powerful, extrememly well done, and brutal 5 stars
3/17/04 Lara It made me feel like I was there when Jesus died, a very intense movie 4 stars
3/17/04 Erin Donoghue Powerful/Gentle; Intense/Salving; Numbing/Invigorating; Simple/Complex; Polar Opposites 4 stars
3/17/04 Jack Harner The movie speaks for itself, exquisitly. Liars will hate it . 5 stars
3/16/04 Luzane, Robyn and Eleanor Its one of those movies where either you really like it or you really don't. 5 stars
3/16/04 Carol Durk best movie about the last hours of Jesus's life I have ever seen 5 stars
3/16/04 Samantha Marie Smith This was a powerful and moving film. It really shows you what Jesus went through 4 stars
3/15/04 Dan To Mel Gibson: "Thank You" 5 stars
3/15/04 mercedes i thought it was inspiring and it made you think twice about what life was for these people 5 stars
3/14/04 E-Rock There isn't a drug available that would make this piece of propoganda enjoyable... 1 stars
3/14/04 rory WONDERFUL 5 stars
3/14/04 jason edwards after seeing this film,it has made me recheck and rethink my faith in jesus christ. 5 stars
3/14/04 DT Anyone who found this movie good, must be unstable and disturbed. 2 stars
3/14/04 Ronny Excellent, Awesome, Wonderful, 5 stars
3/13/04 V. Smith More hysteria than history. 3 stars
3/13/04 Jon All the negative criticisms are unwarranted 5 stars
3/13/04 MoViEmAjOr17 This movie really touched me, and the message was great! i loved it! 5 stars
3/13/04 Kate it was a heart touching movie 5 stars
3/12/04 rhett i believe it took away from the whole message of the crucificion and the plan God had 3 stars
3/12/04 Jack57 Gore fest - way overdone. 3 stars
3/12/04 sumixam mob mentality gone mad 5 stars
3/12/04 Sue Mills You need to research all the good Christian Missionaries and organizations have contributed 4 stars
3/12/04 Kathryn Mel did a great job and I comend him on talking on this type of film. I loved the move. 5 stars
3/12/04 Stacey H. This film is so powerful and humbling.There is nothing 4 the Jews 2 be offended by at all!! 5 stars
3/12/04 malcolm so where are the brown-skinned people, Mr, Historically-Accurate? 3 stars
3/11/04 gmp anyone who says its a gorefest is a loser, thats how it happened 5 stars
3/11/04 R.H. As powerful as anything I've ever seen. 5 stars
3/11/04 David Anti-Semitism? The person I love most after watching the film is a Jew! 4 stars
3/11/04 Jared Williams What a sacrifice! 5 stars
3/10/04 Maura Just a gore-fest 1 stars
3/10/04 Goofy Maxwell Puts the politics & brutality of Christ's captors into the mix. 5 stars
3/10/04 Phil Neil incredible 5 stars
3/10/04 Jack Treese I feel that this film is very amazing. 5 stars
3/10/04 Ivonne This is the best movie I have ever seen its just great. 5 stars
3/10/04 Jeremy H Powerful movie, very moving 5 stars
3/10/04 patrick joseph sheehan-rousseaux the magnum opus of mel gibson a film he made to the greater glory of the Blessed Holy One 5 stars
3/09/04 christian woman I thought the film was gut-wrenching and realistic, unnecssarily graphic and horrifying 3 stars
3/09/04 Erin Hobson It is very, very impacting. I cried the whole 2 hours and 12 minutes. 5 stars
3/09/04 Alicia It draws you closer to Christ. An deeply emotional experience. Not an Anti-Semetic film. 5 stars
3/09/04 Blaine Holloway Cool film. Out of this world! 5 stars
3/09/04 Denise Lynn Doughty Simply Fabulious, This movie makes you stop and think of what one man gave to the world. 5 stars
3/09/04 nilda e nieves It was excelent,it made me get closer to Jesus,I never imagined how much ,he suffered for u 5 stars
3/09/04 Joe Why do we feel it necessary to take what critic's say as GOSPEL? Make up your OWN mind. 5 stars
3/09/04 Connie Chin Powerfull. Inspiring. Where's the love? It's in the face of a man who gave all. 5 stars
3/08/04 Manny M A file of great controversy, a film that at best received mixed reviews from the Hollywood 5 stars
3/08/04 kitty amazing movie, but your biases aside and be moved by it 5 stars
3/08/04 Penny Best Movie about Christ ever made! If you did not like it, you have no moral character. 5 stars
3/08/04 Bobbi I don't see the point of the movie; we already knew Christ suffered; what else? 3 stars
3/08/04 Nick An AWFUL film experience and an even worse movie. 1 stars
3/07/04 Zach G. Mary, you're nuts. A+ Film. Don't get films like this often. 5 stars
3/07/04 Kim Gagel I felt very loved by Jesus and I deeply appreciate what He did for all of us. He gave us t 5 stars
3/07/04 Frances I LOVED the Passion. Impressed by impact on Christ's family. 5 stars
3/07/04 mary This movie should be banned. Gruesome, sickening, too violent. Terrible movie 1 stars
3/07/04 Chris Excellent film 5 stars
3/06/04 ROR GREAT FILM 5 stars
3/06/04 Shirley Jones It's a love story beyond the scope of our ability to understand. God's love is awesome! 5 stars
3/06/04 Andrew Dunn Mel has made me want to go to Mass. Good on him. 4 stars
3/06/04 Hamere Mekonnen Powerful!! very well made, went in to my bone. 5 stars
3/06/04 Whitney J. Marshall I Loved The movie and that everyone should see it. 5 stars
3/06/04 annie simon How DIVIDED the reactions!! Think on that. 5 stars
3/05/04 maximillion Perfection in every right! unbelivable! a must see! 5 stars
3/05/04 Gina M Sanchez I cried! What a perfect movie. I wouldn't change anything about it.PERFECT 10! 5 stars
3/05/04 KingNeutron Intense, and profoundly moving. 5 stars
3/05/04 Jonathan breathtaking,exhausting,brilliant 5 stars
3/05/04 Alan Definitely worth watching 5 stars
3/05/04 daniel Awsome movie 5 stars
3/05/04 abby This movie will shake you to the core 5 stars
3/05/04 Dave Colt Unless your heart is completely hardened against Christianity you will love it. 5 stars
3/04/04 Rodney Mitchell The most awesome movie I have ever seen in my life 5 stars
3/04/04 Stephen Spielborg Gibbo's a daft cunt. The movie's shit, no matter what his imaginary friend thinks. 1 stars
3/04/04 Susan A true spiritual experience. Visually stunning, so realistic it just brings it alive. 5 stars
3/04/04 Wendy Intense, horrific, leaves viewer with a sense of intense gratitude 5 stars
3/04/04 Aaron Christal You will not be the same after seeing this movei 5 stars
3/04/04 Jimm One word..."POWERFUL"! 5 stars
3/04/04 Bertil Ask yourself: What changed after his murder? Zero 2 stars
3/04/04 Shelli Bondi Incredible movie and very moving 5 stars
3/04/04 Sally Awesome 5 stars
3/04/04 Michael INTENSE!!! 5 stars
3/04/04 Gods Chosen moving 5 stars
3/04/04 JAVIER A MASTERPIECE 5 stars
3/03/04 Jeff Awesome...powerful...artistic...and very moving 5 stars
3/03/04 Kristina Richards Yes! Necessarily violent - and impacting. Use discretion with little kids. 5 stars
3/03/04 Alan Jones Extremely Touching 5 stars
3/03/04 New Wanderer A tactfull exploitation of the unthinkingly religious.. 1 stars
3/03/04 Juan Letelier Bottom Line: Jesus labor of LOVE for us 5 stars
3/03/04 Rkm Hyped, historical ga-ga, piece of . . . 1 stars
3/03/04 Al Jolson This Film is violent ab brutal, neither BDSM than a real Jesus Movie! 1 stars
3/03/04 john wallace a visceral experience. gut wrenching with tears flowing. 5 stars
3/03/04 Matthew Kirby The Passion of the Christ is the greatest experience I have ever felt from a film. 5 stars
3/03/04 Rick Cornejo Outstanding film, Best movie ever 5 stars
3/03/04 P.T. Lunney The gore detracts from the message, and is obviously more important to Mel. 2 stars
3/03/04 M Great 5 stars
3/03/04 Joey A GREAT movie! Yes it is violent, but it is the truth and the truth is painful! A++++++ 5 stars
3/03/04 Jeanna This is the most realistic movie about Jesus I've ever seen. He died out of love to save us 5 stars
3/03/04 A F GREAT! Cheap money making scheme, sorry Mel, enough with shock and awe. 5 stars
3/02/04 Janelle Stauffer God bless Mel Gibson! 5 stars
3/02/04 Brenda Klassen I am going again, alone this time, so that I can truly feel Christ's sacrifice for me. 5 stars
3/02/04 Jim Highly recommended, but brace yourself! 5 stars
3/02/04 David All religeous BS asside, it was an awesome movie, as powerful as Schindlers List. 5 stars
3/02/04 A.J. Robertson There have been only four films in my life that I wished I had never seen. This is one. 1 stars
3/02/04 Sandina Mayberry The only other movie I have seen that has affected me as much as was "Closest Land." 5 stars
3/02/04 Scott Realistic account of history 5 stars
3/02/04 Jab This film actually made me want to go back to church 5 stars
3/02/04 Dawn G. movie is beautiful 5 stars
3/02/04 Carrie Pence Mel Gibson did a fantastic job on showing the brutality and suffering Jesus went through 5 stars
3/02/04 Mark Gardner One of the most thought provoking movies I've seen. Technically well done. 5 stars
3/02/04 Karla Powerful, Moving, Heartwrenching 5 stars
3/02/04 Margie A thoroughly moving and deeply personal story... where every violent scene has a purpose.. 5 stars
3/02/04 d smith deeply touching 5 stars
3/01/04 ted danson luke hall is a sheepshagger 4 stars
3/01/04 David Balch Incredibly moving 5 stars
3/01/04 Tanya The perfect context for understanding the words of Christ. A masterpiece. 5 stars
3/01/04 Rachel whoa... 5 stars
3/01/04 Lynne Mr. Gibson has raised the bar for hollywood!!! 5 stars
3/01/04 Mary Excellent movie! 5 stars
3/01/04 Theresa gripping reminder 5 stars
3/01/04 Dena Believers understand 5 stars
3/01/04 Julie Seawel Completely life changing and heart wrenching 5 stars
3/01/04 Flounder To give an adjective for this movie would not do it justice. 5 stars
3/01/04 phannietoits This movie shows us all that Jesus loved us more then anything and it makes you appreciate. 5 stars
3/01/04 Samuel The best movie out this year so far 5 stars
3/01/04 Frederic A great movie and probably the best with a Christian theme. Brave Mel's crowning glory. 5 stars
3/01/04 tress atwood The Passion of the Christ is hands-down the WORST movie I've ever seen. 1 stars
3/01/04 Roz Passion says it ALL 5 stars
3/01/04 Edler Martin, it appears that you are ballot stuffing? 5 stars
3/01/04 KCobain First rate and I'm no religious freak just a film fan. 5 stars
3/01/04 Gray 15 inutes of jesus getting killed + under 15 seconds resurection=catholic view still goodw 4 stars
3/01/04 Travis Taylor Deplicts the closest image of the suffering of Christ for all mankind, yet put into film. 5 stars
3/01/04 Gloria It is a very "personal" experience. No two people will experience it in the same way. 5 stars
2/29/04 Del Heart-Wrenching Spiritual Experience 5 stars
2/29/04 8=====D only reason why i give it 2 stars is cuz of the blood,SHWEET!,everything else sucked 2 stars
2/29/04 Blake Awesomely portrays the suffering of Christ but the film lacks realism and Christ's humanity 4 stars
2/29/04 John I don't think this is just a movie. There is incredible symbolism and power throughout . 5 stars
2/29/04 Brandon Powerful . An epiphany for me . 5 stars
2/29/04 Brent Davis the violence is the polar opposite of "gratuitous" 5 stars
2/29/04 I.P. Freely Sucked ass 1 stars
2/29/04 jimmy two times Weak storyingtelling. Weak script. Nothing special. Good actors and images though. 2 stars
2/29/04 rami741 OMG OMG OMG OMG amazing 5 stars
2/29/04 Becky Mouser Difficult to talk about...humbling...soul-searching...thankful for a God who loves me this 5 stars
2/29/04 H.J .Railey Very well done, . . .Beautiful, Powerful, Moving. - Bravo Mr. Gibson! 5 stars
2/29/04 juan f. perez AWESOME!!!!! 5 stars
2/28/04 alien assasin If this doesn't move somehow, you haven't got a heart !!!! 5 stars
2/28/04 Andy Great Movie 5 stars
2/28/04 Frank Lynch very moving -- words can't do it justice 5 stars
2/28/04 Thorndike Barnhardt might I ask you believers all...where...was...the...giant...spider? 1 stars
2/28/04 Brad Daugherty I left the theater in tears. 5 stars
2/28/04 Richard Watts Tedious, clumsy, cliched and monotonous 2 stars
2/27/04 Marie Intense, emotional, and gripping. I recommend this movie. 5 stars
2/27/04 Stephen Ryan Simply amazing. I am going to see it again. I believe this movie should been seen by all. 5 stars
2/27/04 Wealhtheow Amazing.. Maia Morgenstern brought me to tears. 5 stars
2/27/04 Megalodon Breathtaking. It left me speechless, and changed. 5 stars
2/27/04 Mark Saul - America has never had a holocaust. Beautiful, graphic, emotionally draining film. 5 stars
2/27/04 Christina What was the point? To show that Jesus, like so many were brutalized beyond belief? 1 stars
2/27/04 Brandt Anti-Semitic in the way that "Superman" encouraged us to hate the inhabitants of Krypton. 5 stars
2/27/04 king of cool saul, it is not anti-semitic in the least. it is a harrowing, but good film 4 stars
2/27/04 Jack Curson Painfully positive in a very negative way. Emotionally Draining. 5 stars
2/27/04 Paula Greenberg Dehumanizes the Jewish leaders. Evil film 1 stars
2/27/04 Betty White Over violent,, but well-acted picture; Gibson's direction is tepid at best. 3 stars
2/26/04 Graham Gibson = one-note director. No spirituality, just OTT violence. 2 stars
2/26/04 Jeff Lebowski Overwrought melodrama produced and directed by a megalomaniacal whacko 1 stars
2/26/04 Graeme An up-your-nose approach - graphically explicit, the audience winces with every blow 5 stars
2/26/04 Kevin G You one star'rs,the brutality was for the whole worlds sin not JUST yours. 5 stars
2/26/04 Dr. Roger Korby i really hate to admit it, but it made me hungry. jesus looked so much like tasty BBQ. 3 stars
2/26/04 Vince Good actcing, well-filmed 4 stars
2/26/04 Troy Butler Needs to be seen!!! 4 stars
2/26/04 Jack Bourbon Jesus H. Christ!!! That hurt. 4 stars
2/26/04 Johnny Brutal. Sympathetic Pilate? The Life of Brian is far more truth than this work of fiction. 1 stars
2/26/04 kaz brutal,moving and beautiful.. 5 stars
2/26/04 Marie Incredibly moving. I could not stop the tears. 5 stars
2/26/04 Carver S. Saw it today. Bloodiest thing I ever saw. Forget Kill Bill. 5 stars
2/26/04 C squared true depiction of the bruatlity of Christ's death 4 stars
2/26/04 Sam Smith Incredible 5 stars
2/26/04 Michael Phillips I think I'll wait for the DVD...I understand the extras segment has three separate endings. 4 stars
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  25-Feb-2004 (R)
  DVD: 30-Jan-2007



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