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Untouchables, The
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by Anne Frank

"'The Steps Scene, the steps scene...'"
4 stars

Who'll read a review for a film out years ago anyway?

Well, you are! This film gets history wrong, but who cares? It's Hollywood! Why let the facts get in the way? In true life, real life, Ness and Capone never met, Ness didn't do that thing at the courthouse, and the list goes on. But despite all that, this is an exciting, stylized film that makes you long for the days of Organized Crime (hey, it's better than unorganized crime!)
Many scenes in this film are memorable, and of them, the "Steps Scene" is perhaps one of the most annotated when it comes to cinema class at college (or university). DePalma pays "homage" to a brilliant scene from The Battleship Potemkin (I think, I can't remember which film it is now) where murder and mayhem takes place on a huge outdoor stairway between Russian soldiers and the public. And yes, there was a baby carriage as well.
DePalma pays tribute to this scene in this film, and I only mention this part of the film so that if you rent it and watch it with your friends you can look so fucking smart in front of your friends that they will not want to hang out with you anymore.

Every other thing about this film is very good and well worth watching.

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originally posted: 04/17/99 09:19:56
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User Comments

9/06/12 Ed Good "shoot up the gangster" entertainment. Connery is great in his role. 4 stars
3/19/10 Lord Blathazar OMG BEST MOVIE EVER, DESTORYER OF WORLDS 5 stars
1/27/10 Josie Cotton is a goddess People are talking this movie too seriously. It's stylish pulp folks, just enjoy it. 4 stars
12/28/09 Dane Youssef Mostly unremarkable. A few choice moments. A fine movie, but not much more. 3 stars
6/01/09 Jeff Wilder As history it's bunk. As a purely entertaining movie few can touch it. 4 stars
2/13/08 chris very well set up movie of the the decade not as good as an hitchcock movie 4 stars
11/17/07 drew s john caldwell it doesnt suck, u suck 5 stars
7/23/07 Duke Put some pants on the poor baby! 4 stars
5/16/07 brit absolutly awsome 5 stars
3/24/07 action movie fan some good action but acting was better that the script 3 stars
1/09/07 R.W.Welch Hi-water mark for DePalma and Costner with Oscar perf from Sean at no extra charge. 5 stars
10/19/06 David Pollastrini some of brian De Palma best work 5 stars
10/17/06 Terence Very entertaining movie. 5 stars
5/07/06 chienne Bloody marvellous film! Sean's death scene is a bit o'top but brilliant stuff. 5 stars
4/17/06 John Caldwell it sux. 1 stars
11/22/05 WiseMan This movie was exellent. very entertaining, it wont get boring, I promise you 5 stars
10/11/05 Agent Sands Perfect Hollywood entertainment. 5 stars
8/13/05 ES Mr. connery this is the stuff 5 stars
6/14/05 Indrid Cold Surprisingly cartoonish and silly. I was quite disappointed given its reputation. 3 stars
3/17/05 Jarrad Great gun play, action and the soundtrack was excellent-LOVED IT!!!!! 5 stars
10/23/04 UMER deniro deserved more screen time and connery is just plain lucky to get an oscar here 4 stars
9/25/04 kt very inaccurate and ridiculous (eg: Malones death scene) 2 stars
4/26/04 Lord Jiggy It's held up over the years, unlike some others I loved when younger. Excellent. 5 stars
4/14/04 LIAM JACKSON Frank Nitti:A truly fearsome prescence 5 stars
3/28/04 Margie pretty good, and all the beautiful men (costner, connery, garcia) don't hurt 4 stars
3/27/04 buddy garrett i enjoyed the tv series more 4 stars
3/27/04 rojo I really like De Palma's stylized treatment of this one, right up there with Scarface. 4 stars
3/27/04 y2mckay De Palma's best film. Sean Connery earned the Oscar. Even Costner respectable. 5 stars
3/27/04 Jack Sommersby Well-crafted, but it's obvious and soulless. Good acting somewhat compensates. 2 stars
1/12/04 Edmundo Miquel The EFC Review is terrible, really bad! Do you know anything about cinema? 3 stars
12/05/03 john a hell of a ride - but it seems to have three endings and it's still not over 4 stars
10/19/03 Alan Good solid story. A few problems with the facts, but that's Hollywood. 4 stars
8/23/03 verna i would like to see more gangster movies with a better actor than kevin costner 1 stars
7/13/03 Spiderfan729 Definately makes my top five. This movie has more thrills than a roller coaster. 5 stars! 5 stars
6/23/03 AD mintttttttttttttttttttt 5 stars
5/23/03 mr. Pink An entertaining movie, nothing more or less. 4 stars
5/08/03 Flounder One of the best mob movies ever to grace the silver screen! 5 stars
4/06/03 . The scene in the station with that baby was the best! 5 stars
3/23/03 Debbie THE CAMERA ANGLES, CAST 5* 5 stars
3/22/03 Jack Sommersby It's OK, but, boy, could this thing use some invention and verve! 3 stars
1/14/03 Poohead it is like heaven came down in the form of a videotape to bring one of the greatest films 5 stars
12/10/02 Gazza E De Niro, Connery, Costner, Garcia, and that train station scene. Just wonderful. 5 stars
9/07/02 Ramblin Wreck It supposed to be dated. It's the 30's.........idiot 5 stars
7/12/02 KMG DATED. 3 stars
6/24/02 Charles Tatum History be damned! Morricone's best musical score. 5 stars
5/21/02 Kris one of my three favorite movies, well actualy my favorite, im a connery fan 5 stars
4/03/02 Lizz I was a nice film, but I think there are weird things (like Jimmy's death. Come on!) 5 stars
3/17/02 FlaFan Great work by the whole cast, especially Connery, in his comeback role. 5 stars
1/29/02 anandh One of the excellent movies i have seen 5 stars
12/01/01 Mark Conway Sean Connery makes the movie what it is, very entertaining. 4 stars
10/30/01 elana good 1 stars
9/04/01 Butterbean PrettyWhy is there always a comment about how the music sucked? Shaddup and watch the movie 5 stars
8/09/01 E-Funk Maybe it was because I was high, but I thought the performances were fake/ music sucked. 2 stars
7/07/01 Elvisfan One of DePalma's best; certainly better than raping old Hitchock movies, right? 5 stars
7/04/01 TLsmooth Costner has been everywhere since it's release and I damn this film for that. 4 stars
7/04/01 Fish Eye One of the best cop movies ever - Connery is awesome and train station shootout is classic 5 stars
6/09/01 Shams Huque Absolute classic, if inaccuarte historically. Enjoy the exerience. By the way, what a cast! 5 stars
6/04/01 Just like a Wop . . . bringin' a knife to a gunfight! 5 stars
4/27/01 D.Welsch just saw it for the third time---great film that will go down as a CLASSIC!!! 5 stars
4/24/01 Spetters Good entertainment. Not a classic DePalma but a good 2 hours are guaranteed 4 stars
4/20/01 Matthew Bartley You wanna know how to get Capone? Here's how you get him... 5 stars
3/12/01 James Quinn Costner's moralism is perfect for Ness, so for once it doesn't detract. DeNiro is amazing! 5 stars
3/07/01 Jake The scene in the train station with the baby carriage is priceless. Garcia is great 5 stars
1/26/01 Saburo Some of the coolest lines of dialog ever. 5 stars
12/20/00 Speedy The greatest crime film of the 80s, Sean Connery is amazing! 5 stars
12/04/00 Cristopher Revilla gory, but still a great film, great performance by Sean Connery 5 stars
2/10/00 Ed Wood thrilling 5 stars
1/23/00 Jimbo Lequesne Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! 5 stars
11/04/99 Karahde Khan Great supporting actors and music, overall a film not to be missed (despite Sick Boy). 4 stars
8/18/99 Japtalian Kevin Costner is such a pussy but we love that Sean Connery. 5 stars
6/21/99 Ah Dooey worth watching, definitely a must-see 4 stars
4/15/99 Jon Jackson A watchable Kevin Costner movie, crazy. De Niro and a bat, classic. 4 stars
2/02/99 Matthew Bartley The greatest dialogue EVER written!! And Connery kicks butt! 5 stars
1/02/99 tarkin666 Hot damn, I miss prohibition. 5 stars
11/29/98 Mike F even know the mafia lost, it was a great movie still and all 5 stars
11/27/98 little jerry The sort of film where 'conventional' is a good thing.5 STARS if confined to Chicago. 4 stars
11/13/98 Jules One of very few good movies starring Costner. DeNiro as Capone, that was so inspired... 5 stars
10/28/98 Silent Rob Here is DePalma, being the mixmaster of Cinematic style and cliche! Kool stuff! 4 stars
10/25/98 Johny Well directed, not quite exceptional action film 4 stars
9/15/98 tessSpork pretty good story line, good acting, though the staircase scene was a little too much. 4 stars
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  03-Jun-1987 (R)
  DVD: 05-Oct-2004



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