eFilmCritic's Ultimate Blu-ray Release Schedule (UPDATED 9/21/20)

By Erik Childress
Posted 03/31/08 09:00:19

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September 22 (2020)
All Roads to Pearla (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Art of Love, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Babysplitters (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Babyteeth (Blu-ray) (IFC)
Bitter Tea of General Yen, The (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Christ Stopped at Eboli (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Cop Land (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Crow, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Dr. Stone: Season One - Part One [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Faculty, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Fairy Gone: Season One - Part Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Fellini's Casanova (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Feral World, A (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
From Dusk Till Dawn (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Full Metal Jacket (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)
Ghost Ship (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Good Will Hunting (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
HANEBADO!: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Hero (2004) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Hinamatsuri: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
I Am a Dancer (Blu-ray) (Film Movement)
I Love You to Death (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Inner Sanctum Mysteries (The Complete Film Series) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Jackie Brown (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Legends of Tomorrow (The Complete Fifth Season) (Warner Bros.)
Lord Love a Duck (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Masque of the Red Death, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Miracle in the Desert: The Rise and Fall of the Salton Sea (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Most Wanted (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
My Hero Academia: Season Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Never Steal Anything Small [Blu-ray] (Kino)
Now You See Me 1 & 2 (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Passenger, The (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Prophecy Collection, The (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Rick and Morty (Season 4) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Scream: 3-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
(*) Secret, The: Dare to Dream (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Serendipity (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Sin City (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Spooky House (Blu-ray) (Kino)
That's Entertainment! The Complete Collection (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Wasteful Days of High School Girls (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Whiplash (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
Wind Rises, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)

September 29 (2020)
Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile (Blu-ray) (Acorn Media)
Alien Addiction (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Alphabet City (Blu-ray) (AGFA)
Banker, The (Blu-ray) (Dark Force Entertainment)
Blumhouse of Horrors (10-Movie Collection) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Caller, The (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Chinese Hercules / Bruce's Ninja Secret (Drive-In Double Feature #8) (Blu-ray) (Dark Force Entertainment)
Cinema Paradiso (Blu-ray 4K) (Arrow Films)
Conquest (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
Crackers (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Cruel Jaws (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Dead Ones, The (Blu-ray) (Artsploitation)
Death Rage (Blu-ray) (Dark Force Entertainment)
Dreamworks 10-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Elephant Man, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Eve (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available Sept. 28)
Fire Force: Season 1 - Part 2 (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Five Graves to Cairo (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Focus Features 10-Movie Spotlight Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Free! Dive to the Future: Season Three (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Genesis II / Planet Earth 2-Film Collection (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
GoodTimesKid, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Gotcha! (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Havana (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America [Blu-ray] (Acorn Media)
Illumination Presents 10-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Indecent Exposure (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Ivansxtc (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Jaws: 3-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) (Universal) (Includes: Jaws 2-4)
Jeremiah Johnson (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Kemono Michi: Rise Up - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Kiss Before the Mirror, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Lady Death (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Legend of Tomiris, The (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Love Me Tonight (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Mallrats (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. 3 (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Memphis Belle (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Milagro Beanfield War, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Momma's Man (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
My Hero Academia: Season Four - Part One (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Neon Days (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Pandemonium (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels - Season One (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Primitives (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Rolling Stones, The: Steel Wheels - Live (Blu-ray) (Eagle Rock)
Silencing, The (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (Blu-ray) (AGFA)
Space Adventure Cobra (Original TV Series) (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Stargirl: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Thomas and the Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Us + Them (Blu-ray) (Sony) (Available Oct. 2)
Variety (Blu-ray) (Kino)

October 6 (2020)
2nd, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
300 (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)
After School Dice Club: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Ashfall (Blu-ray) (MPI)
B: The Beginning (Season One) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Beautiful Bones (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Before the Fire (Blu-ray) (Dark Sky)
Caniba (Blu-ray) (Grasshopper Films)
Chinese Portrait (Blu-ray) (Cinema Guild)
Curse of the Undead (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Deeper You Dig, The (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Drop Dead Gorgeous [Blu-ray] (Warner Archive)
Eli Roth's History of Horror (Season 1) (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Face in the Window, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Fairy Tail: Final Season - Part 24 (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Fighting Fist of Shangai Joe, The (Blu-ray) (Wild East Productions)
Groundstar Conspiracy, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Hard Way, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
How About Adolf? (Blu-ray) (Menemsha Films)
I Used to Go Here (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
InterReflections (Blu-ray) (Gravitas)
Invincible Dragon, The (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Last Kingdom, The (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Little Nothings (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Newman's Law (Blu-ray) (Kino)
P.J. (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Pale Door, The (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Pierrot le fou (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Save Yourselves! (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Secret Garden, The (2020) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Secret of My Success, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Star Trek: Picard - Season One (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Tax Collector, The (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
(*) Teknolust (Blu-ray) (Strand)
To Your Last Death (Blu-ray) (Quiver)
Valley Girl (2020) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Wonderland, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
World is Full of Secrets, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Yummy (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)

October 13 (2020)
American West, The (Season One) (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Broil (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Chalk Garden, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Claudine (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Crescendo (Blu-ray) (Menemsha Films)
Death Laid an Egg (Blu-ray) (Cult Epics)
Deepstar Six (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Delirious (2006) (Blu-ray) (MVD)
District 9 (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
Dominion: A Prequel to The Exorcist (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Doorman, The (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Sony)
Fahrenheit 9/11 [Blu-ray] (MVD)
Flintstones, The (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Friday the 13th Collection (Deluxe Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (Gravitas)
ID: Invaded - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
ID: Invaded - The Complete Series (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Imaginary Crimes / Silent Fall (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Incognito / Diabolique (1996) / The In-Crowd (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Jack and the Beanstalk (1952) (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life - Season Two (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Motel Hell (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Mr. Topaze (Blu-ray) (Film Movement)
New Blood [Blu-ray] (MVD)
Panther Squad (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Picnic (Blu-ray) (Sony)
Pledge, The (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Punch Line (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Rawhead Rex (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Kino)
Requiem for a Dream (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
Reversal of Fortune (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
RWBY (Volume 7) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
S.O.S. Titanic (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Sergeant York (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Shirobako (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Space Ghost and Dino Boy: The Complete Series (1966-1968) (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Terror in the Aisles (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Test Tube Babies / Guilty Parents (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Ultraman R/B (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
(*) Untold Story, The (Blu-ray) (Unearthed)
Vikings (Season 6, Vol. 1) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Warning from Space (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Weedjies: Halloweed Night (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)

October 20 (2020)
5 Years Apart [Blu-ray] (Gravitas)
Adaptation (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Alone (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Ape, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Blur Ridge (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Captains Collection, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Cut Throat City (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Drifting / White Tiger (Blu-ray) (Kino)
EF (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Sentai Filmworks)
Fear No Evil / Ritual of Evil (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Fu Manchu Cycle, The (1965-1969) (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available Oct. 19)
Gunfighter, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Haunting, The (1999) (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Hit, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Killdozer (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Lord of Vermilion: The Complete Uncut Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
My Neighbor Totoro (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
Negima! + Negima!? (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
NOS4A2 (Season 2) (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Outside the Law (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Owners, The (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Picture Mommy Dead (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Princess Mononoke (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
Pumpkinhead (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
Quiz (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Scare Package (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Spree (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
(*) Sunrise at Campobello (Blu-ray) (Warner Archive)
Tremors: Shrieker Island (Blu-ray) (Universal)
Welcome to the Circle (Blu-ray) (Artsploitation)
Your Name (Blu-ray Steelbook) (FUNimation)

October 27 (2020)
Africa Screams (Blu-ray 3-D) (Classic Flix)
Akame Ga Kill (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Sentai Filmworks)
Attack of the Unknown [Blu-ray] (Gravitas)
Babylon Berlin (Seasons 1 & 2) (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Black Cat, The (aka Demons 6) (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Black Clover: Season 3 - Part 1 (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Cemetery of Terror (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Cleopatra: Queen of Sex (Blu-ray) (Discotek)
Cold Light of Day (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Daughters of Darkness (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground)
Deadly Games 4: Dial Code Santa Claus (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Grave Robbers (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
High Plains Drifter (Blu-ray) (Kino)
I Start Counting (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Ipcress File, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 2 (Premium Box Set) (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Joe Kidd (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Last Starfighter, The (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Memorial Valley Massacre (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Necromancer (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Parasite (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Patrick Still Lives (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Rambo: The Complete Steelbook Collection (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
Rest in Pieces (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Scary Tales (Blu-ray) (AGFA)
Secret Ways, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Shock Treatment (Blu-ray) (Severin)
Spellcaster (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Two Mules for Sister Sara (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Whistle Blower, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Whodunit? (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)
Zebraman (Blu-ray) (Media Blasters)
Zombie 5: Killing Birds (Blu-ray) (Vinegar Syndrome)

November 3 (2020)
Actors: Songs Connection - The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
American Horror Project Vol. 1 [Blu-ray] (Arrow Films)
Argument, The [Blu-ray] (Gravitas)
Bugs Bunny (80th Anniversary Collection) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Cat in Paris, A [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Chico & Rita (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Dragon Ball Z: Season 2 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Dragon Ball Z: Season 3 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Game of Thrones (The Complete Collection) (Blu-ray 4K) (HBO)
Granbelm (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
(*) Hard Kill (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
It's a Wonderful Life (Blu-ray 4K) (Paramount)
Kick-Ass (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
Lake Michigan Monster (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Let's Scare Julie [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Magical Girl Raising Project: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Misbehaviour [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Complete Collection) (Blu-ray) (Acorn Media)
Resident Evil Collection, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Sony)
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Secret of Kells, The [Blu-ray] (Shout! Factory)
Seven Sinners (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Shepherd of the Hills, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit -The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
V for Vendetta (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)
Veil, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Waxworks (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett) (Flicker Alley)

November 10 (2020)
Amazon Women on the Moon (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Beguiled, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Blade: The Iron Cross (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Brides of Dracula, The (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Burst City (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Bustin' Loose (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious - The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Eiger Sanction, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Girlfriends (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Guest House (Blu-ray) (Lions Gate)
Hayate the Combat Butler (Ultimate Collection) (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast, The [Blu-ray] (Arrow Films)
Hollywood High + Teenage Mother (Drive-In Double Feature #9) [Blu-ray] (Dark Force Entertainment)
How to Make a Monster (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
I Met a Girl [Blu-ray] (Gravitas)
Love Express: The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk (Blu-ray) (Altered Innocence)
Marona's Fantastic Tale (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Maybe Next Year (Blu-ray) (Virgil Films)
(*) Metamorphosis (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Monty Python’s Flying Circus: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Network Ireland Tv)
My Hero Academia: Season Three [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
(*) Office, The (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (Universal)
One Piece: Season Ten - Voyage Three (FUNimation)
Play Misty for Me (Blu-ray) (Kino)
(*) Rainy Day in New York, A (Blu-ray) (MPI)
Seven Women For Satan (Blu-ray) (Mondo Macabro)
Sins of the Flesh (Blu-ray) (Mondo Macabro)
Tourist Trap (VHS Retro Big Box Collection) (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
War of the Colossal Beast (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)

November 17 (2020)
Ancient Magus Bride, The (Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Anderson Tapes, The (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available Nov. 16)
(*) Bad Men From a Melting Moon [Blu-ray] (Big World Pictures)
Beeswax (Blu-ray) (Cinema Guild)
Beyond the Door [Blu-ray] (Arrow Films)
Columbia Noir #1 (1945-1958) (Indicator) (Available Nov. 16)
Croods, The (Blu-ray 4K) (Universal)
Dragnet (1954) (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Garden of Words (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Sentai Filmworks)
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Grace of My Heart (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Hammer Films: The Ultimate Collection (1958-1971) (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Legacy, The (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available Nov. 16)
Mission Impossible: The Original TV Series (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
Monstrum (Blu-ray) (RLJE Films)
Moonstruck (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Reckless Moment, The (Blu-ray) (Indicator) (Available Nov. 16)
Relic (2020) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Rita Hayworth: Ultimate Collection (Blu-ray) (Mill Creek)
Silent Running (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
So Sweet, So Dead (Blu-ray) (Code Red)
(*) Summerland (Blu-ray) (IFC)
Twins (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Ulysses (1954) (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Val X Love (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Weathering with You (Deluxe Limited Edition) (Blu-ray 4K) (Shout! Factory)
Westworld (Season Three) (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.)
Westworld (Season Three) (Blu-ray) (Warner Bros.)
Wonders of Aladdin, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)

November 24
Assassins Pride (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Azur Lane: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Babylon Berlin: Season 3 (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981): The Complete Collection (Bu-ray) (Kino)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Movie (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Essential Fellini, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
He Came from the Swamp: The William Grefé Collection (Blu-ray) (Arrow Films)
Irishman, The (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
King of the Mountain (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Locke the Superman (Blu-ray) (Sentai Filmworks)
Lost Weekend, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Mad Max (Blu-ray 4K) (Kino)
Mulholland Run (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Riders Of Death Valley [Blu-ray] (VCI)
Stars Align: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
Testament of Sister New Devil, The: Seasons One & Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (Blu-ray 4K) (Well Go USA)
Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight - The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Zenobia (Blu-ray) (Classic Flix)

December 1
(*) Angels of Death: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Chernobyl (Blu-ray 4K) (HBO)
Crash (1996) (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Double Decker! Doug & Kirill: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
(*) Dr. Stone: Season One - Part Two [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
(*) Made in Italy (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Popeye (Blu-ray) (Paramount)
(*) Rental, The (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Rising Hawk. The: Battle for the Carpathians (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)

December 8
(*) Black Clover: Season 2 [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)
Greek Tycoon, The (Blu-ray) (Scorpion)
Mouchette (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
(*) Possessor (Blu-ray 4K) (Well Go USA)
(*) Possessor (Blu-ray) (Well Go USA)
Return of the Musketeers, The (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Two Takes by Williams Greaves (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
They Live (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray 4K) (Shout! Factory)
Total Recall (1990) (Blu-ray 4K) (Lions Gate)
(*) Violet Evergarden: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (FUNimation)

December 15 (2020)
Amores Perros (Blu-ray) (Criterion)
Black Clover - Season 1 and 2 (Blu-ray) (FUNimation)
(*) Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
(*) Castle in the Sky (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
(*) Devil in a Blue Dress (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
(*) Diary of a Mad Housewife (Blu-ray) (Kino)
From Up On Poppy Hill (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)
Guncrazy (1992) (Blu-ray) (MVD)
(*) Ladybug Ladybug (Blu-ray) (Kino)
Maniac (Special Edition) (Blu-ray) (Blue Underground)
Mutiny! (Blu-ray) (VCI)
Night in Casablanca, A (Blu-ray) (Classic Flix)
Orgy of the Living Dead (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
(*) Road Games (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
(*) Soldier's Story, A (Blu-ray) (Indicator)
Spirited Away (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory)
Vigilante (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground)

December 22 (2020)
(*) Akira (Blu-ray 4K) (FUNimation)

January 5 (2021)
Event Horizon (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray) (Shout! Factory)

January 19 (2021)
Beach Babes from Beyond (Blu-ray) (Full Moon)
Mr. Jealousy (Blu-ray) (Moonstone)

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