The 12th Annual eFilmCritic Oscar Pick 'Em (WIN 50 BLU-RAYS & DVDS!)

By Erik Childress
Posted 02/06/13 06:30:17

In a world…..where all Oscar contests appear the same and there aren’t enough prizes to go around…..ONE Oscar contest stands out above the rest. For years now, you have experienced the ultimate in Oscar promotions – one which celebrates the past and gives you a taste of some of the best films the softies in the Academy continually overlook. In 2013, it returns. You thought last year’s prizes were good? Just wait. And you can show your support by telling your friends and letting the studios know that you want more!


The way the contest is handled is through a point allocation system. Each category has a certain number of points available to it -- each participant must take that total amount of points, and allocate it over the nominees in the category based on who they think has the best probability of winning. Each participant must be sure to spread all of the points available, and not put more points than are available. For instance, if Best Picture were worth 100 total points, there are several possibilities: a person could place 20 points on each of the five nominees if they were unsure of who might win, or place all 100 on one nominee if they feel very confident. Whichever nominee ends up winning on Oscar night is how many points the individual is awarded for that category. The person with the most amount of points at the end of Oscar night is the winner. (NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions, this contest is only open to participants from the U.S. and Canada. If you live somewhere else and have a U.S. or Canadian address we can send your prizes too, then you may enter.)

As a clearer example of how the contest is played, see the example in the rules below the sign-in page.

A unique tiebreaker question will be asked each year in the event of a tiebreak. In the event of a tiebreak, the individual that answers the tiebreak question correctly will take victory with the second closest person taking the next place in the event of a tie involving more than two people. If two or more individuals actually end up having the same tiebreak answer and tie in their scores, the next method to break the tie will be to award the winner who put their final votes in the earliest. For example, a person who placed their votes and made them final two days before the deadline would win the secondary tiebreak, compared to a person who finished up their ballot changes 5 minutes before the deadline. But again, this secondary tiebreak will only be consulted in the rare instance when the original tiebreak does not resolve the tie.

To use the online voting system, the participant must log in with their unique username and password. Once at the account screen, during the voting time period, all Oscar categories will be available to click on to place their votes. During the voting time period, a participant can submit their votes, and change them as many times as they want until the voting deadline. No votes are considered final until the voting deadline arrives. Therefore, participants can enter their votes right when the contest starts, and change them as they deem necessary at any time. Each time a participant changes votes, those votes override any older votes and they are never used again. Only one entry per person.

Gee, that sounds like…a lot of work.” – Stifler, American Pie.


Trust me, it’s a snap. And the rewards are worth it. Oh, did we forget already? Did you distinctly remember something being written about 50 DVDs? You were not mistaken. (And that number may actually go up this year, so stay tuned!)

A number of film studios have generously provided an incredible prize package for us. In our ever-going frustration with the Oscars and the wrong films being nominated seemingly every year, our GRAND PRIZE is going to be a collection of 50 films overlooked by the Oscars in one way or another this year. PLUS the brand new 80 Years of Oscar book by Robert Osborne PLUS a pair of free passes to your local IMAX theatre (good through the end of April.) By collecting the most points amongst your various Oscar picks you will be adding to your collection a copy of each of the following Blu-rays & DVDs:

“But what if we do all that work and come in just under 15,000, then we get nothing, right?”Clint Howard, Gung Ho

WRONG! There are going to be some valuable runners-up prizes.

In honor of another great year for documentaries, we are offering a special collection of DVDs & Blu-rays including:

A prize package from Paramount

An Animation Prize Package Including Disney's Peter Pan and titles to be determined.

A Prize Package from our Grab Bag. SURPRISE!

Stay tuned for more potential announcements. All prizes will be rewarded after the Oscar telecast on February 24. Winners will be e-mailed about their prizes. Some titles will not be available until March and will be shipped accordingly.

We would like to thank Anchor Bay, Disney, First Run, Indomina, Magnolia, Millennium, MPI, MVD, New Video, Paramount, Sony, Strand, Universal for their generosity. We look forward to your participation and continued support.


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