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By Trevor Gensch
Posted 07/19/03 10:11:17

EfilmCritic is the place to get the most up to date information on what is going on at BIFF 2003! Check below for the latest news.

Latest News

More news on sold out sessions:

Race to Space - 31/7
Undead - 1/8

Sessions selling fast - get in quick!
Paper Airplanes - 4/8
The Thief of Bagdad - 7/8

It can't be a coincidence that 3 of the four hot demand tickets at the moment are part of the Childrens Screenings - this shows what a wise move BIFF took by bringing in this component of the festival last year.

Damn this BIFF is a popular thing! The Opening Night Film Gettin' Square is sold out, so you missed out if you want to see this fantastic debut feature from writer Chris Nyst.

22/7 - Did you wanna see the Spierig brothers feature, Undead, but hadn't bought a ticket yet? Well guess what? You're out of luck! The one and only session is sold out! But a new session will be scheduled soon... check here for details soon!

Its evidently the fastest selling movie in BIFF's 12 year history. Don't be surprised to see the Spierig's mum offering tickets to you in the street very soon.

21/7 - Heads up for all Brisbane trivia buffs! Wondering what to do with your weeknights now that Reggie has walked away with the dosh in Big Brother? Looking for something to fill that void until the next Tarantino flick comes out? The Brisbane Film Festival might just have the solution for you. Their annual Trivia Night is swinging into town again, next Monday 28 July 2003. Starts at 6.30pm too.

This year BIFF have pulled out all the stops. This year we aren't stuck at the back of a restaurant frequented by Asian exchange students, no sir! This year we are in the sumptuous surrounds of the Powerhouse, New Farm.

You can register you team of 5-10 participants via the BIFF website ( or you can ring the hot-hot-hotline on 07 3007 3007. Tickets cost $20 per person, which includes your entry, an appropriately themed pasta meal from San Remo and a complimentary drink.

Festival Director Gary Ellis is unfortunately unable to play host this year, but he has arranged a suitable replacement, Bill McDonald from Channel 10. Perhaps Gary couldn't handle the cries of 'rigged', 'redraw' and 'what a stupid question that was' from some of the tables last year.

There will be tons or prizes up for grabs (as long as you make sure you are on a team that knows its Scorsese from its Sandler).

Places are filling fast so I suggest you get in quick! Iíll be there so come up and say hi. Iíll be easy to spot, Iíll be on the winning table, with the loudest and drunkest players.

Ticket giveaways

19/7 - Wanna see a film? Wanna see a film for free? EFilmCritic and Brisbane International Film Festival have some tickets to give away to some truly amazing festival events. Read on!

The Brisbane International Film Festival every year brings to the lucky film goers of the Sunshine State a dazzling range of films, documentaries, shorts and forums guaranteed to have any lover of film more than satisfied over the festival's two week schedule.

You can check out what is going on at BIFF by logging on to their website - On the site you can browse the film schedule, book your tickets online and even have a notification sent to you when the movie is about to start! Make sure you sign up for their email newsletter to keep abreast of what is going on.

As I said, EfilmCritic and BIFF have gotten together and are offering some fantastic prizes to you lucky people. We have tickets up for grabs to two special films, both part of BIFF's World Cinema offerings; I'm Taraneh, 15 and Divine Intervention. Here's what the people at BIFF have to say about these two films:

I'm Taraneh
15-year-old Taraneh is a good girl. She lives with her grandmother since her father is in prison. Taraneh not only studies, but also works to earn her living. She is to marry her young fiance, Amir Hossein, after graduation, but soon they get separated while Taraneh is pregnant. Amir Hossein leaves for Germany and his mother denies that he is the father of the unborn baby. Despite all the troubles she meets as a lonely girl in a corrupted circle after her grandmother's death, Taraneh is determined to keep her baby and lead a simple, innocent life.

Divine Intervention
Most of the film's narrative resolves around E.S., a Palestinian man from Jerusalem (played to deadpan perfection by the dour-faced director) whose father is dying, and whose Palestinian girlfriend lives across the border in Ramallah; her movements are restricted, so their furtive encounters have to take place in a deserted parking lot next to an Israeli military checkpoint. Driven around the bend by the folly and despair of his life, E.S. explodes into fantasy, where Palestinian ninja warriors destroy Israeli military thugs and blow helicopters out of the sky.

We have four double passes to both of these films to give away to lucky EfilmCritic readers. The 10.00am session on August 2 for I'm Taraneh, 15 and the 5.00pm session on the 31 July for Divine Intervention - and all you have to do is send me an email at In the email please specify which film you are interested in.

Entries close Monday 28 July at midday. Winners will be advised via email on how to collect their tickets.

Good luck!

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