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You're standing in a room with one door. And Kevin Costner.

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HBS Monkey
HBS Monkey

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2002 2:55 pm    Post subject: You're standing in a room with one door. And Kevin Costner. Reply with quote

If you haven't checked out the oddest forum game in decadesm it's time you took a look at "You're standing in a room with one door. And Kevin Costner."

The current status is:

Kevin Costner lies unconscious on the ground. He is right nut is being grasped by Maegs. His left nut still hurts from previous squeezes.

Y2McKay is laying down in pee, drenched in honey and with a badly gnawed left foot. His undone pants reveal teddybear underwear, and he has a badly broken nose. A leather belt lays across his prone body.

sporkgirl has a large Tinky Winky band-aid covering her eyes, and a super-large-mondo-sized Blues Clues band-aid on her shoulder. She also has numerous small rose thorn cuts on her face, and her chest hurts, because...

Hessian is giving her a steamroller, even though he has been shot in the leg. He's holding a written apology from The Angry Jew for the aforementioned shooting, and wears Christopher Reeves' trachiotomy ring on his pinky.

Maegs is holding a paper towel dripping in Kevin Costner's nut-sweat and the top button on her shirt is unbuttoned. Having just been dissed (and tongue-kissed) by Kevin Costner, she's also wondering what to do with his right nut, currently in her hand. She has a crude drawing of a large bunny on her back, signed "Hessian".

Natasha is sitting on a rusty switchblade knife. She has a bloodied nose (not to mention a bloodied bum), and her unbuttoned shirt is open to reveal a shrunken black "Whitesnake" T-shirt. She has been recently mocked, and rightly so.

The Angry Jew is absolutely drenched in warm, soapy urine, mixed in with broken glass, and he has a bucket on his head and a ripped open shirt. He has a big piece of poopy on the top of his bucket, and another in his left hand. Nobody is taking part in his fantasy football draft, because.. well, he smells. His penis is in great pain, being as there's a video copy of The Big Chill embedded in it.

Paulapalooza has a big rip in his shirt, his tongue is hanging off, having been half bitten through three times, and his lips are sewn together. He holds a Bull Durham DVD sporting a big Bruce Springsteen signature.

Jennifer Connelly is looking bored.

Christopher Reeves is in a wheelchair. He gnashes his teeth like a tiger as he loses consciousness.

The room still has one door, in front of which is a screen showing Dances With Wolves. The screen has a cucumber sticking through it. Mysteriously, the name "Maegs" has been written in urine on the floor. There is a hole in the wall, through which Rosie O'Donnell and the Country Bears are yelling at Y2McKay to let them eat his leg. Rosie seems to be making the hole bigger with her fist - something she's clearly done before.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to play. The object is to stay alive.

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