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Spider Man: Web of Shadows

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Kand El
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HBS Monkey

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:03 pm    Post subject: Spider Man: Web of Shadows Reply with quote

Astonished to see a 14.99 price tag for an X-box game at Blockbuster, I went home with a copy of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, a game I never heard much other than lukewarm commentary on- imagine my surprise when I've been plugging away the hours on it, and I haven't even gotten to the full on symbiotization of New York yet since I'm having fun dealing with "normal" NY.

Sure its not perfect- Despite being the best looking Spidey game I've ever seen (the character designs for Spidey in both the red and the black costume are perfect), the voice acting for Spidey is horrendous-- the whininess of this Peter Parker makes Luke Skywalker's complaints about not getting to road trip it to Tashi look like Henry V's St. Crispin's Day speech. Also the game suffers from Marvel's tendency to merge Ultimate and 616 continuities so that we have a very wet behind the ears teenage Peter Parker remeniscing over adventures he's had at least 20 years ago with Wolverine.

And Mary Jane calling Spidey Peter and handing him his birthday gift in front of Paramedics? Thanks a whole helluva lot for blowing that secret identity lady.

But that's details- the meat of the gameplay, identical to Spider-Man 2 and probably 3, cleans up a lot of the webswinging moves- and though you'll get nosebleeds from the camera angles now and then.... well damn, I'm having more fun with this thing than I ever expected to and for relative pennies- cheaper than I would have gotten it at Gamestop ($26) and faster and probably cheaper than Ebay with no waiting time for shipping. The Wolverine fight was awesome- They allow for Spidey to play to his strengths (attacking Wolvie from a distance- you know, the smart thing to do rather than how they always have him going head to head in close quarters with Logan in the books, thereby asking for a beatdown).

Very, very pleased with this outcome as its probably the last game I'll have an opportunity to play through uninterrupted before my time is not my own anymore.

Let me caution you, its a positive review... so long as you understand its a more streamlined, better graphical version of Spider Man 2 or Ultimate Spidey or Spidey 3- Superb graphics (Black Cat makes you want to crawl into your television set to prostrate yourself before those magnificent teats- with voice by Tricia Helfer!), no balloon chasing, interesting fights (but done on pretty much the same level as the earlier games).

If you are any kind of superhero game fan, you'll like it- it utilizes the best free roaming elements of Marvel's games thus far- they borrowed a page from Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and now Spidey can run up walls (without your having to hold down a button to make him do so) and zip line up very tall buildings so you aren't spending five minutes trying to climb.

You'll still overshoot targets and spend too much time zipping past the actual building you want, but the physics and graphics are so much fun and so interesting that it more than makes up for it.

And who doesn't want to smack down Mr. "I'm so badass and invulnerable thanks to bad writing that any dramatic tension has been completely slurped out of my character" Wolverine?
I am L. Pete Morton.
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