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Movies: 2006 Seattle Film Festival

These films screened at the 2006 Seattle Film Festival. For more information, visit

May 25, 2006 - June 18, 2006
Seattle, Washington
(*) films that have been reviewed

 13 (Tzameti)2
 1:1rate me!
 3 Needles4.33
 4 Barefooted Women1
 49 Up5
 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T., The *4.61
 7 Virgins5
 a/k/a Tommy Chong5
 Adam's Apples *4.73
 Aires difíciles, Losrate me!
 Al Franken: God Spoke *3.29
 American Blackout5
 Americanese *4.67
 Anne of the Thousand Days4.4
 Another Gay Movie *3.95
 Apart From That3
 Arctic Son4
 Au Bonheur des damesrate me!
 Avenge But One of My Two Eyesrate me!
 Backstage (2006) *2.63
 Be with Me4
 Beowulf & Grendel *2.96
 Betrayal, Therate me!
 Beyond Hatredrate me!
 Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas *3.88
 Big Bad Swim, The4.53
 Birthday, The *3.57
 Bittersweet Life, A *5
 Black Gold (2006)5
 Black Orpheus *3.88
 Blood Rain *4.2
 Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, The5
 Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbustersrate me!
 Boy Culture *4.42
 Broken Sky3.25
 Brothers of the Head *4.04
 Burnt Outrate me!
 C.R.A.Z.Y. *4.33
 Call of Cthulhu, The *4.52
 Case of the Grinning Cat, The *3.29
 Cave of the Yellow Dog, Therate me!
 Century of the Self, The5
 Chances of the World Changing, Therate me!
 Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon4.75
 Close to Home *5
 Combatrate me!
 Containerrate me!
 Conversations with Other Women *4.67
 Crime Novel4
 Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul5
 Dark Horse (2005)3
 Darkness Swallowed, Arate me!
 Days, Therate me!
 Dear Pyongyangrate me!
 Death of Mr. Lazarescu, The4.5
 Delwenderate me!
 Destricted *3.15
 Distant Journeyrate me!
 District!, The5
 Dreaming of Space4
 Dreamland (2006) *4.22
 Early in the Morningrate me!
 Elsa & Fred (2008)5
 Eve and the Fire Horse *4.23
 Every Other Weekrate me!
 Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out *2.83
 Evil Aliens *3.21
 Expiration Date4.89
 Factotum *4.05
 First People on the Moon, The *5
 Fish Fall in Love, The5
 Five Days in September *5
 Five Deadly Venoms, The *3.88
 Flowers of St. Francis, The5
 Forsaken Land, The4.33
 Four Starsrate me!
 Frostbite (2006) *3.63
 Gamblerrate me!
 Garpastumrate me!
 George Michael - A Different Storyrate me!
 Giant Buddhas, The *3.44
 Gitmo: The New Rules of Warrate me!
 Go West (2006)5
 Gold Rush, The4.38
 Graduallyrate me!
 Grain in Ear4
 Great Match, The5
 Great Water, The5
 Greyfriars Bobby *4
 Groomsmen, The4.33
 Happy As Onerate me!
 Heading South *3.29
 Heart of the Game, The *4.3
 Hell (L'Enfer) *4.15
 Hello, Dolly!3.38
 Hidden Blade, The *4.89
 Horizon of Events, Therate me!
 Host & Guestrate me!
 House of Sand, The *3.55
 How Little We Know of Our Neighboursrate me!
 Huldufólk 102rate me!
 I Am (2005)rate me!
 I for India5
 Iberia *4.22
 Iceberg, Therate me!
 Illusionist, The (2006) *3.53
 In Bedrate me!
 Initial D3
 Into Great Silence *4.29
 Isabella *4
 Isolation (2006) *4.11
 Itinerairesrate me!
 Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis3
 Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple5
 Joni's Promise4.8
 King Leopold's Ghostrate me!
 King, The (2006) *4.08
 Kissed by Winter5
 Lassie (2006) *3.54
 Last Communist, Therate me!
 Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man *4.07
 Life with My Fatherrate me!
 Linda Linda Linda *5
 Lion in the House, A *4.25
 Little Fugitive (2006)rate me!
 Little Red Flowers4
 Live Free or Die *3.4
 Liviu's Dreamrate me!
 Lonely Are the Brave *4.78
 loudQUIETloud: A Film About The Pixies *4.18
 Love Sickrate me!
 Low Profile3.5
 Lower City *2.29
 Lunacy *3.88
 Maison de Nina, La5
 Malas Temporadasrate me!
 Man Push Cart4.5
 Man Who Cheated Himself, The4
 MAQUILAPOLIS: city of factories4
 Maria Bethânia: Music is Perfumerate me!
 Master, The (2006)rate me!
 Maxed Out *3.67
 Me, You, Them *2.92
 Method, Therate me!
 Molly's Wayrate me!
 Mom's Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mother's Custody Movement5
 Monster House *4.03
 More Than 1000 Words5
 Mother of Mine5
 My Country, My Country5
 My Nikifor4.33
 Naming Number Two4.4
 Nightly Song of the Travellers, The2.33
 Not Here to be Loved3
 Off Screenrate me!
 Old Joy *4.47
 Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide4.5
 Only God Knows4.5
 Perfect Day, A (2005)rate me!
 Perhaps Loverate me!
 Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, The4.25
 Pierrepoint - The Last Hangmanrate me!
 Play, Therate me!
 Porcelain Dollrate me!
 Prairie Home Companion, A *3.49
 Prince Contemplating His Soul, The5
 Princess Raccoon *3.38
 Princessesrate me!
 Proposition, The (2006) *4.08
 Puffy Chair, The *4.17
 Pusher (2006)4.5
 Pusher 2: With Blood On My Hands4.33
 Pusher 3: I'm the Angel of Death2.67
 Quinceañera *3.95
 Refugee All-Stars, The5
 Road to Guantanamo, The *3.93
 Rome, Open City4.67
 Roots (2006)5
 Round Tworate me!
 Russian Dollsrate me!
 Rynarate me!
 Sacred Heartrate me!
 Scarlet Letter, The (1926)4
 Science of Sleep, The *3.7
 Screaming Masterpieces4
 Sentenced Home5
 Seven Swords4
 Shanghai Dreams5
 Shaymol Chhayarate me!
 Shinobi *3.28
 Side, B Side, Seaside, Arate me!
 Sketches of Frank Gehry *4
 Ski Jumping Pairs - Road to Torino 2006rate me!
 Slummingrate me!
 Small Town Gay Bar *4.27
 Smiling in a War Zone4
 Snow Cake *3.95
 So Close, So Far5
 Soaprate me!
 Someone Else's Happinessrate me!
 Something Like Happiness5
 Standard, The5
 Starfish Hotel5
 Strangers With Candy *2.66
 Suicidalsrate me!
 Summer Day, Arate me!
 Tertium non datur5
 Texas (2006)rate me!
 Thieves and Liars5
 This Film Is Not Yet Rated *4.09
 This is Gary McFarland5
 Three Times2.5
 Time to Leaverate me!
 To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Calerate me!
 Tough Enough (1983)2.5
 Tough Enough (2006)4
 Trials of Darryl Hunt, The5
 Trip to Kharabakh, Arate me!
 TV Junkie5
 Twelve and Holding *4.09
 Two Driftersrate me!
 U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha4.5
 Unknown, The *4.57
 Urban Scarecrowrate me!
 Valet, The *3
 Wah-Wah *3.86
 Walking to Werner4
 We Go Way Back5
 We Shall Overcome4
 West Wittering Affair, Therate me!
 What a Wonderful Place5
 What Remainsrate me!
 Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?rate me!
 Who Killed the Electric Car? *3.91
 Whole New Thing *5
 Wild Tigers I Have Known *3.75
 Wind, The (2006)rate me!
 WIndow, The (1949)5
 Wordplay *3.87
 World According to Sesame Street, The *3
 Worldly Desiresrate me!
 Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushnerrate me!
 Wristcutters: A Love Story *3.48
 You and Merate me!
 You Are So Handsome5

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