Oscar (1991)

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 09/19/98 00:14:36

"Ooo. *Joey* Travolta's in this."
1 stars (Total Crap)


Sly Stallone, apparently blissfully unaware that his previous efforts at comedy sucked (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!) brings us Oscar, a groaner of a comedy (and I use that term loosely). He's a mob guy with a daughter. There's mixups about him (he's going legit, but people think he isn't), his family, and everything else. Wackiness ensues.

Or doesn't.

So let's see...action stars doing comedies...Junior? Sucked. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot? Sucked hard. Twins? Sucked, but not as badly as it could have. Oscar? Sucked. See the pattern? Actors such as Stallone shouldn't worry about fluff comedies. It's not their strong suit and never has been. He needs to stick with the straight action film or flex his acting muscle in a film like Copland.

What's most disappointing for me? This movie was directed by John Landis, a guy who lost his touch in the 90's. Beverly Hills Cop 3? The Stupids? Blues Brothers 2000? Come on. Here's one of the better comedy directors of the late 70's and early 80's and these are the best you can give? Quit slumming.

This ain't even a renter.

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