Reviewed By Thom
Posted 10/23/00 10:00:30

"'If He can do it, so can I ... words that built Clerks'"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Entertaining collage of a day in the life of Austin's finest no-job having, no college goin', tripping along life's merry highway with all its foibles and predicaments that don't always lead to quaint encounters and poignant life lessons. No Robin Williams in sight. Go! Run!

Oh the irony that this movie hasn't yet been reviewed by the dedicated staff of Hollywood Bitchslap.

My favorite part ... the wannabe criminal who meets the Anarachist old man. "go ahead, steal my stuff, yeah, fight the power and come to our meetings!"

So what, my film historian friends, is the real purpose of Slacker? To inspire Kevin Smith to make his own movie, Clerks. God has a plan, I tell you.

We are all just vessels of fate. Is a theme in Slacker. It really is.

Keep the love flowing.

Where I Saw This Film dept.

I can look at my whole life as a history of the films I've watched. I saw this film at the Lumiere theatre, which was at the time an independantly owned art house theatre in San Francisco with 2 screens seating a grand total of maybe 250 people which was eventually bought by the Landmark corporation when they wanted to expand from their one screen 1930's theatre on University in Berkeley that proudly hosted The Rocky Horror Picture Show for twenty years, into an indendant theatre empire that is now bankrupt and selling off its original theatre because Landmark can't afford to retrofit the building and bring it up to code.

Slacker ill-defined a generation that is now 10 years older. Hopefully, we vote.

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