Arlington Road

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 12/09/99 21:35:53

"Contractual obligations made me do it!"
1 stars (Total Crap)

Shitty movie that runs all over the place, has no cohesion or thread and is punctuated with a series of not only improbable and unexpected, but completely illogical turns.

Arlington road starts with some erratic tossing together of flashbacks and vignettes to merely set up motivation to explain later events in this sub-sub-par action thriller.

Tim Robbins gives a good performance in a role that makes little sense. Joan Cusack is deleriously creepy as the stepfordesque but evil Cheryl Lang. I'd watch this movie again just to see her deadpan her lines.

Jeff Bridges. Man. what was he thinking. and where does the whole kidnap the boy thing fit in? At the end of the movie you see where the story was trying to go there but it takes almost two hours of mind-numbing and nervewracking string of events with no apparent deeper connection before you "Get it". And although the surprise end is supposed to come off as clever, the idea of it is more clever than the execution. So kudos to director Mark Pellington for trying to get really weird and psychological but I'm sorry, the oscar is NOT going to you.

The movie looked like it was tacked together and the story got all fragmented in the process. But I admit that I was grossly fascinated at how bad this movie was and simply turning it off would have been the easy way out.

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