Big Chill, The

Reviewed By spork-girl
Posted 10/02/98 01:18:38

"Die, Kevin Costner, DIE!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

What an awesome movie. You should really go see it, if only for the soundtrack. And plus, who among us DOESN'T want to see Kevin Costner commit suicide?

This movie is the ultimate proof that Hollywood is actually smart, but for unknown reasons chooses to be stupid. When they shot this movie, it was full of flashbacks with Kevin Costner in 'em. They were cut out. SMART. Why didn't people learn from this. Kevin Costner needs to be cut out of movies a lot. Like, always.

Anyways, the premise of this movie is: College buddies grow up. Lose contact. Are brought back together by the funeral of the most promising among them, who had never amounted to anything and ended up killing himself.

It's a bonding movie, people. It's not for everyone. It gets way mushy. But hot damn, what music.

It's also very entertianing. There are a lot of laughs. I enjoy movies that have bitter, dissilusioned women in it. And any monologue that starts "they're all either gay or married" means I'll see that movie at least twice. But that's probably just me.

More than any of that, this movie is moving. Because it's well acted, and very well written, and directed better than average. But it's really the writing that gets ya. I for one am usually not impressed with movies that try to make you feel for the characters. But in this one, it's not a goal, it's just a given.

Although this is more than likely one of your parent's favorite movies, I promise it's worth it for anyone. Parents are only usually wrong. Not always. 4 sporks up.

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