She's Gotta Have It

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 01/26/99 21:01:09

"Don't believe the hype."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Spike Lee's first was good for what it was, a low budget student effort, but as a stand alone film it's lacking in many areas.

Firstly, the acting by all but Lee himself is pretty shoddy, even abysmal. Secondly, the story (a woman chased by three males has to choose which one she wants, if any) is shallow. Thirdly, nothing really happens. At all. Maybe some sex, but little else.

What is going for it is the occasional display of Spike Lee wit, some (and I do mean some) scraps of interesting dialogue, a groovy (for want of a better word) score and more than a fair share of sex.

So is it worth renting? Depends on your outlook on all things Lee. Everyone loved Do The Right Thing, but if you also loved Mo Better Blues, Clockers and Malcolm X then you're probably a big enough Lee fan to come away from this feeling happy. But if you couldn't do those other titles again, then you might have trouble keeping She's Gotta Have It down.

It's somewhat interesting to see where one of today's more reknowned filmmakers got his sea-legs, but not the kind of thing you "need" to see..

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