Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Reviewed By MP Bartley
Posted 11/24/04 01:31:06

"Same old Bridget..."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

" Dear diary: have gone to the cinema with my girlfriend to see the new Bridget Jones film. Have to admit I'm not looking forward to it. After all who wants to see another film about another 30-something moaning about her weight and lovelife? But then again, the first one wasn't that bad, being a funny piece of fluff. Maybe diary, I could be wrong about this sequel?"

"5 Minutes into the film: Dear diary, I'm pleasantly surprised! The film has made funny references to both 'The Sound of Music' and 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. Note to self: must stop being so pre-judgemental about films"

"10 minutes into the film: Hmm. They've just repeated the 'arse-into-the-camera' joke from the first film. Still, can't be too harsh diary. It is a sequel after all so they can reference it as long as they don't repeat EVERY joke"

"30 minutes into the film: Oh dear. Seems that they ARE repeating every joke from the previous film. Bridget has embarrassed herself in front of Mark's snooty friends by saying completely the wrong thing 3 times already. Just like last time. Except not as funny."

"40 minutes into the film: Have accepted that this is a sequel and therefore the characters will be much the same, but this is similiar like a Carry On film is similiar. Surely Working Title see themselves as being classier than that?"

"50 minutes into the film: Have had revelation. Colin Firth is the dullest actor in existence. Can't understand for a minute why any woman would go nuts for him. Zellweger has comic timing, but is stuck with silly cut-glass accent that every American trying to be British does. Hurrah for Hugh Grant! Once again diary, he's by far the best thing in the film as the cad to end all cads and the bounder to and all bounders. Shame this film isn't about his diary really..."

"55 minutes into the film: Dear diary, am giving up hope. It seems every single one of the annoying characters that were Bridget's friends in the first film are back again. Including the stock bitchy gay man that every single woman must have as a friend (see 'Sex and the City' or 'Will and Grace'). They're all frightfully middle-class diary, which as we both know is no true reflection of life. Nevermind their crap lovelives, a good thing they've got lovely well paid jobs eh?"

"90 minutes into the film: Dear diary, just had another revelation. Bridget is actually a massively annoying, whimpering character. Just why do woman all feel the need to relate to her? Surely women have more self-esteem than that?"

"95 minutes into the film: Third revelation. Domestic abuse and drug addiction are not good topics for jokes in a fluffy, middle-class sit-com. Reached this conclusion during section when Bridget is stuck in a Thai jail for drug smuggling. But all you need to alleviate the pain of abuse and then jail is a padded bra, chocolate and the words to a Madonna song apparently. Memo to writers: you're reaching if you think this extremely contrived situation is funny..."

"100 minutes into the film: Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting like girls will always be funny. Shame it's just a repeat of the first films best joke really"

"105 minutes into the film: Anything after the fight just isn't worth caring about"

"Dear diary: Could have used the last 100 and so minutes of my life much more productively. Like cutting my toe nails. So, this year we have: one Bridget Jones sequel: 6+ jokes taken from the original and used again, 1 plotline gained but was unfortunately tasteless, 1 plotline of falling for the right man, to split up and fall for the wrong man, only to get back with the right man at the end rehashed from the first film. All sense of fun and originality lost. Must do better next year"

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