National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 12/10/98 15:41:26

"The manic look in Chevy's eyes is worth admission."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Quite possibly as good as the Griswald's ever got.

If you're not aware of the "National Lampoon's Vacation" series, with Chevy Chase, Bev D'Angelo et al, well it might be time to crawl out from under the safety of yonder rock and hit your Blockbuster (or appropriate alternative video place that allows it's customers to see porn if they so choose).

I'll ecapsulate the story, which you can take with you to every other Vacation movie, because the story never changes.

Clark Griswald and wife and kids go on a vacation to Europe/Las Vegas/WallyWorld/home for Christmas and encounter wacky hilarity and many dysfunctional relatives.

It's a formula that took John Hughes to fame and fortune, and he's repeated it often (The Great Outdoors, every Vacation flick) and this is as good as it gets.

It takes a bold studio to try to make a genuinely funny Christmas movie, and this is one of the few. It's a guilty pleasure, to be sure.

Chase is spot on, the family are all great, the jokes are frequent and passable, if predictable.

In short, this is a great renter.

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