Lost Boys, The

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 03/06/01 19:44:29

"Hippies, vampires and Corey Feldman ... can it get any better?"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Santa Carla, murder capital of the world, harbors a little secret. Punk vampires are picking off the summer beach crowd and turning warm-hearted humans into cold blooded killers. But the kids at the local comic book store have figured out what's going on and they have a plan to stop it.

Great soundtrack, cool clothes and cute leads help turn another much used genre convention into a hip teen film. Vampires are cool, right?

The filming in Santa Cruz, California caused a local stir. The director hardly needed to create a feel. He just got his real cast to blend in with the existing scenery. All the freaks, weirdos, goths, stoners and hippies just showed up and it someone worked.

Jamie Gertz makes a radical departure from her role as a coke slut in Less Than Zero, to play the codependant hippy girlfriend of the vampire played by the very sexy Kiefer Sutherland (But he only drinks blood because he has to. Really, he's a nice guy and he treats me well).

A total rainy day rentable.

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