Office Space

Reviewed By Erik Childress
Posted 02/16/00 09:25:24

"Scattered Laughs Sink Comedy's 2nd Half"
3 stars (Average)

Office Space (** ½) - If the final 80 minutes of this film were as funny as its opening 10, this could have gone on to cult classic status, instead of the sometimes-funny comedy that it is. I was applauding during the brief rush hour sequence that opens the film, especially during the Hindu character’s fit of rage on his steering wheel. But just like Rushmore, the film chooses its moments for its big laughs and never really knows what its supposed to be about.

There’s a lot of truth in the comedy of this movie. I truly appreciated the scenes involving the upper management calling staff meetings in an attempt to motivate their employees. But the movie really has no plot and kinda steps wrong when it tries to invent one halfway through especially after the very funny “no cares whatsoever” sequence at the office. Mike Judge was wise not to make the inspiration for this film, his cartoon character Milton, as the lead, even if he is used perhaps a bit too much. I wanted less Milton and more Jennifer Aniston who has less screen time than in a single Friends episode. There’s a lot more that could have been done with her job, especially being directly located next to the office we spend time in. They should either have used her more or kept her out entirely. I couldn’t help think about how much more could have been done with the upper management “yuppies” versus the working class stiffs who keep getting screwed. The ending of the film is kind of anticlimactic complete with a minor moral lesson that would have been made fun of in an edgier movie.

I was actually reminded of one of my student films, Videoworld, about one evening in a video store. It’s only 36 minutes long and crams as much info about working in retail video as humanly possible. I can only imagine what I could have done with a few million dollars and a 90-minute running time.

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