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Worth A Look: 9.09%
Average: 3.31%
Pretty Bad: 1.65%
Total Crap: 3.31%

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Blues Brothers, The
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by Ryan Arthur

"White toast, please. Dry."
5 stars

"I'll have four fried chickens. And a Coke."

"Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail me now!"

My God, I could quote this movie for days. I probably will, throughout the review, so don't be alarmed.

Invariably, you can turn on any of the Turner-owned cable movie channels or WGN in Chicago at any hour and find this movie running. Seriously. It's like a rule. Which is fine, because this movie kicks so much ass. If you haven't seen it yet (and surprisingly, I know a handful of people who haven't), then go out and rent it, plop yourself down on the couch with some popcorn and an orange whip ("Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips!") and sit back and watch a movie where John Landis didn't embarrass himself, Dan Aykroyd was actually funny, and Ray Charles shot at a kid trying to steal a guitar.

Jake and Elwood Blues (John Belushi and Aykroyd) are two brothers, and the heads of the now-defunct Blues Brothers Band. Jake gets out of prison, and the two go back to the orphanage where they were raised. The orphanage will be closed unless back taxes can be paid, so Jake and Elwood decide to get their band ("THE BAND!") back together to raise money. Along the way, they get into numerous car chases, piss off a bunch of Illinois Nazis ("I hate Illinois Nazis") and are hunted down by Princess Leia. Throw in more musical numbers and cameo appearances than you can shake a tailfeather at, and this movie is damn cool.

Director John Landis would go on to make complete and utter crap (witness The Stupids), but this movie kicked ass. How often do you find a film with that many car chases AND musical numbers? This was also, without a doubt, the best movie Dan Aykroyd ever appeared in. He whored himself (and the character) out years later, with the whole House Of Blues phenomenon, but this movie makes you forget all that. The only other Belushi film with this kind of following would be National Lampoon's Animal House.

If you haven't seen it, get your head out of the sand and hunt this one down. If you have, watch it again.

"I ran out of gas! I got a flat tire! I didn't have change for cab fare! I lost my tux at the cleaners! I locked my keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!"

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originally posted: 11/05/98 03:19:08
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell decent 3 stars
9/03/17 Ken Hilarious film and a whole lot better than the sequel! 5 stars
2/19/15 yulfiana shit like potter film 1 stars
2/20/12 BoulderDan Way overrated. Not that funny and stupidly impossible car chases. 2 stars
2/24/11 Lucy Why would anyone hate this film hence dislike it?! It's one of the best films of all time! 5 stars
12/09/10 Jeff Wilder Easily the best SNL based movie. Fantastic musical numbers. 5 stars
8/09/10 John Aster Habig Seriously funny in a dry way with great action and a kickass soundtrack 5 stars
9/24/09 Rick "BallzDeep" Best movie ever made... totally vintage with best historical influences of music 5 stars
6/03/09 Evolbob Funny, Crazy, Historically important culturally, did I say funnnny!! 5 stars
2/26/08 pkr the coreography of car-crashes.. and blues of the brothers. 5 stars
8/08/07 David Cohen Proof that not all movies based on SNL sketches have to suck 4 stars
7/16/07 tom I watched it again, and I LOVED IT! 5 stars
5/17/07 Burton Mercer 5 Stars and 3 orange whips 5 stars
4/30/07 Ziggy "Four Fried Chickens and a coke, And dry White Toast please." Best movie EVER! 5 stars
3/23/07 ManBelushi Oooh, I love this movie. 5 stars
2/28/07 American WereBelushi AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I LIKE CAR CRASHES! 5 stars
1/06/07 beefy 5/5 my 3rd fav film ever after green mile and forrest gump 5 stars
8/10/06 Dragon The Artist This is some of the classic sh*t to be owned, complete w/ some childhood memories of it!! 5 stars
8/03/06 Nicole Classic films a must see! Chicago at its best 5 stars
6/08/06 Peggy Doty IT IS SO GOOOD 5 stars
12/06/05 Indrid Cold The 2 good movies from SNL (this and Wayne's World) share the same kind of surreal humor. 4 stars
8/20/05 jason read the best musical movie with the best car chases ever 5 stars
7/03/05 Eddie A great movie and a classic 5 stars
6/03/05 Pinkline Jones Simply the Most overrated Comedy of All Time 1 stars
2/24/05 Kitina Blues "i guess ure really up shit creek" i luv Joliet Jake! lol 5 stars
1/28/05 Jack Scallops Cool, cool movie. Cool, funny movie 5 stars
1/26/05 Steve Michaud A true '80s gem; brimming with genuine laughs, excellent music, and outstanding auto stunts 5 stars
1/23/05 Jeff Anderson This loads of fun film defines what a true classic is! GREAT CAST, MUSIC, & DIRECTION!!!!!! 5 stars
1/22/05 Kitina Blues wat kind of an idiot is ralph anyway? u aint a movie expert, stupid!! 5 stars
1/20/05 keithers.. What a classic movie... 5 stars
11/24/04 Julia Shumway I would give it more stars if I could! 5 stars
8/28/04 dustin waht an awsome mobie 5 stars
8/28/04 michael best mobie ever 5 stars
7/20/04 Chris Schurrer Great, Better Than Great 5 stars
7/08/04 Spinz This movies alright juss cuz of John Belushi 4 stars
6/27/04 Joseph Van Horn The best movie of all time, a true classic. 5 stars
6/06/04 Kitina Blues i luv john belushi & dan aykroyd!!!!!! this is the best movie EVR, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/23/04 Mandee This movie is hilarious!!! 5 stars
5/18/04 Kitina Blues My Catholic Christianity teacher luvs this movie, and i luv it more!!! JAKE!!!!!! 5 stars
5/14/04 TKvanB A True Classic 5 stars
4/29/04 The Dude This movie is great, I Hate Illinois Nazis. 5 stars
3/21/04 Siamese Toga Princess OMG! I LUV JOHN BELUSHI! 5 stars
3/05/04 Big pimpin Jesus H Tapdancing Christ i see the light!! this movie is amazing 5 stars
2/24/04 Mike Knode Kick Ass Movie!! One of the funniest movies ever 5 stars
1/28/04 Kitty B. Raz sucks!!!! 5 stars
1/28/04 adam kick ass 5 stars
1/26/04 Kate best movie ever! 5 stars
12/30/03 Kitty B. JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
12/30/03 R.W. Welch Sometimes inspired music-comedy hampered by overblown finale. 4 stars
10/11/03 Nikki Jean Theophobia if i could, i would immortalize belushi in gold and display it with my st. theresa statue 5 stars
10/10/03 KooKuKrazeeKitti john belushi deserves an academy award 4 this classic 5 stars
9/22/03 MellCat_Slayer_de_Jake "well then, i guess you're really up 'shit creek'"-U PEOPLE HAVE TO SEE THIS AWESOME MOVIE! 5 stars
9/21/03 CAT BLUES it rocked the house not only was aykroyd great but belushi was the backround of dan 5 stars
9/07/03 Kitty J. Blues Judging by my name its the greatest movie of all fucking time!!! 5 stars
8/31/03 Kitty Kelso i know EVERY ONE of the songs they sing by heart. LONG LIVE JOHN BELUSHI!!!! 5 stars
8/30/03 Kitty B. I know John Belushi's style, and he really kicked ass!! 5 stars
8/23/03 michael fox best show 5 stars
7/22/03 Proffessor_X Fully Sick Mate 5 stars
6/27/03 cochese They dont make em like this anymore. Funny as hell. 5 stars
6/24/03 Anthony Easily one of the funniest movies, ever. 5 stars
6/23/03 Jack Hoff Superb 5 stars
6/22/03 John Aster Habig Belushi and Aykroyd are the apex of SNL duos 5 stars
2/05/03 Matthew Hutchison Good Music 5 stars
2/04/03 Turtle One of the funniest movies ever! One of Aykroyd's all-time best. However, skip the sequel. 5 stars
1/24/03 Anonymous Excellent combination of a comedy and a musical 5 stars
1/23/03 Pinkline Jones An Avalanche of Celluloid Faeces - Utter Garbage 1 stars
11/09/02 Steve essential cool 5 stars
11/07/02 moviemachine We're on a mission from God. 5 stars
11/01/02 Jay Fucking awesome!!! 5 stars
10/27/02 Matt Neopalitano The best movie of all time. I hate Illinois Nazis! 5 stars
10/20/02 Jay Hilarious musical! 5 stars
10/15/02 Charles Tatum Loud and a little dull, but great action 4 stars
10/10/02 Justin "We're on a mission from God." 5 stars
9/20/02 Joel Dever American Classic 5 stars
4/13/02 Nightwing It's one of THE MOST INCREDIBLE classic Movie I ever seen 5 stars
1/02/02 Andrew Carden Not Very Fun At All...Music Can Be Pretty Good At Times Though. 3 stars
11/22/01 Riverone Scott Carden obviously likes Bon Jovi. Good music and comedy. And car chases. 4 stars
11/04/01 Sir Galahad It's strength is as the strength of ten because it's soul is pure 4 stars
10/16/01 jim way over rated..blues brothers 2000 was much more fun to watch musicly speaking 3 stars
9/04/01 Henry Ginsberg One of the best musicl comadys ever. 5 stars
9/03/01 Butterbean The best movie spawned from SNL! Fuck Wayne's World. 5 stars
8/26/01 Monster W. Kung Absolutely my favorite musical. Plenty of fun, good music, and good cinematography. 5 stars
8/07/01 Mr. Hat (formerly Joe Zappa) One of me and my brother's faves. 5 stars
6/21/01 J Carden, scott...oh forget it. THIS MOVIE RULES! 5 stars
4/30/01 Steph Williams This is the best film ever made!! I love you Elwood!!! The music rocks my world..... 5 stars
2/19/01 wyrock utter nonsense, but fun as hell 4 stars
2/07/01 Turtle One of the funniest films in history. Elwood has to be one of the top comedy characters. 5 stars
2/06/01 Classicdog One word "Belushi". Can you say masterpiece. 5 stars
11/23/00 Eli Kaberon IT ROCKS 5 stars
11/14/00 Big Top Scott Dull and melodramatic for a comedy. John Belushi is overrated, just because of his death 1 stars
11/07/00 Kevin Parsons One of the best made! 5 stars
11/02/00 Lars Dahl Jorgensen Funniest film ever! Great Soundtrack 5 stars
9/27/00 Croweater one of those films you never get sick of. One of my faves. 5 stars
9/17/00 Jed A film of pure excellence. One of the best 80's movies ever. 5 stars
5/13/00 Andrew Mooney Best film ever. A need to see and own. 5 stars
5/11/00 Mark Moore The king of all cult movies 5 stars
11/01/99 luke buchanan this movie goes off!!!!!!!! 4 stars
7/14/99 Kevin Favorite movie ever. Its style is simply unmatched in film. 5 stars
7/07/99 Dax It's a cult classic for a reason. The soundtrack is a must-have for blues fans too. 5 stars
11/08/98 {{{OZ}}} A good movie, but not the classic so many see it as. 4 stars
11/06/98 spork-girl frank oz has a cameo too. i like the amll scene. there's a reason they don't let me drive 5 stars
11/05/98 tom i just don't think it's funny---at all 2 stars
11/05/98 Silent Rob A film legend! See what mismanaged excess can produce, if mismanaged properly! 5 stars
11/04/98 Vick Di Brecci Not particularly funny but awesome musical performances. Love the hidden Billy Joel gag! 4 stars
11/04/98 Johny Classic 5 stars
11/04/98 Bad Kosh The classic is better than Blues Brothers 2000. Watch it. 5 stars
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  16-Jun-1980 (R)
  DVD: 30-Aug-2005

  10-Oct-1980 (15)

  26-Dec-1980 (M)

Directed by
  John Landis

Written by
  Dan Aykroyd
  John Landis

  John Belushi
  Dan Aykroyd
  Cab Calloway
  John Candy
  Henry Gibson
  Carrie Fisher

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