Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Reviewed By Bluntman
Posted 11/11/98 09:01:53

"I hear Ben Affleck is an extra in this flick"
3 stars (Average)

I give this movie validation only because it has spawned one of my favorite TV shows.

I dug this movie when it first came out. I was about 13 and I liked the humor and fun of this campy flick. I even bought the laser disc at the time. But as time went by, the flick started pealing off from my mind. "I found this funny?", I thought. I sold the laser disc when I was 16. In three years time the movie ended up slaying itself.

Kristy Swanson gives a spirited performance as Buffy, the high school cheerleader who is "the chosen one" that is supposed to rid all the vampires of L.A. But the film's jokes are idiotic; the story is flat and the action very tame.

Luckily writer Joss Whedon redeemed this story and made it into a brilliant TV series that uses mostrosity as a metaphor for adolesence and finds both potent drama and hilarious situations in it all.

This is one of those rare instances were TV can do better what film can't

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