Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/26/98 15:11:19

"Jenny McCarthy sucking the chrome off a bumper. Are you HEARING me?!"
3 stars (Average)

Two suburban boobs (Matt Stone and Trey Parker), who know more about beer than bench-presses, start up their own sport – a mix of psych-outs, bar-room skills, basketball and baseball – and it becomes the biggest sport on the planet. When the game becomes a smash, the twosome that began it all create fan-friendly rules, like not allowing any team to change cities and ensuring that everyone gets the same pay. But these rules don’t sit well with everyone, and some of the richer fellows in the league would like to get rid of the spiritual heart of the game by any means necessary.

No, this ain't South Park, but it ain't Mr Deeds either, and that can only be good. Like a good Norm McDonald straight to video flick, this is the kind of thing that will make you chuckle, make you blush once or twice, show you plenty of women in tight clothing and have you trying to convince your work-mates that they should really give it a shot. BASEketball is about fart jokes, dick jokes, mysoginism, sports, bad cameos and generally forgetting you're a civilized human being for an hour and a half. And don't we all need that?

To be fair, BASEketball does push the envelope but not always for the best result. Some of the jokes are lame, but some are pretty fucking funny. The storyline? Forget that. It's immaterial. You rent something like this to laugh and be grossed out, not think.

Imagine the type of visuals that would be created if Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel were to make The Man Show: The Movie. Many breasts, many many breasts and, hey, maybe some breasts on top of that, but with one catch – they’re all behind cloth. That’s BASEketball; a silly story starring loveable schlubs and co-starring lots of cheerleaders in thongs. And Jenny McCarthy sucking the chrome off a bumper bar.

Sadly, Yasmine Bleeth makes a co-starring appearance and completely botches things. She’s always either being serious or funny, but it’s very hard to figure out which is which.

If not for her continual presence, this would have been a Happy Gilmore type guilty pleasure, and very much one to own. As it is, BASEketball is a fair way to spend a lazy afternoon with a one dollar rental, and that still puts it ahead of 75% of what’s currently in release.

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