Castle, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 04/08/99 23:29:39

"It's 2 hours of giggling and nothing else. What else do you want?"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

In the 70's a lot of films were made featuring Australians as yobbo's and beer guzzlers, devoid of culture and quick to let out a fart. In the 80's this was revisited, with Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee resuming where Alvin Purple had left off a decade earlier. And then in the 90's, Welcome To Woop Woop took a stab at the same old cliche. With disastrous results. So what can be made of The Castle in the light of the spotty aussies-reflecting-on-aussies- movie past?

A lot.

This is one funny flick. Though it does bow to the stereotyped aussie image, it makes a charicature of that image and has fun with it. This is Australians making fun not only of themselves, but of the stereotype as well.

A family lives on a block of land adjoining an airport. They've lived there forever, having learned to deal with aircraft flying ten metres over their roof, and as they're not overly bright, they're content to stay put for life. That is until the airport needs to expand and the Government tells them they have to move.

Move? NEVER! A man's home is his castle!

To be honest, the storyline here is of minor importance right now. What is of major fucking importance right now (to quote Marsellus Wallace, and every reviewer should) is that this is a heart warming, funny flick. Not raising the bar in comedy one iota, in fact some will be disappointed due to the fact that it's *just* a heart warming, funny movie, but if you go in expecting nothing more, then you shall be mightily happy to have spent your cash wisely.

The biggest let down of this movie is the ending. But then, this movie isn't about the beginning, middle or ending. It's not about story. It's not about performances. It's just damn funny. So deal, already.

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