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Worth A Look: 28.69%
Average: 21.72%
Pretty Bad: 8.04%
Total Crap: 1.88%

14 reviews, 289 user ratings

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by Thom

"Wow! It didn't suck"
4 stars

After all I read, I was expecting this movie to clock in right about "mediocre at best". But you know, I was surprised that it was a good film, in spite of the challenges of bringing a some odd 25 year run into a 2 hour story.

This review shall be entirely bullet riddled.

* Relationships more important than character development
* scant history lessons make up for years of story arcs
* too many characters and too little time left many of the X-men flatter than a frog under a steam roller.
* There is going to be a sequel. There has to be. This movie makes no sense without one.
* Action scenes were superhero quality
* the composition of a scene at times resembled a panel in a comic book. pretty clever.
* I'm not sure if Halle Barry really brings out Storm. And I never thought of Cyclops as a frat-boy.
* cute in-jokes about red and yellow spandex outfits.
* Wolverine is a hotty... but where's Nightcrawler?

In a nutshell: too many things to accomplish in too little time impoverishes the story, the action scenes were limited but effective. Wolverine is a hotty. Jean Gray... was that Julia Roberts, Kelly LeBrock or Elizabeth Hurley. I swear they are all the same person. How do casting agents do that?

Definitely worth the ride. Can't wait for the sequel. I hope they spend time expanding the effects and fight scenes and focusing on a tighter story. Mystery Men was able to include all the principals without shortchanging any of their individual stories. X-Men II should do the same.

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originally posted: 07/19/00 10:08:11
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User Comments

5/01/18 Suzanne My first comic book movie; LOVE Hugh Jackman 4 stars
9/16/17 morris campbell not a good start imho 1 stars
1/17/15 the truth Should be called X-MAN. Focusing on Logan (wasted by Mr. Jackman) was moronic. Poor X-MEN.. 3 stars
9/19/12 Gabrielle Barnard Very enjoyable 5 stars
10/12/10 gfdggdfg hPnDtj pepyaka 5 stars
5/21/10 SmithJ wEB9vR Lol lol lool lol ha-ha! Lol lol lol? 5 stars
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11/20/09 PqJDdYJlsj 270_119.txt;8;12 3 stars
11/20/09 DaVZiNmEWZLaBGIW 270_118.txt;8;12 4 stars
11/19/09 xoYuCzxuahZERb 270_117.txt;8;12 4 stars
11/19/09 gRIrbfoIUqGd 270_115.txt;8;12 3 stars
11/19/09 hwbQpwpuQkVQuJ 270_114.txt;8;12 3 stars
11/19/09 nSPvPvSojwusOAHpABv 270_113.txt;8;12 5 stars
11/19/09 IjyyzlWDg 270_112.txt;8;12 4 stars
11/19/09 zplkmGOdFEcBMScuMw 270_111.txt;8;12 4 stars
11/18/09 QKytRoCodGo 270_109.txt;8;12 5 stars
11/18/09 mBuLLrWDG 270_98.txt;8;12 5 stars
11/17/09 Zborhmjm comment5 2 stars
11/16/09 Rqdttkal comment5 2 stars
11/16/09 Pvdaekus comment1 2 stars
11/16/09 Ybafvwvl comment1 4 stars
11/16/09 Vecysuzn comment3 3 stars
11/16/09 Vngldafq comment1 3 stars
11/16/09 Uulvrnnj comment5 5 stars
11/16/09 Luakbxqs comment3 5 stars
11/16/09 Xawnbrfc comment3 4 stars
11/16/09 Kgrfecxz comment2 3 stars
11/16/09 Nnamxynj comment6 2 stars
11/16/09 Mqjkxkeb comment2 3 stars
11/14/09 Rcpnxkds comment5 3 stars
11/14/09 Vttkbddn comment1 2 stars
11/13/09 Emlkrkcg comment1 2 stars
11/13/09 Qkeepplf comment3 5 stars
11/13/09 Vylzwchk comment6 2 stars
11/13/09 Kfycudqf comment2 5 stars
11/13/09 Vvpmnpdn comment4 3 stars
11/13/09 Wqbhiksz comment4 3 stars
11/13/09 Fombpgau comment6 5 stars
11/13/09 Bhdkrdcp comment2 4 stars
11/13/09 Uqabnubw comment4 2 stars
11/13/09 Fvvajeqj comment3 2 stars
11/13/09 Mayrzmip comment1 2 stars
11/12/09 Ocdsyuwj comment3 2 stars
11/12/09 Ndyfhxoh comment6 5 stars
11/12/09 Eruckdpw comment3 4 stars
11/12/09 Shzflvmq comment1 3 stars
11/12/09 Sixlknrk comment1 2 stars
11/12/09 Rdvpwzbx comment1 3 stars
11/12/09 Phiyfzjc comment2 4 stars
11/12/09 Mvvxgndv comment2 2 stars
11/11/09 Ziwmkjso comment2 5 stars
11/11/09 Ieysjvmh comment3 5 stars
11/11/09 Mhbzkbhd comment4 3 stars
11/11/09 Wlnwowcg comment2 3 stars
11/11/09 Fiywvttp comment6 4 stars
11/10/09 Xyyqlvbf comment1 4 stars
11/10/09 Nfhigmoz comment3 3 stars
11/10/09 Aoymkqqp comment4 2 stars
11/10/09 Cyxiijax comment6 5 stars
11/10/09 Aejkxqtv comment5 3 stars
11/09/09 Jxoxwuuv comment1 5 stars
11/09/09 Jnncsbsp comment6 3 stars
11/09/09 Mdpttkwg comment4 4 stars
11/09/09 Gmntdzxx comment1 5 stars
11/09/09 Qqxlctou comment6 3 stars
11/08/09 Kxjisosw comment2 3 stars
11/08/09 Qibnekdv comment3 3 stars
11/08/09 Xzlwocfv comment1 2 stars
11/08/09 Alkgdyue comment4 3 stars
11/08/09 Mweszpvp comment1 4 stars
11/07/09 Soihctds comment5 4 stars
11/07/09 Pagliwoq comment4 3 stars
11/07/09 Rjlplmgt comment2 3 stars
11/07/09 Eaftxgfs comment1 5 stars
11/07/09 Eaftxgfs comment1 5 stars
11/06/09 Jmxwjpvu comment1 3 stars
11/06/09 Zklearww comment6 3 stars
11/06/09 Oqhjlfot comment6 2 stars
8/30/09 CTT Nice start to the series 4 stars
7/20/08 Shaun Wallner Wolverine is Awesome!! 5 stars
6/20/07 johnnyfog You're a dick, Cyclops. 5 stars
4/20/07 Lauren Love it keep them coming! 5 stars
3/21/07 dude pretty good 4 stars
3/09/07 Simm Thigh-crusher Bond chick as Jean Grey? Reccomend. 4 stars
2/16/07 Vip Ebriega An exciting adventure. Don't have to be a mutant to love it. 4 stars
1/20/07 johnnyfog Christ, it's not THAT great! That cast a hot Rogue though 3 stars
12/01/06 David Pollastrini great fx 4 stars
10/17/06 David Good special effects and ideas. 4 stars
8/10/06 Dragon The Artist Well depicted, decent storyline,& a good popcorn flick. 4 stars
5/02/06 Cuenzie Wunzie This movie is F*cked! 1 stars
4/18/06 Dave Some style but a bad storyline. The sequel was better. 3 stars
8/29/05 Eden The sequel's much better but this is pretty good 4 stars
8/13/05 ES best hero flick ever made= so good 5 stars
7/21/05 Brandy Harrington I thought it was slow and boring and awful. 1 stars
5/27/05 jasmine leivers YEWWW it was awesome 5 stars
3/29/05 Lyn excellent movie 5 stars
2/14/05 Angela Saunders Imaginative and exciting! 5 stars
2/07/05 Kenneth Helmick Great film, love Patrick Stewart 5 stars
2/02/05 Casey Becher Some good performances, but not my favorite fantasy movie. 3 stars
1/29/05 Carolyn Rathburn I enjoyed this movie, thought it followed the dark comic rather well. Love Wolverine 5 stars
1/08/05 Al Guy Pretty good for a first try. 4 stars
1/07/05 Yowza! Sucked. 2 stars
12/09/04 Kristina Williams Do you know what happens to a toad...worst line EVER. 5 stars
9/02/04 Littlepurch excellent film - who is 'purchkiller'? 5 stars
5/10/04 Daveman Compared to Blade, this is well done, but still falls far short of Spider-Man's wit and fun 3 stars
3/30/04 Faustus Fantastic- Jackman turns in a great performance as Wolverine. 5 stars
2/19/04 me a good film 4 stars
2/07/04 BERNACIKBEATRICE I think themovies is really good in comparation with other movies.Allthow you know howthe 5 stars
1/16/04 ophylia777 how about better actresses for Storm & Jean 4 stars
1/08/04 A F How do you fall asleep in an action movie? Base it on comics. 3 stars
12/22/03 Spikey I didn't ever care about comics, and still don't but this MOVIE was fantastic! 5 stars
12/04/03 purchkiller littlepurch is an idiot! 3 stars
11/28/03 john a comic book summer movie done right!! good fun! 4 stars
11/22/03 Jinnvisible shows promise 3 stars
11/14/03 Littlepurch Gr8 film! Best superhero movie in years. Sequel even better! 5 stars
10/11/03 andru this film kicked ass only bad thing was no gambit, mon cher 5 stars
9/22/03 Jacques better than Spider-man? Sam needs help! 3 stars
9/18/03 Samuel Justus Great Movie better than part 2, and certainly better than Spiderman! 5 stars
8/07/03 marc_ian_a Excellent ! (5 stars) :) 5 stars
7/18/03 Chris I wasn't enthusied. Boring plot line involing Woverwrine and just wierd. Some parts o.k. 2 stars
6/16/03 Jareth A dull, lifeless adaptation of an excellent comic book. 2 stars
5/22/03 Desert Rat Yawn! Is this about anything in particular? 3 stars
5/20/03 Jon Lyrik Dull. Sequel is far better. 3 stars
5/18/03 Fairy Princess Sneaky Awesome movie!!!!! The only thing better is X2 5 stars
5/17/03 Turtle One of the best comic book movies of all time. Storm's line to Toad really sucked, though. 5 stars
5/15/03 George Jung At some point in the movie, you wonder if playing with your shit is more entertaining. 2 stars
5/10/03 JL Very cool, but Halle kinda sucked. 5 stars
5/06/03 Dave Did the makers of this film forget about character development and story? Looks okay though 3 stars
5/05/03 yes this is a great movie-rent/buy it hello. you will like this movie. it redeems comicbook movies from Batman 4. Enjoy. 5 stars
4/19/03 Ubu the Ripper Now THIS is the way to make a sci-fi/action movie, yeah! 5 stars
4/13/03 Jack Sommersby Good-looking but too mechanical and impersonal to score. Jackman is superb; Berry is awful. 2 stars
4/08/03 Mystique great action! luv ya Ian 5 stars
4/02/03 R.W. Welch Basically an F/X show with good cinematography. Not much else to hold you. 3 stars
3/28/03 Matt Thiel Blah. Let's hope X-Men 2 is better (it probably won't be) 3 stars
3/12/03 Butterball Cenobite well done; but the ending was all-too Hollywood predictable 4 stars
3/12/03 Shao Kahn Kinda Weak but not pathetic. 3 stars
3/09/03 What?! Did not followed comics but still okay. Halle Berry Sucks! 3 stars
2/24/03 wolvie great shit - '' what do they call you....wheels? '' 5 stars
2/20/03 Dave The action scenes don't do anything for me and it's too short. Watch Spiderman instead. 3 stars
2/06/03 123 after disappointing spawn and mediocre blade, this marvel comic movie rocks ! 5 stars
1/13/03 Stevo intelligent; true to the best x-men concept (fighting prejudice) not the modern comic crap 4 stars
9/27/02 John McNew To borrow from Roger Ebert on Episode II, "too much dialogue" 3 stars
7/25/02 Justin Oh, yeah! The Greatest Marvel Comic Movie Ever! 5 stars
6/22/02 Bart Does not stand up to a second viewing. 3 stars
5/13/02 Darth Haggis FX movie with no FX!! Char's were worthless, followed NO comic past A JOKE 1 stars
2/28/02 Alan Smithee Much better than I was expecting. I'm looking forward to the sequel. 4 stars
2/03/02 chang meng wah it's good to see 2 stars
1/14/02 Andrew Carden Only McKellen's Performance Was Worthy Of Being Good. 2 stars
11/28/01 KMG God I want Hugh Jackman in my pussy! 5 stars
11/27/01 Jim Best comic movie since they started making comic movies. Where's Dazzler though? <GRIN> 5 stars
11/12/01 Jon C. Ericson Nice story and comic book to movie transition. 3 stars
11/02/01 I love movies unimpressive, boring, average. 3 stars
10/14/01 jawsboy majorly dissapointing, but, still a pretty decent superhero flick like Blade and Batman 1&2 4 stars
9/26/01 ErinGirl I love this movie! Wolverine is so sexy and Rogue is so appealing! 5 stars
9/01/01 Butterbean Finally a good comic movie! *besides Blade* 5 stars
8/31/01 Jon Cheung Actually no, First Contact was decent, but Episode 1 sucked sh*t.X-men was awesome 4 stars
8/29/01 Gary Better characters than any other 'comic' movie. Look forward to an improved sequel. 4 stars
8/28/01 ARCbird Knew the characters, never got into the comics. I want to be an X-Man !! 5 stars
8/19/01 Dr. Thompson It didnt suck, and the Wolverine/Rogue relationship puts it over the top 5 stars
7/19/01 TLsmooth Jackman was awesome. Jon Cotleur(you french fag), you are Billy Zane's ass-demon. 4 stars
6/26/01 Elvisfan Fairly worthless, unmemorable, umimpressive 2 stars
6/09/01 Turtle THANK YOU! Finally, a movie that saves us from the crappy Batman movies. 5 stars
5/25/01 Connoisseur how boring! 2 stars
5/04/01 roby lafon awesome special effects 5 stars
3/12/01 Jon Cotleur I'll bet anything everyone who liked this also dug Episode I and ST: First Contact. 1 stars
3/12/01 james "bite me" womack the acting and directing were enough to save this movie 4 stars
2/21/01 Eric Stern This is my faviorte movie! I'm upsessed with it! 5 stars
2/11/01 Leather jacket Effects/Action cools but where did the story go?? 1 stars
2/04/01 Del R Pretty good, but too short and no character development. Wolverine was great. 4 stars
2/01/01 Dan Waldman One of the better comic book adaptations. 5 stars
1/26/01 Diego Romero You know it is 5 stars
1/20/01 Gary The characters are great.......felt like it needed something more. 4 stars
1/14/01 Invader x men is quite good action flick despite some discrepencies with the comic version 4 stars
1/13/01 James Curtis I loved this movie 5 stars
1/11/01 Matt69 First hour is good then gets bogged down in stupid fucking story. 3 stars
1/10/01 anthony cool as hell man 5 stars
1/02/01 Destruction Worker This movie is better than Casablanca and Citizen Kane. 5 stars
12/26/00 Turtle The best comic book movie ever (saving us from the Batman movies!)! 5 stars
12/25/00 mer yeah I liked it. don't miss it people 4 stars
12/25/00 Damion Cain yeah you hould see it. It's hard to see Rebecca's body clearly through all that paint thow 5 stars
12/24/00 bub awesome!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
12/17/00 Mitja Podgajski pretty funny... good special efects!... 4 stars
12/12/00 jobay it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
11/21/00 The Bill Head Excruciating worthless piece of rat of the worst films ever! NOTHING LIKE COMIC! 1 stars
11/14/00 KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi Even as a virgin of the X-Men phenomenon, I know it's better than most comic book movies. 4 stars
11/09/00 Michael A Cantu Loved it. . .only one problem. I loved it so much I wanted more than the 95 min version. 5 stars
10/30/00 Ken Not as good as the Tim Burton Batman movies (which kicked all ass), but pretty good. 4 stars
10/26/00 dan it was BOOOOOORING! 2 stars
9/14/00 Ground Zero much better than Spawn and Judge Dredd 5 stars
9/11/00 Maria Vrana The movie X-men is the bast of the best .No movie can be comered to X-men. 5 stars
9/09/00 Jed Sincerely ignore the haters folks this is one of this years best! 5 stars
9/07/00 Gray Very entertaining. Mystique shoulda been given more lines and Storm was crap and boring. 4 stars
9/03/00 The Extreaminizer The Matrix, T2, and Batman Combined.........Plenty of Action and Visuals to vamp the comic 5 stars
9/02/00 Bruce Not being a fan I didn't know what to expect, but it was good 4 stars
8/27/00 minimasterab the movie of the year, so far 5 stars
8/26/00 miguel baddazz69r They didn't even show the fight that wolverine and sabertooth have 5 stars
8/26/00 Stuntman it was awesome 5 stars
8/26/00 Matthew Bartley Roll on part two 5 stars
8/25/00 Eric One of the best comic book adaptations ever! I loved Rogue. This movie rocks!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/23/00 Add Give anyone 100 million bucks and the x men license and they couldda made this. Uninspired. 2 stars
8/22/00 The Bomb 69 great movie, setup the sequel well, too short though 5 stars
8/22/00 biggs it kicked ass 5 stars
8/20/00 perverted pixie Entertaining, but kind of a no brainer. A least STORM was cool. 4 stars
8/19/00 spunkmirej best movie of the year. A must see 5 stars
8/17/00 eric cartman kick ass. 4 stars
8/15/00 iceman best movie of the year 5 stars
8/13/00 KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi A DECENT comic-book movie? This must be the first sign of the Apocalypse... 4 stars
8/12/00 Khaotic it made sense to the Non-fan. It was great and entertaining. 5 stars
8/11/00 J.C. Savior If this movie were any better, I woulda creamed my pants!!! 5 stars
8/11/00 Scott Lee Great 5 stars
8/09/00 PJ Kick ass, Wolverine stole the show, of course, true to it's comic bub! 5 stars
8/08/00 Mic Well done adaptation by young Usual Suspects director. Oscar winner Paquin was the worst. 4 stars
8/08/00 Harriett A. Ferrell A good blend of kick-ass action and despair that make Buffy and the X-files so popular. 4 stars
8/07/00 SuzVoy Watch it, now. Terrific characterisations. Unmissable. 5 stars
8/06/00 Redhawk Thank God it didn't suck as bad at the latter Batman flicks did. 4 stars
8/06/00 Katsat Jackman outstanding--sexy, compelling, humane, masculine--WOW! 5 stars
8/05/00 Hawk Very Nice, may be a little short, but Paquins breathtaking performance made up for it! 5 stars
8/05/00 Viking Better than most other comic adaptions. 4 stars
8/04/00 sohrab lutchmedial A faithful and fun adaptation of a comic classic. 5 stars
8/04/00 Girl 9 Decent effort, a little much at times, but worth a look. 4 stars
8/01/00 Jeff Graham My girlfriend liked it!!! 5 stars
8/01/00 Chazzman Very good introductory movie. Looking forward to the sequal. 5 stars
8/01/00 MKillroy If you have read the comics this is a must see movie 5 stars
7/30/00 NTWRAGE it \was a good movie but they set it up too much for a part two 4 stars
7/26/00 Keekah Very impressive movie 5 stars
7/24/00 The Bomb 69 the only problem I had is it was too short 5 stars
7/24/00 rosemonkey halle berry needs to die. unneccesary mistakes, no justice to epic history of comic 2 stars
7/24/00 koHawk Anybody who claims they REALLY like this movie alot is either in denial or under 16. 3 stars
7/22/00 Jason Kallelis Never watched the show or read the comic, but it still kicked ass 5 stars
7/22/00 burton miller Sure to be a trend-setter for future comic-derived movies 5 stars
7/22/00 satyamata Brilliant. 4 stars
7/22/00 Dylan Wahoo This movie kicked ass 5 stars
7/21/00 Rick A fanboy movie that got it right! OMG! 5 stars
7/21/00 Scott Karsk Loved this movie! Wished it wasa little longer. 5 stars
7/21/00 Pandora Could have used a bit more action but otherwise, good storytelling 4 stars
7/21/00 strider I miss gambit, but patrick stewart did a great job, can't wait for the sequel 4 stars
7/21/00 gwalla Hugh Jackman is awesome, otherwise it's just okay 4 stars
7/21/00 Kai Best movie for the summer, hugh jackman was an awsome actor, hope to see sequel 5 stars
7/21/00 Jeff Lane I agree. Fucking Awesome! My only complaint: Rogue didnt say Sugah, or maybe I missed it. 5 stars
7/20/00 DeadBody Man, don't complain about the lack of action, that's (hopefully) saved for the sequel. 5 stars
7/20/00 Louis Should have been longer and had more characters, Otherwise good 4 stars
7/20/00 Clarance Not much character development but hey! They did a pretty damn good job with it! Go see IT 4 stars
7/20/00 Blaise not bad, but a littul too wishy washy 3 stars
7/20/00 malcolm couldn't have been much better considering source material - i had a ball 4 stars
7/20/00 lina oh my my... what an adventure !!! very well made... funny too ... totally rad !!!! 5 stars
7/20/00 Athena Been waiting forever for this movie - Outstanding work. 5 stars
7/19/00 lordcrumb Brilliant don't listen to jaded critics 5 stars
7/19/00 Kelly Never picked up a comic in my life-didn't matter. wonderful movie! Hugh Jackman was awsome 5 stars
7/19/00 QuickieGirl We saw this movie, adored it, and went back the next night to see it again. WHOOHOO! 5 stars
7/19/00 Janette Nicholson I though this movie was excellent!!!!! I have been waiting for this movie for years. 5 stars
7/19/00 Greyjack Fun film. 4 stars
7/18/00 ramgol A must see to all marvel fans and the likes 5 stars
7/18/00 bullit17 I expected the worst, but was pleasantly surprised. True to the characters and a lot of fun 4 stars
7/18/00 homer simpson outstanding movie, until the end 4 stars
7/18/00 Fenris The most well done comic movie since Batman. 5 stars
7/18/00 M Finke Very well done for the first movie in a series. 5 stars
7/18/00 Overflow Bitch Better than I anticipated.. Interesting characters.. Cool !! 4 stars
7/18/00 Digitalus Patrick Stewart is the star 4 stars
7/18/00 Scotticus Maximus Great fun for X-enthusiasts and beginners alike! 5 stars
7/18/00 DrDemento This could've been so bad, but fucking HELL it rocked! 5 stars
7/18/00 Mortis I was so happy with this movie I nearly pissed my pants. I'll see it a million times!!! 5 stars
7/17/00 Thank god Hollywood didn't screw this up. Thank u Bryan Singer! Obi Wan 5 stars
7/17/00 Benjamin Lesbian Went in expecting drivel. Walked out blown away. Worth $7. 5 stars
7/17/00 Olga Surprisingly good... with no rubber codpieces or protruding nipples... thank God... 4 stars
7/17/00 tcd004 well adapted and well shot, now where's GAMBIT? 4 stars
7/17/00 PJ Kicked ass, wolverine is and will always be the badest muthafucka ever! 5 stars
7/17/00 DarkRomancer excellent design and art direction, beautiful special effects, good cast, AND Famke Janssen 5 stars
7/17/00 Doctor Collosus All it needed was some underaged love-smack'n between Wolverine and Rogue. Liked it. 4 stars
7/17/00 ALiaS WOW, so many references!! so much lore, *drool* and so much room for the sequel BRING IT ON 5 stars
7/16/00 Captain Highcrime I thought this was going to be this year's "Spawn," surprised the fuck out of me. 4 stars
7/16/00 Roman Storm's acting blew but Wolervine was cool 3 stars
7/16/00 Fuck me Wolvie Yes, they got it right. Casting for Wolverine was jaw-droppingly on-target 5 stars
7/16/00 daedalus Loved it, and so did my non-comic-reading girlfriend! 5 stars
7/16/00 thestinker Even with my expectations modestly low, I was underwhelmed. Say hello this year's Godzilla! 3 stars
7/16/00 NoizeFloor Hot diggity damn. Marvel finally got it right. I dig it! 5 stars
7/16/00 Not an X-Men Fan The best cinematic comic book crossover ever. Absolutely perfect, just needed more closure 5 stars
7/16/00 Cody rush Should have been released with TMNT back in the yearly 90s! 2 stars
7/16/00 Zatoichi Jones Good Lord, they did it right 5 stars
7/16/00 Silas This Movie fucking rocks! 5 stars
7/16/00 camelot Forget a sequel, I want a franchise!! 5 stars
7/15/00 CBG "[best] [comic book adaptation] ever" 5 stars
7/15/00 jake carlin excellent! never had to "dumb down" the material for the audience, but was still real fun. 5 stars
7/14/00 matthew smith Sensational with a capital S 5 stars
7/13/00 Klute Move over Batman, we gots us a new superhero franchise! 5 stars
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