Meet The Deedles

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 01/28/99 16:24:10

"If this was a sandwich it would be a 'Dog Turd BLT'."
1 stars (Total Crap)

I watched this film simply because I knew it was awful. And awful things can be funny. This movie is awful.... but it was never even remotely close to being funny. Or good. Or even indifferent.

What it was... was sad. Sad as anything I've seen. Sad because it's possibly the last gasp of a once respected (if not great) actor. Sad because it marks the end of what was almost the comeback of a name that should always be held in high regard.

Sad because Dennis Hopper sunk to an all time low that not even mescaline can explain away. Oh Den. You do know Peter Fonda is laughing at you, don't you?

So the Deedles are rich surfer bums who get sent to survival camp by dad to learn how to be tough. Somehow they become park rangers who are to rid the park of a prairie dog infestation before the big kahuna's of the parks department appear for Old Faithful's billionth birthday party.

Meanwhile, Hopper is a disgruntled ex-ranger living under the park, drilling kibble into the ground and making the prairie-dog's dig mines for him. With Robert Englund as an assistant.

A film that aspires to Bill and Ted, but fails, is always going to be disastrously awful. A film that aspires to seemingly nothing but degrading one of the biggest names in showbiz deserves hatred of the highest order - and that's what Meet The Deedles gets.

Dennis, you officially have permission to get well and truly shitfaced. You need to forget. WE need to forget.

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